Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 2 – Transcendence

Chapter 2 – Transcendence


Dong Bo Xue Ying leaned against the head of his bed, amongst the warm and cuddly blankets, reading a book. Beside him lay a fire crystal, its’ light brightened the entire room.

The name of the book was 《The Ten Great Transcendent Knights》。

This was a biographical novel, and also Dong Bo Xue Ying’s favorite story. Especially stories of the legendary transcendents. Since Dong Bo Xue Ying is from a noble family, and furthermore, his mother is a mage, his family had a lot of books. He had read those books since a young age and had learned a lot of common knowledge.

For example, he knew that knights could divided into seven ranks: Human, Earth, Heaven, Meteor, Silver Moon, Legend, and also, ‘Transcendent’.

There are three tiers of knights: Mortal, Star, and Transcendent knights.

Human, Earth and Heaven ranked knights were considered to be mortal knights.

Meteor, Silver Moon and Legend ranked Knights were considered Star Knights

And above the Star Knights, stood the Transcendent Knights.

The three great ranks….. Were very difficult to break through! For instance, my own father and uncle Tong, were both stuck at the heaven rank.

As for Star Knights, What were Star Knights? These knights are dazzling stars on the battlefield, no one could harm them. Even when struck by innumerable arrows, they would still survive. In short, they could turn the tides of war, slaughtering countless enemies.

But these are only powers of mortals.

Even though one Legend ranker could destroy a military force of 100,000, even if that man has become a “one man army”, reached the “limits of mortals”, possessed “power rivaling God” or some other appellation, in the end they were only mortals. If one relied on numbers, these beings could be exhausted to death.

But after entering the Transcendent Tier, there was a huge difference. Not only would this knight stronger than a Star Knight, his very life and soul would be transformed! This knight would no longer be mortal, but a transcendent being! Numbers mean nothing to them, as they never get tired, and it is almost impossible to harm them. These people’s amazing powers surpassing the limits of the material world!

Even gods fear those at the Transcendent Tier.

All the the beings in the legends, Lava Giants who are thousands of meters tall or great demons in the purgatory of the abyss, are Transcendents. And humans too can become a ‘Transcendent’ through cultivation.

The strong Transcendences of the humans repel even the invading demons and could kill anyone who resists!

These ‘Transcendent’ humans are the reason why the humans have ruled over all the other foreign races for so long.

“It would be great if I could become a Transcendent Knight. I could catch a few demons as pets, make a huge dragon my mount and find a few gods to drink with” Dong Bo Xue Ying laughed foolishly while he looked at the book, imagining himself as a Transcendent Knight, when suddenly———.


The fire crystal beside extinguished by itself.

“Ah. Why did the fire cristall go out? This quickly?” Dong Bo Xue Ying was just getting to an exciting part of the book. He made a helpless and bitter expression, “Having a mage as mother is quite pitiful, even the fire crystal lamp goes out at sleeping time”

“Sigh, time to sleep!”

Without light at night, one can only sleep.

When Dong Bo Xue Ying started sleeping soundly,he started dreaming. In his dream he was a Transcendent knight, there was nothing he can’t do, he cannot help but have a big smile on his face, it was clear that this dream was a very sweet one.


The Dong Bo couple was also in bed, preparing to go to sleep.

“Dong Bo, recently I have felt uneasy.” The said, wife armpillowing the husband

“Ah Yu, don’t worry. We’ve been here in Yi Shui city for 8 years now, and it was always quiet, your family has never found us. Be at ease, nothing will happen. Our family will always be this tranquil, for ten years, no twenty years…..no until our hair turns white as we grow old, they will never find us, they will never ever find us.” Dong Bo Lie embraced his wife gently.

The wife rested her head on her husband’s chest.

She doesn’t mention the subject again, because she knows how powerful her family is. Eventually they will be caught.

There was a trace of smile at the corner of her lips, because she doesn’t have the slightest regret of the choice she made. It would have been a disaster had she followed her family’s plans for her. She escaped her family and went for an adventure in many places. At last, she was able to be with her loved one again and even have two adorable sons. She is already fully satisfied with her life.

“Dong Bo, do you regret it?” His wife asked with a low voice. “If they catch us, they will not let you go lightly.”

“How many life threatening situations did we go through? Do you even need to ask? Dong Bo smiled.



It was late in the night, the whole fortress was silent, except for the few soldiers standing guard. Everyone was soundly asleep.

