Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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With dim eyes filled with sorrow, she doesn’t have tears to shed . She has never expected that Zhong would give her to someone else as a gift . Is she so humble in Zhong’s eyes?

“Yeah, as long as Mr . Cai wants her! There are so many such women, aren’t there, Brother Shaoting?” Lin Xi’er echoes what Zhong says with a sweet smile . While she turns to Ding Manman, her expression changes instantly, with intensive disgust in her eyes, as if she weres looking at something extremely dirty .

“Miss, since you have accepted the money, you should take your responsibility . Haven’t you heard what Brother Shaoting said? Go and greet Mr . Cai . You must know that now Mr . Cai is your ‘donor’ . . . No . Mr . Cai is your boss and you must not be sloppy . ” Lin Xi’er deliberately emphasizes the word “donor” .

Lin Xi’er is extremely delighted to see Zhong’s indifferent attitude towards Ding Manman . She hates those women who are better-looking than she is . What is even more hateful is that this woman has always been lingering in front of her beloved Brother Shaoting obviously with the purpose to seduce him . As a result, she has always longed to drive this woman away . Here comes the chance finally!

Other PR misses accompanying the presidents cannot help laughing at Ding in a low voice, when they realize that the exceptional lady (Ding Manman) as expected is actually just a barmaid . Zhong Shaoting observes the surrounding, frowning a little . This is not the result he wants .

Originally, he just wanted to teach her a lesson so as to let her realize how terrible the consequences of her escape will be, but Lin’s words deviate the situation from what he expected . In the face of so many people, he cannot go back on his words .

Seeing Ding’s eyes gradually turn dim, the scene of her lying in the bloody bathtub that day occurs to him instantly . He feels flustered just like last time, which really annoys him . But he cannot figure out the cause of this feeling and how to deal with it .

He casts a glance at Ding who is sitting there quietly, just like being abandoned by the whole world and everyone is laughing at her . Zhong is thinking: as long as she gives in and asks for mercy once more, he will let her off .

However, unexpectedly, Ding slowly stands up and walks towards Mr . Cai under the gaze of all . Mr . Cai is so overjoyed that he laughs so heartily that his wrinkled face turns into a blooming chrysanthemum .

He pushes aside the hot beauties by his side to vacate a seat for Ding Manman . Ding stiffens for a split second and then sits down there naturally, completely ignoring Zhong’s darkening look .

“Mr . Cai, you’ve promised to treat me well, and I would like to count on you in the future . While . . . I am . . . a little clumsy, please give me a little more care . ” Ding forces a smile which is supposed to be sweet, in the meantime she feels the unbearable pain in the wound of her heart .

Ding Manman has never been so deliberately catering to anyone, so her tone and intonation are exceptionally unskilled, which seems to have a special flavor in Mr . Cai’s eyes . He has long been tired of those women in the prostitutes’ quarter . Now this girl is just for a change .

“I assure you that as long as you work hard, I promise I’ll treat you well . And then, you will get whatever you want . ” Mr . Cai laughs complacently and seems about to drool with his intoxicating look . After all, it is so rare to meet such a PR miss who looks so noble and elegant like a daughter of a rich family .

Mr . Cai has seen too many of those coquettish women . The unfamiliar aloofness of Ding makes him extremely excited . If Zhong Shaoting was not here, he would have already taken Ding to the “interview” .

“Thanks very much, Mr . Cai . ” Ding Manman says with a skin-deep smile and then stiffly forces a smile as sweet as possible . If an old man who is older than your father by your side has been staring at you with lascivious eyes, would you be in a good mood?

Even though Ding smiles very reluctantly, her exquisite looks intoxicate all the guests present, all of whom suddenly feel those women by their sides look somewhat vulgar . Since they are all females of public relations, why should there exist such huge differences?

Seeing their donors’ attention being attracted by Ding, other PR misses feel so indignant as to stare at Ding with jealousy and complaint, of which Ding is completely ignorant because the only thing she is thinking about is how to get rid of this old pervert man!

However, Ding’s smile melts Mr . Cai’s heart . Regardless of Zhong’s dark face, Mr . Cai reaches his hand out for Ding’s little snow-white and clean face which he has longed to touch for a long time .

Ding Manman tends to turn her head away subconsciously because this has exceeded her tolerance . However, when what Zhong Shaoting said just now occurs to her mind, she gives up her instinct to elude and stays motionless while Cai’s wrinkled and greasy hand approaches her face .

