Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Zhong Shaoting doesn’t reply to Mr . Cai immediately . Yet he casts his slightly inquiring eyes at Ding Manman who still stands aside quietly with a view to seeing something from her face . At this time, Lin Xi’er replies forwardly .

“Just a negligible woman . Mr . Cai, if you like, you can take her with you . Hi, Sis, you should behave obediently since now and Mr . Cai will not maltreat you . Following Mr . Cai is much better than being a humble PR anyway . ” What Lin says makes Ding frown spontaneously . Zhong Shaoting on the other side is somewhat sullen, too . It’s really a mistake to take Lin here today . She talks too much nonsense .

“You talk too much . ” Zhong Shaoting says coldly with his tone as indifferent as usual, but it can be seen that he is rather annoyed at this time . Lin Xi’er mistakenly believes that Zhong really hates Ding Manman, so he doesn’t want her to talk too much about her .

At Lin Xi’er’s vicious words, Ding Manman frowns slightly . She can’t remember when she has offended Lin Xi’er . Lin keeps targeting at her with incessant verbal humiliation, which is not the most desperate thing for Ding Manman . What makes her bitterly disappointed is that Zhong says nothing, which reveals his silent approval of Lin’s words .

In an instant, Ding’s original hope to ask him for help vanishes . Forget it! How could he care about an insignificant person’s life or death?

“Mr . Zhong, take care . With some missions to finish, I’ll leave first . ” Mr . Cai says urgently with his eyes on Ding Manman all the way, which makes her feel very uncomfortable . Even so, she keeps a decent smile on her face .

“Miss Ding, I will guide you to familiarize yourself with some of the basic business of our company so that you are not prone to make mistakes when you come to work in two days . ” Mr . Cai says in a high-sounding way . Everyone with discerning eyes knows that if Ding Manman steps into his car, she will be surely taken to a hotel .

With immense resistance, she does not want to go with Mr . Cai . Even if her body is no longer clean, it does not mean that she will give it up at will . Since there is no hope of seeking help from Zhong, next she has to rely on herself .

She looks up at Zhong and finds that he is looking at her at the same time . While locking gaze with him, Ding Manman sees the disdain in his eyes . She knows clearly that he intends to see her panicked and embarrassed . She won’t live up to his expectations!

“All right, sorry to bother you . ” Ding Manman’s straightforward answer makes Mr . Cai too happy to keep his mouth closed and he wants to lead her away by taking her hand .

Ding Manman seems to have seen through his wretched thoughts and immediately steps away . Cai is not angry but rather excited . The girl like this has special attraction for him .

If Zhong’s previous expression can be compared to a cloudy day, now his face shows the fury of a storm . Upon seeing that, Song Chen aside is already shivering with fear .

Especially when Ding Manman and Mr . Cai go out of sight one after the other, Zhong Shaoting’s face clouds gloomily .

Song Chen, who has been with Zhong for many years, is sensitive enough to tell the changes of his boss’ mood .

There, on such an occasion, Song Chen is smart enough to keep silent even though he doesn’t know why his boss is in a bad mood . However, Lin Xi’er by his side is not that sensitive and smart .

The nasty woman finally leaves, which makes her feel instantly much better . She takes hold of Zhong’s arm and splutters unceasingly .

“Brother Shaoting, where are we going next? I want to have some dessert . Let’s go eat some dessert, OK? I know a dessert shop whose cakes are extremely delicious and it is just nearby . . . ”

“Shut up!” Zhong Shaoting says indifferently . Only two words are enough to make people shutter . Upon seeing this, Song Chen silently “lights a candle” in his heart to wish this Miss Lin good luck .

You are really courageous to pester the boss regardless of his bad mood . Should I say you are stupid or foolish?

“Brother Shaoting . . . ” Lin Xier is scared by Zhong’s horrible face and unconsciously draws back her hand from Zhong’s arm .

What happened? A minute ago he was so gentle . How can he suddenly become so terrifying?

“Send Miss Lin back . ” With this sentence, Zhong Shaoting leaves abruptly . Lin Xi’er tends to follow him subconsciously .

Dad once said that it’s difficult to find another man as preeminent as Zhong Shaoting in the whole world . I must seize the opportunity . When I become Zhong’s wife, I will be able to enjoy endless splendor and wealth .

Before she steps forward a few steps, her way is blocked by Song Chen, which makes her so irritated that she yells at him .

“Get out of the way immediately! I am going to find Brother Shaoting!”

“Sorry, Miss Lin . Mr . Zhong asked me to send you back . ” Song Chen says solemnly with no intention to make way for her .

Seeing Zhong going farther away, Lin Xi’er stamps her feet in frustration . However, Song Chen who is like a sculpture shows no sign of letting her pass .

“Let me tell you, my father is the chairman of the Lin’s Group . If you don’t get out of my way, believe it or not, I will ask Brother Shaoting to fire you!”

“I just want to accomplish the task assigned by my boss . If Miss Lin doesn’t need me, you can ask others to take you back . ”

Song Chen doesn’t like this kind of rich second generation who totally rely on their families . Faced with her unreasonable troublesome behavior, Song just frowns, but still stations himself in the way .

“Humph, you wait until I see Brother Shaoting next time and ask him to fire you . ” After Lin Xi’er realizes that she has no chance to see Zhong Shaoting again today, she utters some harsh words angrily and turns and leaves .

Without caring what she says, Song Chen shrugs . He is not worried about her because such a daughter of a rich family always has a full-time driver . These pampered girls are really ugly when they lose their temper . He’d rather go back to work at the company .

At the same time, Ding Manman departs from the restaurant . Mr . Cai’s Audi is already waiting for her at the door . Pretending to be a gentleman, Mr . Cai opens the door of the car to let her in .

Having an idea in her mind, Ding Manman doesn’t resist . She looks around and sees no Zhong Shaoting or his assistants . She then gets into the cat with a sweet smile .

But all is seen by Zhong Shaoting who is sitting in his private car, not far away .

Seeing Ding Manman get into Mr . Cai’s car smilingly with no resistance, his hands on the steering wheel tighten with force fiercely, making his blue veins pop up in sight faintly .

Ding Manman feels tormented in Mr . Cai’s car as well . The lascivious Mr . Cai reaches his hands out to her chest several times .

If she didn’t use some tactful methods to divert this perverted old man’s attention, on the way she might . . .

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