Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 21 – Reporting to the Head

Chapter 21 – Reporting to the Head

The Tranquil Sun province was located in the northeast part of the continent, so during the winters it became chilly and it wasn’t unusual to see frost covering the ground.

“You aren’t entering the Mountain Range of Desolation today?” Zong Ling and Xue Ying walked shoulder by shoulder. “Is it because you have hunted the Shadow Leopard?”

The Shadow Leopard’s body was worth more than 100 thousand gold coins.

The purpose of entering the mountain was accomplished – making money for his brother’s tuition!

“No.” Xue Ying smiled, “I made some breakthroughs during my battle with the leopard and then trained all night without a single break. I want to continue practicing my spear techniques. After a good night’s sleep, I’ll enter the mountain & eliminate the Silver Wolf pack!”

“Eliminate the whole wolf pack? Are you confident in being able to do this?”

“Yes.” Xue Ying nodded.

Before his breakthrough, Xue Ying only had a 10 percent chance of succeeding. Xue Ying would only be courting death.

But now?

His spear technique had progressed greatly. Even if he didn’t burst out the power of his primordial bloodline, he would still be able to reach the Ten Spear Realm! And before this, he was only able to reach the Five Spear Realm… This was an inconceivable improvement!

“It’s fine then. As long as you’re confident.” Zong Ling was pleased in his heart and elated knowing that Xue Ying had grown stronger once more.


The next day, noon.

Inside a segment of the Mountain Range of Desolation’s gloomy forests. Countless howling wolves could be heard, as soon as one howl subsided, another arose. These howls were either caused by fear or irritation.

The carcasses of Silver Moon Wolves were scattered everywhere.

The huge Silver Moon Wolf King stood atop a huge boulder and snarled while a vast pack of Silver Moon Wolves rushed towards a black clothed youngster.


The black clothed youth forged on ahead.

Fluttering snowflakes. The ice-cold shadow of a spear. With every flick of the spear, a Silver Moon Wolf would collapse! Each wolf had their throat, skull, or another vital point pierced through, without exception.

His spear techniques were too fast! Despite the Silver Moon Wolves frantic siege from all sides, none of them were able to breakthrough the reach Xue Ying’s spear techniques. All who dared to approach him had died!

This pack of Silver Moon Wolves was akin to the local area’s overlords. None of the other magical beasts dared to provoke them. Even human troops who had come to wipe out some of the magical beasts would suffer numerous fatalities. Silver Moon Wolves had large bodies which made their blows extremely powerful. They had no sense of fear in their hearts. A pack of Silver Moon Wolves were as strong as two or three hundred Heaven rank Knights. These demons could truly be considered a nightmare.

But now…

Dong Bo Xue Ying was the nightmare for these Silver Moon Wolves.

“Die, die then.” Xue Ying didn’t relent in the least as he slaughtered the Silver Moon Wolves.

Magical beasts were the enemies of humanity, after all.

In the time of humanity’s weakness, magical beasts ravaged cities across the land. This was the reason human troops had continued risking their lives wiping out these magical beasts.

“Roar!” The Silver Moon Wolf King charged towards Xue Ying.

“Come on.”

Xue Ying’s eyes shined.

“Get out of my way!” The spear within Xue Ying’s hands became as nimble as a flood dragon, thrashing the two Silver Moon Wolves in front of him. They were sent flying and tumbling to the sidelines.

As a Great Spear Master, the control he held over his spear’s power was extremely fine.

They were simply searching for a snake in the grass!

With a slash of his spear, all of the Silver Moon Wolves parted to the sides like morning grass, opening a direct path from Xue Ying to the Silver Moon Wolf King.

The Silver Moon Wolf King was startled. It originally wanted to besiege Xue Ying together with its subordinates. Confronted with this human youngster’s imposing manner, it had felt a trace of fear so great, that it wanted to turn tail and flee.

But it was too late.

“Pu!” The spear whistled as it pierced towards the Silver Moon Wolf King.

In response, the Silver Moon Wolf King immediately dodged by leaping away, causing Xue Ying’s spear to only pierce through empty space.

“Come on.”

Xue Ying had abruptly exerted his strength.

The spear was thrust with all of his fury and struck the body of the Silver Moon Wolf King. Peng~~~ A muffled sound echoed out when the spear struck the Silver Moon Wolf King’s firm belly. It let out an anguished howl as blood oozed out of its mouth and nose before tumbling and collapsing to the side.

“Whew.” With a spear as fast as lightning, he had instantly pierced through the Silver Moon Wolf King’s fur and then its throat.

The huge wolf king’s body was bound to the ground.

Its body lacked the strength to even struggle.

