Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 3 – Separation

Chapter 3 – Separation

Off to the side, Xue Ying held his younger brother close, astounded and nervous. This gray robed man is mother’s older brother?

“Brother, so many years have passed. “Mo Yang revealed a smile, “To be able to see you again makes me happy, you have already reached the realm of stars, you’re now a Silver Moon mage, am I right?”

“Yes”, The gray robed youth nodded

The Star realm of mages are the three great ranks, Meteor, Silver Moon, Legend.

Like with knights, a star mage

This gray robbed youth was impressively a silver mage.

Even in his family, his status was rather high.

“To be able become a Silver mage without help, you should be among the top 3 in younger generations of the family.” Mo Yang said with envy,”brother, if you became a legend mage, it will be even amazing.”

“Even today, there’s no Legend Mage in the family, it’s simply too difficult to take the final step into the Legend rank.” Lamented the grey robed youth.

Legend rank……

The significance comes from the fact that within the Dragon Mountain Empire, there was only a single Legend rank! The Legend rank demands absolute respect from mortals, that was because they reached the pinnacle of mortals. However, the Transcendent rank was one step further!

Even though this Silver Moon mage seems so powerful that he can easily utterly destroy a troop of army, but if he were to face a Legend rank….. I’m afraid he wouldn’t even be able to cast a spell.

“You’ve violated our clan’s rules. You must know, our clan’s rules have been in place for thousand years!” Stated the grey robed youth. “Without rules, even a flourishing clan will ultimately decline. Our clan’s has experienced dire times but now we’re once again flourishing. This was all due to the clan rules. But if you violate the rules, then you must be punished.”

“Tell me your choice.” Said the grey robed youth.

Immediately, the atmosphere froze. On the side there was Dong Bo Lie,the robust lionman and Xue Ying as he held his little brother. Each one was incomparably tense.

“I’m a noble. Therefore I am under the protection of the empire’s asylum laws! You can’t violate the imperial asylum laws by catching us. Although you’re very formidable, if you violated the imperial laws…. Even you would die.” Mo Yang Yu stared at her elder brother.


The grey robed youth shook his head. “Even at the last moment, you’re unwilling to give in. Forget about it. This time I have truly brought a warrant.”

The complexions of Mo Yang Yu, Dong Bo Lie and the robust lionman all had a big change.

The grey robed youth raised his right hand and a golden scroll appeared out of thin air. As soon as he opened the scroll, a mysterious power saturated the air. As he held his little brother, Xue Ying could only sense that the power released by this scroll was exceedingly mysterious! He couldn’t help but revere it within his heart.

“Imperial decree. The Mo Yang clan has ordered the punishment of Mo Yang Yu of the younger generation. The punishment will be a century of isolation! Baron Dong Bo Lie, has been sentenced to a century of forced labor! Mo Yang Chen was responsible for carry these punishments out!” The grey robed youth’s voice resonated throughout the castle.

The Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang husband and wife looked at each other with a glimpse of relief.

“Hundred years of isolation? Hundred years of forced labor? Too long, this was too long.” The Lionman on the side becomes anxious, “The lifespan of a normal human is just about a century, even after reaching the Star rank, the life span is just about a century or more, there are already this old, another century of isolation and hard labor…… isn’t that isolation till death, forced labor till death?”

“No, uncle, aren’t you the executioner? Please save my parents, save them please.” Carrying his younger brother, Xue Ying keeps on shouting.

A call of ‘uncle’ makes the grey gowned youth trembled.

“I can’t save them, no one can save them, the clan rules of Mo Yang clan are incredibly strict, it’s no use no matter who comes to intercede. “ The grey gowned youth shook his head.

“Wu…wu, wu..wu…..” Qing Shi was crying in Xue Ying’s arms. Qing Shi was only two years old and although he doesn’t understand much, he could feel the surrounding atmosphere.

Xue Ying also wanted to cry.

However, he was even more anxious, he was already eight years old, he was very sensible, mother and father are going to be isolated and forced labour a century, that was really a punishment till death! It’s his own mother and father! His most important family members!

“Save my parents, save my parents please.” Xue Ying’s eyes tearing up, “Uncle, you must have a way, you must have a way!”

“Xue Ying don’t cry, Pebble you too, don’t cry ok?” Mo Yang Yu walks over here and squated down, carrying two sons with her, she turns to look at the grey gowned man, “Can you please give me and Dong Bo some time?”

“Fine.” The grey gowned youth nodded.

On a nameless mountain in Snow Eagle Territory, there was a wooden house.

Dong dong dong……

The mountain road was shaking.

Lionman Tong San was nervously riding a frost pegasus. The frost pegasus was extremely quick as it hadn’t been equipped with its armor this time. From Snow Rock Castle, he had only been riding for the period of time it takes to finish a cup of tea.