He said she is just an insignificant person .

He said she is a humble PR miss .

It is very obvious that he tends to humiliate her, just like last time when he deceived her that Fang Hao had got engaged to another woman . He just wants to see her collapse in despair and then stamps on her mercilessly . Now, she is very clear of Zhong’s purpose .

Therefore, she will never do as he expected . No matter how dirty or disgusting the old man is, she will never surrender to Zhong!

Ding Manman’s non-evasiveness to Cai’s touching is viewed as a kind of flirting out of her own willingness in others’ eyes . Noticing Cai’s hand getting closer, Ding gets ready for the worst . While suddenly a loud noise from the dinner table is heard, which attracts everyone’s attention .

Mr . Cai’s hand is just an inch away from the face that he has been coveting . At the disturbing noise, Mr . Cai has to take back his hand unwillingly with a sullen expression . After realizing that the sound is from Zhong Shaoting, his dissatisfaction fades away .

Without the harassment of Mr . Cai, Ding Manman spontaneously lets out a sigh of relief . Then, she realizes it was Zhong Shaoting who accidentally dropped the bowl to the ground, which Ding Manman just views as a coincidence .

However, people familiar with Zhong Shaoting know that he, a perfectionist, never makes any mistakes . Song Chen, siting by Zhong’s side, has an illusion that just now his boss deliberately dropped the bowl to the ground .

“Brother Shaoting, are you all right? Are you injured?” Startled by Zhong, Lin Xi’er asks in a hurry . However, this time Zhong Shaoting replies to her with a tone seeming to be somewhat low and deep .

“I’m OK . ” From Zhong’s simple answer, everyone senses his bad mood and the oppressive atmosphere at the moment . But no one knows why Mr . Zhong’s good mood in the last second turned bad in the next . No one dares to complain . All they can do is to keep a wary eye on the scene .

Mr . Cai becomes much self-possessed in such an oppressive atmosphere though he is still staring at Ding Manman with lascivious eyes, which is far better than touching her directly . Everyone except for Ding feels the dinner boring and tasteless . Only she enjoys her meal pleasantly .

As soon as the dinner ends, everyone cannot wait to flee here, afraid to be implicated in the incident . While Mr . Cai is still staring at her, Ding feels it difficult to decide what to do . All the way through the dinner, Mr . Cai has kept hinting at her to go with him after the dinner .

Being an adult instead of a three-year-old child, Ding Manman naturally knows what will happen if she goes with him, so she will never do that . Since she has come here with Zhong’s assistant, she subconsciously casts a glance at Zhong Shaoting .

Now, Zhong is standing next to Lin Xi’er . Although Lin isn’t holding Zhong’s arm, the two are standing very close . Just then, Lin seems to notice Ding’s glance . She turns and finds Ding with a tangled face while it is too late for Ding to divert her sight .

Just then, Mr . Cai walks towards Ding Manman . Nobody knows what they are talking about, but it can be clearly seen that resistance is written all over Ding’s face . Upon seeing this, Lin Xi’er suddenly smiles as if she enjoyed great pleasure in Ding’s misfortune .

“Brother Shaoting, it seems that the PR miss you brought is still there chatting with Mr . Cai . It seems that they get along quite well with each other . She is rather good at seducing men . ” Lin just aims to tarnish the image of Ding Manman for she hates Ding’s charming face which makes her always look so haughty and indifferent . What an enchantress can do is just seduce people so as to do something shady .

“Very competent . ” Echoes Zhong Shaoting, which he rarely does . With storms in his eyes, Zhong looks at Ding, who is talking with Mr . Cai happily . Lin Xi’er is surprised that Zhong agrees with her, because he never has any interest in others’ affairs, not to mention giving some comments .

But just now he echoed what she said . Lin Xier cannot help thinking more-Does this mean that she is unique in his heart? Meanwhile, she associates his patience with her today with his indifference in the past, which makes her extremely happy .

At the moment, Zhong Shaoting with Lin Xi’er walks by Ding Manman . Lin, full of joy, follows Zhongtotally neglecting his sullen face .

“Mr . Zhong, thank you very much for giving up this beauty to me . If there are good cooperation projects in the future, Cai’s Group will definitely take the Zhong’s into consideration first, even though my company will be at a loss . ” Supposes that he can finally take the beauty home, Mr . Cai is in an extremely good mood, which is conveyed totally in his words .

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