The remaining SIlver Moon Wolves all retreated in fear. This black clothed youngster was simply too terrifying for them.

“Awoo.” “Awoooo.” These Silver Moon Wolves howled in fear before quickly turning around and fleeing in all directions.

“Beautiful! I didn’t expect that you would be able to face this entire pack of Silver Moon Wolves with so little effort,” Zong Ling said as he revealed himself.

“My spear technique is extremely suited to countering sieges,” said Dong Bo Xue Ying with a smile

“Quickly dissect and gather the materials,” Zong Ling said in haste. “Even though this area is the Silver Moon Wolf pack’s territory, other Demon Beasts will soon arrive. Let me dissect those, I am more used to it.”


Zong Ling took out 6 knives. His six arms danced in a precise beauty, swiftly dissecting the Silver Wolf King.

“This is the silver moon heart.” Dong Bo Xue Ying quickly put it into an iron box and safely stored it safely into his storage pendant. There was little space left due to the Shadow Leopard’s size, but there was still enough to store this small box.

After picking up some precious materials,

They skinned the Silver Moon Wolf King.

“What a pity… The meat of a Silver Moon Wolf King beast could be sold for a high price. Leaving it here is such a waste.”Zong Ling shook his head.

How could one lift a body that weighed 10,000 kilograms? Even if one could lift it up, how would one move? Never mind the weight, the scent of blood would attract all the Demon Beasts too!

“Let’s go.”

Zong Ling folded the fur of the Silver Moon Wolf King, larger than any man, and tied it together with a belt.

“The fur weighs more than 1000 kg,” said Zong Ling with a hint of surprise.

“Let me carry it.” Dong Bo Xue Ying was strong to the point that even 100 kg would mean nothing to him

The Wolf King’s skull hung to his side after having to carry the folded Silver Wolf King’s fur. A pure snow-white Silver Moon Wolf King’s fur was indeed beautiful; its color vibrant and the intensity much deeper than that of a common Silver Wolf. Many nobles fancied this sort of material. It gave off a domineering vibe when laid in a room, and even hanging it on the wall made it part of a special collection.

Just this Silver Moon Wolf King’s fur alone was worth about 50 thousand gold coins. It’s natural to carry it back!

“Let’s go home,” said Dong Bo Xue Ying, smiling.

“En, let’s go home.” Zong Ling was also happy. The benefits gained from coming to the Mountain Range of Desolation were tremendous.

Bent Blade Union.

Their main nest was hidden quite well within the inner belly of a giant mountain. It was actually only 100 km from the outer mountain too.

“One Ear, I heard that the Luo family did not hand out the money this time?” Two fierce looking bandits were on a mountain peak beside their main nest, hiding in the weeds, alertly scouting, as they chatted.

“The Luo family said that they will only pay half the money! Either the fish dies or the net splits!” Said the one-eared thin man beside.

“From what I see, that Luo family was pressed too hard and is running out of money?”

It’s not about the date, but the person. The boss said that not even a single copper coin should be missing. If he dares to not hand out the money? The next time we go to the Luo family’s territory, there will be a ruthless slaughter! They will know true fear after we destroy a few villages! These damned nobles won’t shed tears before they see their coffins!” cursed the one-eared bandit in a low voice full of determination.

“Look, there’s someone there!”

“Huh, someone actually dares to enter the desolate Mountain range!”

The two bandits responsible for scouting were shocked.

There were more than 10 bandits designated to scouting the surroundings of the main nest, but actually, their main worry was the demon beasts. As for humans? It’s already been a long, long time since any human has fought their way to this main nest. As for a sweep out from the human army troops? They have some friends in the army! The moment there’s any huge movement from the army troops, they would have already left the mountain long before then, and stayed along the borders of the mountain.

“Quick, look! Isn’t that a six-armed demon serpent? The six-armed demon serpent of the Snow Eagle Territory, Zong Ling!” The one-eared valiant bandit recognized him on sight; this six-armed demon serpent was the expert that didn’t die after fighting their own leader!

“The fur that the young man beside him was carrying is really beautiful! It’s much more beautiful than any common Silver Wolves I’ve seen. And that fur is so huge! It’s probably the Silver Moon Wolf King’s.”

The two valiant bandits looked at each other.

The fur of the Silver Moon Wolf King?

That’s about 50 thousand gold coins! If one were to sell the entire Snow Eagle Territory, it would be about this price.

“Such a beautiful snow white wolf fur…So white, so big, so glossy….. It must be that of the Silver Moon Wolf King. It must be.”

“One Ear, hurry back and report this to the boss! I will observe them.”

The two bandits were so excited, they were drooling.

This was absolutely a big win.

But whether or not they would steal the Silver Wolf King fur was not decided by them, but rather their leader.

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