“Zong Ling, Zong Ling!” Yelled the lion man impatiently.

The cabin’s door opened.

There appeared a silver haired male wearing a black robe. However, he exposed a two meter long serpent’s tail that was as thick as a person’s thigh. That unconcealable serpent tail indicated his identity —— it was a serpent beastman! Furthermore, he had the face of a human which only belonged to serpentmen of royal blood —— the Six Armed Devil Serpent!

Because he had six arms, he was usually hiding them within his black robes so that others wouldn’t stare at them.

“Tong San, what’s the matter?” Asked Zong Ling.

“The master’s clan has finally caught them. They’ve also brought a warrant.” Lionman nearly wept as he said this. “You’re the most clever of all of us. Quickly think of a way out of this.”

Zong Ling’s body began trembling as he lightly shook his head. “The Mo Yang clan has a warrant this time. Nobody can save them now. Only a Transcendent being’s power could make the Mo Yang family release them.

“Then, then…… There’s really nothing that can be done about it?” Grieved Tong San.

He couldn’t forget.

In his darkest day of suffering, that young lady had brought him out to play, year after year. Until finally, they escaped the Mo Yang clan. Since the very first time she brought him out, he has loyally followed her and encountered life or death situations time and time again for her. Within his heart…. His master was even more important than his very own life!

“There’s nothing we can do about it. Was it Ah Yu that let you come over?” Inquired Zong Ling.

“En. It was master that let me come.” Answered Tong San.

“Go then. Nevertheless, you must say goodbye to them.” Within his black robes, Zong Ling was clenching his fists tightly to the point that his sharp fingernails pierced his palms. Regardless of whether it was Dong Bo or Ah Yu, they were both companions who had encountered countless life and death situations with him. At this moment, how could he not be aggrieved? But there was nothing he could do and it wasn’t in his nature to show his emotions. He was almost always calm.


There was another frost pegasus on the side of the cabin. Zong Ling and Tong San left in a hurry to return to the castle.


Within Snow Rock Castle.

The Dong Bo couple were currently explaining to Xue Ying the tasks they were entrusting to him.

“Xue Ying, this pendant magic storage item that you can use to store items in. It’s extremely precious to the point that it’s worth rivals that of the Snow Eagle Territory.” Said Mo Yang Yu as she took of her pendant. “From today onwards, it’s yours. Besides your uncle Tong San and uncle Zong Ling, no one else can know of it! You can’t even tell your little brother. After all, your brother is still a child; he could accidently shoot off his mouth and reveal it to others.”

The territory couldn’t be seized.

But if the magic storage item was revealed, it would be very easy to steal it.

“Mother, you take it.” Replied Xue Ying.

“Me and your father are being taken away so any treasures on our bodies will be taken away.” Mo Yang Yu’s finger gently pricked Xue Ying’s finger, causing a drop of blood to come out. Silently, Mo Yang Yu recited an incantation. Soon after, the drop of blood formed a magic brank on the pendant. Immediately, Xue Ying felt his spirit connect with the pendent.

In addition to the various things and gold coins, there was also a scroll within the pendant.

“All of the most important treasures of this castle are inside of it. Oh, that’s right. Your father still has another treasure.” Mo Yang Yu looked to her side towards her husband.

Dong Bo Lie took out a gold colored book from within his robes.

The whole book was made from gold leaves. Gold could be preserved for many many years without damage, but only extremely precious books would be made using gold.

“This a spear technique left behind by a Transcendent being.” Dong Bo Lie said with a smile. “The foundation I’ve taught you is the same as this book’s spear technique’s! All of the ancient nobility have three or four books written by Transcendent beings but our clan doesn’t have many. We only have this one book yet it’s a spear technique book. You must properly study it and bear in mind that you must not divulge its contents to anyone besides your uncle Zong and your uncle Tong San……… Haha. When we obtained this book they were also present.”

“En.” Immediately after taking the gold book, Xue Ying felt a bizarre fluctuation of power coming from it. He immediately stored it inside the pendant.

“Lets go then. We’ll go and wait for your uncle Zong and uncle Tong San to arrive.


Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu, husband and wife, brought their two sons, Xue Ying and Qing Shi to wait in the hall. Soon, two figure entered.

These two figures were precisely Tong San and Zong Ling.

“Dong Bo, Ah Yu.” Zong Ling was thinking of something to say, yet no words came out of his mouth.

“We’re going to have to trouble you two right before we leave.” Mo Yang Yu said with a smile. “Tong San has a rough temper, so it wouldn’t be good to have him manage the territory. So we’ll have to rely on Zong Ling to manage it. We’ll also have to rely on you to instruct our two children.”

“You can be at ease.” Nodded Zong Ling. “Leave it to me.”

