Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

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Seeing Ding Manman working so hard for her, Sun Ling'er is deeply moved . She thinks that even if Sister Manman's works are not that nice, she will also have them framed and hung them in her room . She will appreciate those paintings every day like appreciating treasures . And she won't care whether those so-called artists can understand them or not . It’s enough as long as she believes they are excellent .

Since Ding Manman started to paint in the studio, Sun Ling'er hasn’t entered the room because she is afraid to disturb Ding’s creation . It's said that the painters are very strict with the creating environment and especially hate interruptions from other people, therefore she dare not approach the studio at all .

A few days later, there is only one day left before the exhibition, but Ding is still planting in the studio . Sun Ling'er has almost given up . She has prepared for the worst----she will lose face this time, which is not a big deal for her . But as Sister Manman has not fully recovered yet, it's not good to her health if she keeps working so hard .

When Sun Ling’er is worried about Ding, planning to go into the studio to remind her to take a rest, the door to the studio suddenly opens . Surprisingly, Ding’s face is not as pale as Sun has imagined . On the contrary, she looks even radiant while walking to Sun with a painting in her hands .

“Sister Manman, your health is the most important . ‘Man proposes, God disposes . ’ If you can’t get an ideal painting, don’t push yourself too hard . I won’t care being ridiculed once more . ” Sun Ling’er says guiltily .

Hearing Sun’s words, Ding feels warm in her heart . Thinking that her recent efforts did not go in vain, Ding hands over the painting and says to Sun who is standing stunned, “I didn’t push myself too hard . I love painting very much anyway . But not until today have I managed to paint one I am satisfied with . Here you are . ”

What Ding says makes Sun pleasantly surprised as she has decided to give up, but now Ding gives her a ray of hope . Filled with joy, Sun says, “Thank you, Sister Manman . I promise that no matter what you have drawn, it will be the best work in my heart . Definitely!” In order to convince Ding, Sun says in all sincerity and seriousness; she is almost about to hold up her hand to swear .

But what Sun has said sounds a little strange to Ding Manman . It seems that she has prepared to see some terribly bad works . Seeing Sun’s sincere expression, Ding has no choice but say to her with a smile, “You can take a look first before jumping to the final conclusion . It might go beyond your expectations . I’m going to take a nap . ”

With these words, Ding yawns and taps Sun on the shoulder before she goes upstairs . After all, in the past few days she has concentrated on producing a perfect painting; and before the work is finished, she has been too excited to fall asleep and consequently hasn't had a good rest up to now . Since the job has been finished, she feels so sleepy that she can’t even keep standing up anymore .

Watching Ding Manman going upstairs with an exhausted body, Sun Ling’er feels very sorry in her heart . It is her desire to excel over others that stirs up the trouble . It doesn't matter if she is mocked by others on the exhibition of painting, but if Sister Manman’s work on which she has spent so much energy is laughed at by those so-called artists, Sun Ling’er will absolutely feel guilty .

With some sense of guilt, Sun Ling’er turns over the painting in her hands . Actually she has decided not to show her surprise no matter how terrible the painting is . The instant she sees the painting, her eyes widen with amazement .

Standing still for a long time, Sun carefully appreciates the details of the painting . At this moment she is too excited to control her facial expressions . At last she shouts into the direction of the second floor, “Sister Manman, I love you! You are my goddess!”

Lying in bed, Ding Manman is about to fall asleep when she hears Sun's shout from the first floor . With a satisfied smile on her face, Ding closes her eyes and drifts off .

Hardly has Zhong Shaoting entered the gate when he hears Sun Ling'er's ringing declaration of love, after which his face turns dark immediately . Then he sees his excited sister, whose loud declaration still echoes in his ears, standing in the hall with a picture in her arms .

“It seems that you are quite free recently . Since you have finished finance, how about learning something else?” Suddenly a low voice comes from behind, which makes Sun’s body stiffen at once . Turning back like slow motion in the movies, Sun Ling’er finds her brother standing by the gate with a gloomy face .

Her excitement disappears into nowhere instantly . Like getting drenched by icy water, Sun feels cold from head to toe . Oh no! Is what she said just now heard by her brother? Looking at her brother’s unfriendly eyes, Sun’s heart beats get faster . It seems that he has definitely heard that . “No…No indeed . Finance is so extensive and profound that I still need to explore it further . Brother, I’ll go to study now . See you . ”

Sun Ling’er quickly returns to her room like an arrow in fear that all her leisure time might be jammed with numerous courses .

Only when she has calmed down does she finally realize what she has done just now . Did she happen to declare love to her future sister-in-law in face of her brother? It is such a feat of great daring if you know how terribly possessive her brother is!

Actually Sun Ling'er has regarded Ding Manman as her future sister-in-law ever since Ding started to devote herself to helping her paint . Although this is only Sun’s personal feeling, she believes that it will come true in the near future .

Zhong Shaoting has intended to go to the study . But when passing by the studio, he catches a glance of something different . Opening the door, he is amazed by more than a dozen paintings on the easels . The paintings are rich in content and diversified in style, each of which looks so perfect and can bring different sensations to people . Although the skills of the painter are kind of immature, it won’t affect the aesthetic sense of the paintings in whole .

However, the paintings in the corner, like children's scribble, are extraordinarily ugly in sharp contrast to the other perfect paintings in this room . If Ding Manman knew what Zhong Shaoting is thinking at this moment, she would be surprised to find that these two siblings are dramatically alike even in the way they criticize each other, which is both harsh and vicious .

These paintings in the studio make Zhong confused as he doesn't have the habit of drawing, and his sister Sun Ling’er can’t draw at all . So there is only one person who dares to draw in his villa . Looking at these delicate works, Zhong can’t believe that they are created by Ding Manman .

Not until the next day at the exhibition does Zhong Shaoting make sure that those works are really produced by Ding, as he goes to the opening ceremony of the exhibition with an important client . After encountering his sister and a series of events that happened there later, Zhong Shaoting is thoroughly amazed by Ding Manman, although she doesn’t intend to .

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