Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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After having everything arranged, Zhong Shaoting once again focuses his eyes on the shopping mall . At the thought of Ding Manman, who probably crouches on the ground with her whole body trembling, or has already been killed, he feels more and more fidgety .

Seeing his boss frowning, Song Chen starts to feel nervous inside . He knows that his boss is going to fly into a rage and what he has seen is just the prelude . Childe Ling, come on, please pick up the phone, otherwise I will be doomed to die! Song Chen prays in his heart .

Fortunately, the phone is soon answered, after which Song Chen gets relieved as if he were granted an amnesty .

“What’s up?” A lazy male voice, which sounds like that its owner has just waken up, comes from the other end of the phone .

“Childe Ling, there is something urgent and my boss wants to ask you for a favor…”

Not daring to waste time, Song Chen tells Gu Shaoling what has happened concisely . The man on the other end of the phone remains silent for a while, which is indeed a torture to Song Chen .

When Song Chen starts to suspect that Childe Ling has fallen asleep again, his voice finally comes from the other end of the phone .

“I see . ” After such simple words, Gu Shaoling hangs up . Song Chen has no choice but to tell his boss every word Childe Ling has said .

“He has agreed to come . ” After saying this, Zhong Shaoting returns his gaze to the shopping mall . The expression in his eyes is much calmer . He can feel relieved if Shaoling has agreed to help .

After a while, the commanding captain in front of the mall receives the message from the ones who were sent to fight, which says that no one can break through the store's defense .

“Captain, those robbers have activated the defense system of the shopping mall . The whole place is like a metal bucket, which can’t be broken through at all!”

The captain gets so angry that he nearly crushes the intercom in his hand . It is known that people shopping in this mall are either wealthy or of high-ranking . If anything happens to any of them, the captain believes that he will absolutely lose his position .

While the captain feels terribly defeated about the condition, a helicopter suddenly lands in front of the gate of the shopping mall . Being combat-ready, the armed troop immediately raise their guns at the helicopter which appears unexpectedly .

Under the nervous gaze of all, a man in pajamas precisely, slowly descends the helicopter . Even so, the whole troop remain vigilant, though .

Only the captain goggles at the coming person in astonishment . God, why is the big shot here?!

“All Clear!” The captain shouts immediately, after which the troop withdraw their guns . Getting off the command car, the captain nervously hurries to the man and makes a military salute which can’t be more standard .

“This is Second Lieutenant Wu Hai of Armed Troop No . 477 . At your command, sir!”

“No command . You may just stand here . My men have entered the mall . ”

Scratching his head, the man sounds quite casual as if he were talking about today’s fine weather .

But Wu Hai’s face turns pale right after he hears what the man said . Half an hour before, several teams he sent tried to break through the terribly tight defense of the shopping mall, but just in vain .

Now this man is telling him that his men have broken through the defense system and are already in the mall, which is so unbelievable that Wu Hai can’t conceal his shock!

Seeing the man waving towards him, Wu Hai walks to him unconsciously . Taking a look at Wu Hai’s watch on his left hand, the man says,

“It will be finished within at most five minutes . ”

If someone else said this, Wu Hai would absolutely think that he is boasting . But the man standing in front of him is so capable that today’s robbery can’t even be regarded as a problem for him .

Gu Shaoling, the most legendary genius in the army who is known for his high intelligence, agility and fast reactions, successfully put a drug baron under arrest with only a small team at the age of 21, solving the problem that had bothered the army for years .

After that, he makes numerous military exploits and becomes a General at a young age which is unimaginable to anyone else during their lifetime . It can be said that this man is born to be perfect, as he has not only a high rank but also an excellent appearance .

Many people who have met Gu Shaoling would call him a demon . With such a fabulous appearance and outstanding capacities, isn’t he a demon indeed?

As a second lieutenant, Wu Hai knows that he is not a little inferior to General Gu Shaoling, but far inferior!

Soon several gunshots come from the shopping mall . With a strained heart, Wu Hai can’t help but look at Gu Shaoling, who is standing beside him .

Surprisingly, he yawns! Wu Hai really wonders how this young general, who can even yawn under such intense circumstances, really feels . It is said that this young man has an eccentric temper, which seems fairly true now .

Within minutes, the defense of the mall is totally removed . Wu Hai and his men immediately dash into the mall . As expected, they find the robbers are either shot to death or caught alive without ability to resist .

What’s more, there is no other death in the shopping mall . Only a few people are slightly injured by the stray bullets .

At this instant, Wu Hai can’t help but appreciate Gu Shaoling’s brilliant mind . All of these took place within five minutes right after his appearance, no less or no more .

After giving his men command of collecting team, instead of walking back to the helicopter, Gu Shaoling walks to a parking Maserati by the side door of the mall . By the time he reaches the car, the car’s window slides down and the face of Zhong Shaoting, which is as cold as a statue, appears behind it .

“Your sister is fine . You can consider this as my return present for the resort project, but next time please don’t wake me up while I’m resting . ”

Leaning against the car, though in pajamas, Gu Shaoling attracts a lot of attention with his seductive appearance and unique temperament .

“I will try . ” Zhong Shaoting answers calmly . If it hadn’t been for the emergency, he wouldn’t have woken him up, as he knows what Gu Shaoling hates the most is having his sleep disturbed .

“If there is nothing else, I will go back to sleep . ” Finding more and more people, especially females gather around, some of whom even take out their mobile phones, about to take pictures, Gu Shaoling frowns and leaves after saying this to Zhong Shaoting .

Meanwhile, Ding Manman and Sun Ling’er who have gone through extreme danger and fear in the mall are finally relieved of danger .

“Sister Manman, I thought I was going to die just now . ” After being moved to somewhere safe by regimental police, Sun Ling’er regains power of thinking . Remembering the terrible experience, which is like passing the threshold of hell, Sun Ling’er feels like a lucky survivor from a holocaust .

“Me too . ” Covered with a blanket, Ding Manman can’t control her trembling hands despite the cup of hot water for the purpose of getting over the shock .

Sun Ling’er shakes her head to show her disagreement to Ding Manman’s words, because she believes that if it were not for Sister Manman, she might have been caught by the robbers .

“Sister Manman, if you hadn’t dragged me down and hidden me below the chairs, I am afraid that I would have become the hostage of those robbers . ”

At the dangerous moment when the robbers broke in, it was Ding Manman who reacted immediately and dragged Sun Ling’er below the chairs .

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