Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

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“It’s okay . Sister Manman, could you do me a favor? Whether I will be able to see the sun next week totally relies on you!” Sun Ling’er holds Ding Manman’s arm in her hands with great tenderness and says in a tactful and exaggerated tone . In the meanwhile, she acts coquettishly, which gives Ding goose bumps in an instant .

“You have to make it clear what favor I can do for you . Don’t make it sound so serious . What’s the relationship between your being unable to see the sun next week and my ability to paint?” Ding is unable to figure out the relationship between the two . Looking at Sun like this, Ding feels that this request seems not that simple .

“It’s actually not a big favor . One of my acquaintances whose paintings are of great popularity is going to hold an art exhibition recently . I don’t get along well with her . When I met her a few days ago, we fell out and I told her boldly that I would present her a painting which is better and more popular than hers . . . ”

While Sun Ling’er speaks, her voice gets lower and lower . She realized that she had got herself into trouble afterwards . She is not good at painting and has very few friends active in the art world, not to mention that she majored in finance while studying in the U . S . , with no relation to art at all . Therefore, Sun Ling’er has no choice but to seize anyone she can find for salvation as the last straw .

“Ling’er, it’s not that I don’t want to help you . On the one hand, I’m afraid I am unable to compete with her . The one who can hold an exhibition and draw the most attention from the viewers with her works must have had a lot of training in basic skills in painting . On the other hand, you were indeed too impulsive in this incident . ”

Ding Manman cannot see eye to eye on what Sun has done . People shouldn’t flaunt their superiority before others about what they are unable to accomplish . It is the most important thing to accomplish what they are able to .

“I also know about that, but that woman has really gone too far . She regarded herself as Vincent Van Gogh just because of a few prizes she has won for her paintings . Not to mention her arrogance, she kept degrading me by saying that without my brother, I was just an useless and unlettered woman . ” Sun is also clear that she was too impulsive, but that woman has done far worse .

“She said in front of many celebrities that Zhong’s family tainted with money-stink has no interest in arts except for profits, which really irritated me right then . Therefore, I instantly fired back at her that there are brilliant painters in my family, too . To my surprise, she said,

‘Oh, really? Then bring over the paintings from the brilliant painter from your family and let us appreciate it . Next week I will hold an art exhibition in a gallery in the city center in which many famous artists will bring in their works . I believe Miss Sun will definitely come with your family’s works . Make sure not to bring child’s graffiti then . ’”

Even now Sun Ling’er can still remember the woman’s arrogant look with her nose pointing skyward . She was so furious that she immediately said that she would bring better works than hers . She asked all her friends for help, but none turned out to be capable of drawing . She had no way out but to turn to Ding Manman .

“Why not turn to your brother? He is well-connected and must know some professional artists . ” At Ding’s words, Sun Ling’er instantly shakes her heads like a drum-shaped rattle, exerting all her strength to express her reluctance to inform her brother of this matter .

Sun rejects her suggestion with no hesitation . “Rather than let my brother find out my conceited behavior, I prefer to be ridiculed by that woman and those of her so-called artists directly . My Brother hates the one most who has no competence but is fond of flaunting . ”

You know that being mocked by that woman she would just lose her face once, but letting her brother know what she has done, she would get into a “life-threatening” condition . She doesn’t dare to ask her brother for help, even though she can find no way out .

“All right, I’ll try as much as possible . But first of all, I have to mention that I haven’t painted for a long time . Thus, my works may not even reach one third of others’ levels . ” Ding Manman is quite clear that although she is interested in painting, her basic skills are not good enough to compete with those of professional painters .

“It’s okay! One third is enough . It’s better than nothing . ” Sun Ling’er doesn’t expect too much now . She might be satisfied with just one decent painting .

Sun Ling’er takes Ding to the studio where all the necessary items for painting have been readily prepared . Ding notices an unfinished draft discarded in the corner which arouses her curiosity . She picks it up, takes a look, and falls into silence immediately .

“Haw-haw, this is a draft I tried myself . It turned out to be dissatisfying . To be exact, it is so ugly that I myself even can’t bear to look at it . ” Sun Ling’er scratches her head sheepishly . Originally, she really intended to try painting on her own .

She has seen some so-called great paintings that were auctioned for ten or even one hundred million dollars, which are just like spilled paint or child’s graffiti, or nonsensical paintings in her eyes . Some of them were even regarded as milestones for the art world!

Hence, she thought that she could also paint like that . Later, she realized that no matter how hard she painted, her paintings did look like a child’s graffiti, not only ugly but also ridiculous . Ding Manman doesn’t reply to her immediately . She hesitates for quite a while before she speaks .

“May I ask who has given you the courage to make such a bold offer?” Ding Manman doesn’t deliberately degrade her painting . It is really very bad . Even a 5-year-old child who has just started learning to paint may do as well as Sun has .

“Maybe it’s Liang Jingru” (a Chinese singer who has sung a song named “Courage” . ) Sun Ling’er is like a stooge and takes over the words jokingly . They look at each other and cannot help bursting into laughter . Ding likes Sun’s personality because Sun won’t take any misfortune to heart, at least she won’t mind that much .

Picking up the paintbrushes after a long time injects new vitality into Ding’s broken heart . Creation requires inspiration . Although Sun Ling’er is not clear about the essence of painting, she knows that one shouldn’t be disturbed for the sake of inspiration while painting . Therefore, she retreats silently from the room so that Ding will be able to concentrate .

With no disturbance, Ding starts her creation . Since she hasn’t used the paint brushes for too long, she is not satisfied with the first few paintings and goes on with some others . It’s been a long time since she got in touch with something that interests her . It’s also rare that she looks so excited . She lets her inspiration sparkle out on the white canvas freely to her heart’s content .

Ding stays in the studio for a whole day until night falls . If it were not because of the sore feeling from her wounded palm, she might not want to come out . She is surprised to find that painting can change her emotions and clear the worries and concerns from her mind, while she devotes herself to painting heart and soul .

Seldom can she do what she likes wholeheartedly . In the next few days, Ding stays in the studio the whole time except for sleeping in the bedroom . Sun Ling’er guesses that if there were a bed in the studio, Sister Manman would not leave the studio at all .

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