Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

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“Baby, I know you are very dissatisfied with Zhong Shaoting . But you have to be clear that you cannot compete with him, not to mention that there is no such medicine in the world, even if there is, you still have no chance to kill him . Anyway, it is you who will get hurt finally . ”

Supposing that Ding Manman hates Zhong so much as to poison him to death, Dr . Liu starts comforting her earnestly .

Ding Manman is stunned by Dr . Liu’s words at first . When did she say that she would kill Zhong Shaoting with medicine? Did Dr . Liu misunderstand her words?

During these days, she has got very clear of Zhong’s power . If she really wants to do this, the medicine will sure be found out before she approaches him . And he will definitely torture her to death in a worse way .

“Doctor, you misunderstood me . Compared with killing Zhong Shaoting, killing myself will be much easier . ” She does want to get revenge on him, but she is also well aware of her own poor abilities, which overwhelms her with endless despair .

Looking at Ding’s despairing eyes, Dr . Liu cannot help taking pity on her .

“Baby, I know your life is really hard, but death is not a right way to solve the problem . ” Dr . Liu consoles Ding gently who has fallen into real despair this time .

“Should I be imprisoned and humiliated by him for the rest of my life then? If so, death will indeed be a relief to me . ”

The moment she fainted down alone in the living room, Ding suddenly wondered: what was the meaning of such a life, with her body soiled, her freedom restrained, and her life quality affected by others’ moods? She was being humiliated and tortured day after day .

What’s the point of living such a life? She used to have a happy life, but now she is struggling to survive in the hell .

Ding Manman is staring at the scenery outside blankly, and her melancholy look makes others unable to hold back a sense of sympathy . “He really hates me, so my death will be good news for him and that will be the best result for both of us . ”

Ding doesn’t know what she has done wrong, but she knows that Zhong will never let her go .

Now that she is unable to go back to the good old days, it will be better for her to end her present life in this way .

“There is no such medicine to make one die unconsciously all over the world . As a doctor, I cannot allow my patient to commit suicide . ” Says Dr . Liu in a serious tone . With the doctor’s license for 20 years, she has the medical ethics as well as basic qualities .

At the doctor’s words, Ding’s eyes turn gloomy . Although she knows that her plan would not be carried out smoothly as expected, she still feels disappointed with the results .

Seeing her so desperate, Dr . Liu really can’t help comforting her once again before leaving .

“No matter what you are going through, you should believe that everything will come to an end one day . If you cower now, you will be a loser . Even if you die, you can’t change this fact . ”

With these words, Dr . Liu goes out of the door, leaving Ding alone in bed reflecting on her words in her mind .

“If you cower now, you will be a loser . . . ”

Actually, up to now Ding Manman still has no idea of what she has done wrong, which makes Zhong hate her to the guts .

Every time she wanted to ask him about it, Zhong sarcastically called her cruel as a wolf and censured her for having the nerve to mention that . After several such occasions, Ding no longer wants to ask him .

She has been enduring Zhong’s humiliation and torture . But Dr . Liu’s words remind her that all things will come to an end one day .

Zhong Shaoting refuses to tell her the reason, then she is going to find it out herself . If Zhong deliberately accuses her of something she hasn’t done, she won’t be able to shake off his slander until she dies . It will be better for her to find out the truth herself . Ding believes as long as she can prove that she has done nothing wrong, naturally Zhong won’t find the reason to blame her .

Figuring this out, Ding rejoices that her thought of suicide becomes not that deeply rooted . She is also grateful for Dr . Liu’s enlightenment, otherwise she might be still immersed in despair and unable to get it over now .

In Zhong’s study, Dr . Liu is reporting Ding’s physical condition to him .

“She has woken up, but she is still quite weak, requiring abundant nutrition and rest . The wounds on her palms are difficult to heal and need great care, otherwise they will crack open again easily . Ask the servants to take extra care of her these days . If she continues to have fevers at night, inform me immediately . ”

Dr . Liu mentions a lot of items that need extra care, which proves Ding’s health condition is really worse than before this time . While, hearing the doctor’s words, Zhong just goes on reading his book in the sofa with no expression on his sober face .

“Just tell these to the servants . There is no need to tell me . ” He says indifferently as if Ding were just a person of little significance for him . Zhong’s indifference turns him into a totally different man from the one who nervously carried Ding in his arms yesterday .

Dr . Liu used to keep silent about others’ affairs, but in this matter she keeps making exceptions . Especially after hearing Ding’s words and seeing Zhong’s indifferent attitude, the doctor feels obliged to say something more .

“The first sentence after she woke up is to ask me for some medicine that can make her die unconsciously . ” Dr . Liu doesn’t say too much and stops where she thinks she should .

As expected, Zhong’s hand turning the page stops in mid-air at her words . Seeing this, a satisfied expression crawls onto Dr . Liu’s face .

“Having treated her so many times, I’ve never seen her so desperate . A girl, so strong-minded and brave, now turns so desperate, which is really disheartening . If things go on like this, she would probably stay like that . ”

With these words, Dr . Liu leaves quietly . It’s useless for her to stay here . The rest is up to Zhong Shaoting because it is his anxiety that cannot be solved with a few words .

Zhong Shaoting sits in the sofa with his hand keeping turning pages . She doesn’t want to live on anymore . . .

She gives up so fast and already wants to commit suicide . Where is the strong-minded woman? Zhong looks somewhat ironic . But he can not help feeling rattled, which is a rather familiar feeling to him .

Last time Zhong experienced the similarly rattled feeling was when he saw his younger brother’s eyes full of despair and emptiness after learning that he had been abandoned by his beloved woman .

How could he have the similar feeling for her?

Zhong finds that he is unable to continue reading the book in his hands . He has been in the reading posture for an hour, but has not finished a third of a page .

He closes the book restlessly and paces up and down the study with an inexplicable irritation . After several laps, he cannot help opening his door and walking towards Ding’s bedroom .

But when he holds the doorknob of her room in his hand, he just stops there . He doesn’t know what he is afraid of . What if he finds her lying in bed unconscious?

Zhong Shaoting isn’t a hesitant person . After a pause, he opens the door and enters . At this time, Ding is lying in bed quietly because of her weak body .

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