Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Proofread by Zhou Zhijie

Ding Manman's hands are full of blood from the wounds when she faints . It is no wonder that the maid is so scared . With her lying fainted on the ground, her two bloody hands and pale face look particularly frightening . If it were at night, the maid might think that it is a corpse and faints away directly .

On seeing the scene, Zhong runs downstairs instantly . He picks up Ding Manman carefully . When he stretches out his hand to feel her breath, Zhong realizes that his hands are trembling .

Zhong Shaoting doesn’t feel relieved until he feels her warm breath .

"Call the doctor immediately!" Leaving the order to the servant, he takes Ding Manman to the bedroom .

Doctor Liu is on holiday, but she rushes here after receiving the call . She is scared when seeing Ding Manman lie in bed unconscious . This time, her condition looks more serious than that of her former time!

"If you go on like this, she will die sooner or later!" Doctors to the patients are what parents to their children . No matter what Ding Manman did before, Doctor Liu cannot help feeling heartbroken when she finds a young lady being tortured like this repeatedly .

Zhong Shaoting does not confute Doctor Liu's scolding, which is unexpected . His dark pupils focus on Ding Manman who is lying still in bed . His mouth is set in a tight line . It is obvious to anyone with good sense that he is in a bad mood now .

Doctor Liu just utters with a sigh for this . She is older and experienced anyway . Maybe she can't compare with Zhong Shaoting in other aspects, but in terms of affection, she is way better than Zhong Shaoting, who is not so good as a five-year-old child in this regard .

When Doctor Liu diagnoses Ding, she finds that her situation is much more serious than she thought .

"Being malnourished for a long period, with a fever over 39 degrees Celsius, being sunburn on the arms, bleeding wound on her palm . . . "

The more Doctor Liu says, the more emotional she gets . She assumes that with no need of her presence as a doctor during this period and the relationship between them should have been mended . But out of her expectation, their relationship worsens than before .

“In her case, if her treatment is delayed several hours, even if she wouldn’t faint because of weakness, her brain would turn numb due to high fever . " Liu says angrily while skillfully feeding her some antipyretic medicine .

Then Liu begins to dress Ding’s wounds on her hands . Zhong stands aside quietly . He looks still calm, but in fact he is already freaked out in his mind .

Doctor Liu's words make him realize that her condition is so bad . Each scolding sentence hurts him painfully like a hot stone hitting his heart .

Right now Doctor Liu is cleaning the wounds on Ding's hands with disinfectant alcohol . Each time the alcohol touches her wounds, Zhong’s heart jerks .

Thinking that all these are attributed to him, Zhong Shaoting cannot stay here anymore . He turns and leaves the room, fleeing like a coward defeated in a battle .

Zhong Shaoting has intended to take some fresh air, but finds Sun Ling'er standing outside the door resentfully . Seeing him come out, she flies into a rage

"Brother, you’ve gone too far . I just saw that Sister Manman fainted, which is totally caused by you!" says Sun Ling'er in a trembling voice .

Sun Ling'er grows up in a wealthy family and lives a simple and comfortable life . She has rarely been exposed to dark and negative things in society, therefore, she is kinder in nature than ordinary people .

After returning to her room in the afternoon, Sun Ling'er is still unsettled . Although she asked the servant to send Sister Manman some herbal tea and warm water, she is still worried about Ding Manman .

At dusk, on hearing the maid’s scream, she ran out at once and saw Sister Manman being carried upstairs by her brother . Sister Manman looked lifeless with her eyes tightly shut, her lips dry and cracked and her face bloodlessly pale .

This reminds Sun Ling'er of the first time she met Sister Manman . With a pale face, Sister Manman said that her brother treated her cruelly .

Sun Ling'er didn't believe it at first . But now seeing Ding like this, how can she not believe?

At the thought of her brother doing such bad things to such a nice woman, Sun Ling'er can’t help trembling all over with fury . Before she kept trying to find excuse for her brother in the presence of Sister Manman, now it seems that she is the most stupid!

"How could you have done this?! It's clear that you care about her in your mind . If you treat her like this, it will only make her hate you more . I was really wrong about you . Hum! " It is a pity that she even gave him the necklace that Sister Manman took a fancy to in the mall . Unexpectedly, he not only missed the chance but also messed things up like this, which really annoys her to death .

Sun Ling'er leaves angrily after venting her dissatisfaction, leaving Zhong Shaoting there alone stunned and repeating Sun Ling'er's words in his mind .

"Brother, you’ve gone too far . You will only make her hate you more!”

Has he really gone too far?

Facing Sun Ling'er and Doctor Liu's scolding, Zhong Shaoting suddenly has doubts . And he even starts to doubt whether he really has done something wrong every time .

His younger brother who lived unwillingly in despair in prison and his parents’ death from injustice have always been reminding him that this woman is the murderer of his parents and younger brother .

This is what she deserves . Even if she dies, her sin can't be redeemed . Therefore, he can't be kind to her . But every time seeing her being weak and pale, he can't help doubting whether he is doing right .

Zhong does not realize how he got back to his study, but when he sits on the chair, he feels the large room looks so cold and desolate .

With Doctor Liu's unceasing care over the whole night, Ding Manman wakes up the next day . Seeing her wake up, Doctor Liu is relieved . She rubs her sore shoulders and is about to comfort her when thinking about her suffering . But she is stunned by Ding Manman’s first sentence .

"Doctor, is there any medicine that can make a person die unconsciously?" Ding Manman looks at the snow-white ceiling and says in an empty voice .

After a long pause, Doctor Liu reaches out her hand to feel her forehead and says doubtfully .

"The fever has been brought down . Why are you still talking nonsense? Oh, are you made stupid by the fever?”

"Doctor . . . " Ding looks at Doctor Liu helplessly . Does she look like stupid?

"Haha, just kidding . " Doctor Liu says with a simple smile and turns to pack up her things . Since the fever has been brought down, she is free to go now .

"But doctor, I'm not kidding . " Ding's expression is very serious . She does not mean to make a joke at all . Doctor Liu pauses in her packing and slowly turns around with a hesitating expression .

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