“Hong~~~” A huge bird like a black cloud flew through the sky, a rumbling noise broke through the atmosphere. Even some glass windows in the castle started to vibrate.

The big bird hovered in the sky.

A grey robed man and a silver armored man were looking down at the place.

“We’re here.” the grey gowned man has a complicated expression “Little sister…… I really dont want to take you away.”

“Alert, Intruders!!!”

A vigorous roar rang throughout the whole castle, lion man Tong San let out a raging loud roar.

“It’s a Lionman from the Beastman clan?” The silvered armoured man looked down and asked curiously.

“It’s the lion man slave that was given to younger sister by the family last time, who would have thought that this lionman still follows my sister after so many years.He’s quite loyal.” The grey robed man looked at the vigourous lionman, and thought of the slave, a lionman teenager that was locked in the cage that year, that lionman teenager had quietly followed sister till now, and now he’s become so powerful, both strong and impetuous.

The lower part of the castle occupied 1km of land, divided into inner castle and outer castle. In the outer castle, there lived 4 camps of soldiers and servants. Knights could bring their family to live in the outer castle. There are guards on duty every night on all the wall surrounding the outer castle.

“There’s enemy!”

“There’s enemy!”

The 300 soldiers on the castle wall raised a giant dark red crossbow. A large arrow was already drawn on the big thick crossbow, aimed at four-winged vulture the from far away.

“Go.” the grey robed ordered.

“Yes” the silver armored man jumped from the bird onto the ground, it was approximately a 56 meter fall, and he landed without any cushion. With both feet he landed on the ground of the fortress loudly, shaking the ground. The stone slate below his legs cracked in all directions.

The silver armored man look ahead. At this moment the married couple had come out, even Dong Bo Xue Ying and his little brother had woken up.

Who could sleep through the roaring and rumbling outside?

“What’s going on?” asked Dong Bo Xue Ying while carrying his little brother and standing behind his parents

“Mo Yang Yu!” The silver armored guy standing on the open of the castle. A large number of soldiers were pointing their crossbows at him on the castle walls. He coldly said, “You still dare to resist, even in this situation? You better come with us obediently”

“Look around you” Dong Bo Lie shouted

The silver armored man looked around, in the distance there were soldiers on the walls of the stronghold and on the ground around him, every soldier holding up a large dark red crossbow. The pupil of the silver armored man slightly contracted with a simple smile. “Star Breaking Crossbow, not bad, a county town within a small mediocre territory, can surprisingly provide so many Star Breaking Crossbows. With this many, you have some hope of killing me”

“You are a meteor knight, in a one on one battle, there is nobody in our castle who could match you.” Dong Bo Lie said: “But with 500 star breaking crossbows, each of which is capable of injuring you, if we besieged you from all sides………I’m confident we can slaughter you.”

“This is the territory of the Dong Bo family.” The purple gowned girl Mo Yang Yu also said, “You are invading a noble’s territory, this is a provocation towards our family. We have all the reason to kill you. You will die without any consequences.”

In the Law of the Empire, nobles have special authority, and the territories of nobles are inviolable.

“You married couple should just come with me, stop resisting” The silver armored man frowned.

“Nobles are underprotection of the empire, are you going to violate the law by seizing two nobles?” The purple gowned girl Mo Yang Yu coldly asked.

“Xiao Yu”

A slightly hoarse voice could be heard.

Everyone raised their head and looked up and saw the big bird carrying the grey robed person who was holding a magic staff. Suddenly a fearful turbulent pressure gathered. Layers of thick clouds appeared in the sky out of nowhere. Within the layers of cloud, thunder and lightning was flashing. Thin threads of lightning appeared out of nowhere, striking many places within the open castle grounds. These countless lightning bolts made a splendid and magnificent scene in the black night. These lightning bolts landed on the soldiers, one after another they immediately fall onto the ground twitching and screaming, dropping the Star Breaking crossbows all over the ground.

In a blink of the eye, several hundred soldiers lost their will to resist. They could tell that he had been lenient, otherwise if he was truly been serious, all of these soldiers would have been roasted and turned into charcoal.

The majestic four winged vulture landed, then a grey robed person came down. He lifted his hood, revealing a pale yet handsome face. The facial features of the grey robed youth were very similar to Mo Yang Yu’s.

“Xiao Yu, do you still wish to resist?” The grey robed youth asked.

“Big brother….” The purple gowned Mo Yang Yu widened her eyes, her body slightly trembling.

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