Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

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Just then, Zhong Shaoting turns to stare at her . Even though he looks very calm, Sun Ling’er cannot help feeling a shiver . Then he speaks coldly .

“If you want a beating, I wish you would tell me directly . I haven’t made you pay for the trouble yet . Therefore, I can satisfy your thirst for a beating once for all . ” Zhong’s threatening words sound extremely terrifying to Sun’s ears .

“Brother, I was wrong and I’m sorry! I’ll never kid you any more!” Sun Ling’er is so scared that she immediately turns around and sits there quietly, so upset that she cries in heart without no tears . She just wants to match them . Why is he so hostile?! He deserves being single for such a long time!

Ding Manman looks out of the window while pondering over Sun’s words . Would he worry about her? No, she still remembers the last time when Zhong told her personally that she doesn’t deserve his concern .

When it comes to her importance in Zhong’s heart, Ding Manman feels her heart is full of irony . If she matters in his heart, it must be his hatred of her, whose cause Ding is ignorant of and she wonders why Zhong treats her so badly .

When they arrive at the hotel, Ding Manman gets out of the car herself and Zhong Shaoting doesn’t show any intention to help her . They just walk into the hotel like two strangers . Seeing this, Sun Ling’er cannot help shaking her head . Suddenly, it seems that something occurs to her, she immediately asks Song Chen to carry her to find her brother .

At night, lying in the bed, Ding Manman feels her mind is haunted by the chaotic scenes in the mall, which makes her unable to fall sleep . When she is still tossing and turning in bed, her room door is opened, which makes her sit up instantly frightened and she looks at the coming man alertly .

After warning and teaching a lesson to Sun Ling’er, Zhong Shaoting originally planned to go back to his room for a shower . However, he cannot help looking at Ding Manman’s room . Ever since they came back, she has locked herself in the room without coming out . She even skips her dinner . Zhong hesitates for a moment and finally orders a meal from the front desk for Ding before he takes his shower in peace of mind .

However, after his shower, he receives a call from the front desk telling him that Ding Manman has refused the dinner, which makes him frown slightly . What on earth is she doing? Zhong Shaoting touches the thing in his pocket given by Sun . He stands by the phone for quite a while before he walks towards Ding’s room .

“What’s up?” Ding Manman, like a little hedgehog at this moment, erects all her thorns to guard against anyone who wants to approach her . Seeing Zhong, she cannot help thinking of Zhong’s frantic punishment that night . With the same person and in the nighttime as well, is she going to undergo the same painful night once again? Ding Manman thinks in despair .

Previously, Zhong Shaoting would enjoy watching her so terrified while today he feels somehow uncomfortable . This is the first time that he has encountered her strong resistance and fear .

“Why didn’t you have dinner?” Zhong Shaoting asks and sits down not far from her instead of approaching her . Seeing him sit down, Ding relaxes her vigilance apparently, but her hold of the sheet isn’t loosened yet . She doesn’t know what Zhong is thinking about and has to explain it truthfully .

“I have no appetite . I don’t want to eat anything . ” As soon as Ding utters, the atmosphere in the room suddenly becomes depressing . It is obvious that Zhong is very dissatisfied with her answer . Once again Ding becomes alert clutching the sheet tightly as if this action could protect her from any harm .

Zhong feels somewhat ridiculous at Ding’s reaction . If he really wants to do something, the sheet cannot hinder him at all . But today he doesn’t want to touch her, so Ding’s defense, in his eyes, is really unnecessary .

But Ding Manman doesn’t think so . The horror of that night has been so deeply rooted in her mind that when she sees Zhong approaching, her body cannot help trembling . Just when she supposes that Zhong is going to abuse her like a beast again, he pauses in front of her . In her terror, she feels something is suddenly thrown in front of her, which makes Ding open her eyes in puzzlement, only to find something glittering in darkness .

Ding picks it up and finds that it is a necklace, the “Eternal” necklace she stared at all the time in the mall . Ding’s eyes shift from the the necklace to the tall man standing in front of her bed . She doesn’t know what his real intention is .

“Don’t think too much . I was satisfied with your body that night . This is your reward . ” Zhong Shaoting, too, feels it is rather weird to present her a necklace, so he makes up an excuse .

When Ding Manman throws it away fiercely the next second, it just flies by him, and finally falls to the ground . His mood falls now, too .

The gift that he gave her for the first time was discarded rudely, which makes Zhong’s face turn black and sullen . When he is going to question Ding, he is astounded to find that she doesn’t look right .

Her reddening eyes and biting her lips obviously reveal that she is suppressing certain emotions, which stuns Zhong and makes him feel lost .

“If you want to humiliate me, you’ve achieved your goal! Now, leave, please!” Ding Manman says while gritting her teeth . Meanwhile, she points to the door, asking Zhong to leave, which she has never dared to try before . However, he’s really gone too far today!

Although the necklace is not the one that Fang Hao has given to her, it carries some good memories between them . When she first saw the necklace, a pleasant surprise struck her .

But when Zhong said that it was the reward for her body that satisfied his lust, her pleasant surprise was shattered .

This necklace as a gift is given her with such a disgusting reason that Ding Manman throws it away with no hesitation, though it would annoy Zhong .

Ding Manman thinks that Zhong deliberately said the indecent words to insult her after knowing what this necklace means to her, and she was indeed humiliated .

But Zhong Shaoting is confused why she lost her temper for no reason and threw away the necklace which has taken a lot of his efforts to present it to her after hesitating for a long time .

It’s too much for the proud Zhong Shaoting . He should have tortured Ding ferociously so as to make her regret for her provocative behavior . But he finds that he is unable to hurt her further when noticing her reddening eyes which are about to shed tears the next second .

He can only slam the door angrily and leaves . After hearing the banging of the door, Ding Manman cannot hold back her sadness any more and cries her heart out . Both of them pass the night in enormous pain .

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