“Xue Ying, remember that I have left all the matters of the territory to your uncle Zong. Once you’re 18 years old, then you’ll officially take over.” Mo Yang Yu gazed upon her son. She was afraid there wouldn’t be anyone to help her two sons. Two frightened children would quickly be devoured by outsiders.

“En.” Xue Ying said as he held his younger brother.

His little brother Qing Shi withdrew into his brother’s embrace. Qing Shi wasn’t grieving anymore but rather, he was feeling fear. He feared Zong Ling and Tong San.

After all, he was only 2 years old. As far as the lion headed Tong San and the serpent tailed Zong Ling was concerned, he had some feelings of fear towards them.

“Tell me mother, where is the Mo Yang clan? How can I save you two?” Xue Ying couldn’t help but impatiently ask.

“Save us?”

Mo Yang Yu and Dong Bo Lie shot a glance at each other.

“Forget about these things and live your life well instead. You got it? As long you two brothers are fine, me and your father will be happy.” Said Mo Yang Yu. Save them? The Mo Yang clan’s laws were very strict. They would have to become Transcendent beings to make the Mo Yang clan go against its own laws. Her children becoming Transcendents? They didn’t dare to imagine it.

“Tell me what I need to do to accomplish it. There must be a way.” Xue Ying anxiously replied.

“Wait until you’ve received the Black Iron Order of Dragon Mountain Manor, then I’ll explain this matter to you in detail. At that time, you will naturally know how to rescue them.” Zong Ling said from the side.

Mo Yang Yu and Dong Bo Lie blankly stared at Zong Ling.

“Let’s give the child a bit of hope.” Zong Ling said.

Dong Bo Lie nodded his head at this. Xue Ying had always been a bright child and he’s already 8 years old. He couldn’t possibly forget this matter so perhaps it would be better to give him a target. Dong Bo Lie sternly said, “That’s right. Wait until you’ve received the Black Iron Order of the Dragon Mountain Manor first. Then your Uncle Zong will tell you everything!”

“The Black Iron Order of the Dragon Mountain Manor?” Xue Ying silently carved this into his heart.


Late at night.

Snow Rock Castle’s drawbridge was lowered.

The silver armored man and the grey robed youth were standing outside the castle. The Dong Bo couple were saying their farewells to their children.

“Xue Ying, take care of your little brother. Alright?” Mo Yang Yu said as she entrusted this task to him.

“En” Xue Ying nodded with with flowing tears in his eyes.

“Wa, wa…..” Xue Ying was holding onto Qing Shi’s hand but he suddenly began crying loudly.

Mo Yang Yu couldn’t help but crouch down and embrace her to sons. While she kissed their sons, Dong Bo Lie stood there with teary eyes.

“We’re going.” Mo Yang Yu gritted her teeth as she said this. Mo Yang Yu and Dong Bo Lie were now leaving for a distant place with the grey robed youth.

They couldn’t help but turn around as they walked onwards.

“Wa~~~ Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go!” Qing Shi yelled as he cried.

Xue Ying also had tears flowing down as he held onto Qing Shi’s hands. He loudly yelled, “Father, mother, I, Dong Bo Xue Ying…… Will definitely save you! Our family will definitely be reunited! Definitely!”

“I promise!”

“I promise, I will definitely rescue you! No one will stop me!”

Xue Ying’s promise echoed throughout the silent night sky.

Mo Yang Yu couldn’t help but weep as she covered her mouth with her hands while Dong Bo Lie also began trembling as they climbed onto the Four Winged Vulture.

“We’re going.” The grey robed youth lightly shook his head.

Save them.

How would he save them? Even the older brother had wanted to rescue from them from this. But the clan’s rules were merciless. Emotions were useless in the face of the Mo Yang clan’s rules. Only a Transcendent being had the power to save them.

Not just him, the Dong Bo couple never thought their son could become a Transcendent. They weren’t looking down on their son, rather it was because he had to become a Transcendent to save them. Transcendents were basically legends!

not only him but also the Dong Bo couple never thought their son could rescue them

“Hu!” the Four winged Vulture (flapped with)/spread its wings, and dashed towards the heavens in an instant.

Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu looked back from the top of the Vulture, outside of the castle there was One big and one small child, who looked very weak. The married couple’ heart tightened, they didn’t want to leave their children.

“Live on well, live on well.” Mo yang yu silently repeated, she prayed for safety and peace for her two childrens from now.

Xue Ying looked up while holding his little brother’s hand.

The vulture flew with high speed into the horizon, and became smaller and smaller…

“Don’t go, don’t go” the little brother Qing Shi cried.

Dong Bo Xue Ying embraced his little brother “Pebble don’t cry, please don’t cry, our parents will be back soon, they are just on a small trip, quick come back with your big brother. I promise they will be back.”

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