Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 3: The Last Hope Fading

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Ding Manman doesn't deserve his softheartedness and compassion.

If it were not for the frame-up plotted by Ding Manman's despicable father that year, how could his father have beenthrown into prison and how could his twin brother, Shaoyan have got into prison instead of him in order to save him?

Zhong Shaoting will never forget his brother's entrustmentbefore Shaoyan went to prison. He said that he had met his dream lover whom he wanted to protect all his life and he hoped Shaoting would replace him to look after her.

Unfortunately, hardly had Shaoyan gone to prison when his most beloved one, Ding Manman, ruthlessly abandoned him. Like the last straw which broke the camel's back, in addition to the boundless darkness caused by the life imprisonment, the news finally rendered Shaoyan collapse and he committed suicide.

"The reason why Shaoyan went into the prison instead of you is that he wished you a happy life then and after." Seeing Zhong Shaoting lost in his own thoughts and looking more and more painful, Doctor Liu unconsciouslyshakes her head,"You should not torture yourself with the past any more."

At his words, Zhong Shaoting's eyes turn hard and ferocious, "I won't repeat it: this woman doesn't deserve my compassion and it serves her right."

Then, he throws the cigarette to the ground fiercely, stamping on and grinding it until the last spark of the cigarette dies down with no more sign of its existence.

All they talked about is heard by Ding Manman in the room.

Zhong Shaoting's words, like a nightmare or a curse, echo in her ears over and over again.

Shaoyan is dead? How come?

Flustered, she fingers out that it isthe reason why Zhong Shaoting treats her like this.

When she is still thinking, Zhong Shaoting comes inwith the servant Xiaofang following behind him.

"Miss Ding, it's time for the meal." Xiaofang serves a bowl of thin porridge and a little bit side dish. With her head lowered, Ding Manmannibbles at her food bit by bit. She feels extremely uneasy with Zhong Shaoting staring at her with great intensity.

Hereupon, she looks up at him, "Zhong Shaoting, what did you say about Shaoyan…"

Before she finishes the sentence, Zhong Shaoting's gaze turns sharpsuddenly. "How dare you mention his name?" Looking at the timid and fragile woman, he becomes more agitated. "Don't pretend to be pathetic in front of me."

Upon these words, out of the door he strides.

Xiaofang rarely met such an occasion before and whispers, "Miss, please finish eating quickly. You still have a lot of work to do." While nodding, Ding Manman suddenly catches a glimpse of a silver light in the doorway——it is a bunch of keys if she is not mistaken.

Ding Manman gets the key.When she is trimming the rose garden, she unlocks the chains on her feet and escapes from Zhong's house in a haste.

To her unawareness, Zhong Shaoting is looking at her not far away. With a gloomy face, he dials a number on his phone.

"Do as planned."

At the house of the Fang Family.

Fang Hao parks his car outside the gate, but doesn't get off immediately. He solemnly listens to his assistant's report on the phone, and suddenly smashes at the carseat. "It has been so long since her disappearance.How could there be no news at all?"

Owing to Ding Manman's disappearance, their wedding had to be canceled. Fang Hao got injured severely andlay in hospital for a week. He wants to find Ding Manman eagerly, but it seems that she has evaporated from the earth.

"I am so sorry, sir.All the monitors at the wedding were destroyed so we could not find any clue about Miss Ding's disappearance." The assistant feels rather helpless on the other end of the phone. "In order to find her, I have tried all kinds of approacheswhich were all stealthily hindered by someone. The person who kidnapped Miss Ding must have an unfathomable background."

"Bastard!"While Fang Hao thinks about the man who kidnapped Ding Manman on his wedding day, his eyebrows knit together more tightly. This city is neither too big, nor too small. However, to find a completely unknown man in such a city is equal to looking for a needle in a haystack.

"Expand the scope of your search! All the people around Ding Manman should be carefully checked! There must be some clues left behind." Calming down, Fang Hao gives commands to his assistant one by one. Just then, his mother, who leads a pretty woman by hand, is walking towards him.

He hangs up the phonehastily and greets his mother with steady eyes, "Hi, Mom!"

Fang Hao turns a blind eye to the woman beside his mother. But the woman shows her enthusiasm by walking forward to shake hands with him. "Nice to meet you. This is Song Xin."

Noticing Fang Hao's indifference, Song Xin purses her lips and says, "This is my first time to visit your big house. Could you please show me around?"

For the sake of civility, Fang Hao shakes hands with herperfunctorily. Then he looks at his smiling mother and says,"Mom, I am tired. I have to take a rest now!"

Song Xin's face freezes for a split second. Shenever expects that Fang Hao will just ignore her like this!

She looks at Fang's mother feeling wronged. As expected, taking Song Xin's side, Fang's mother clouds her face and reprimands, "What's the matter with you? Song Xin is our guest, how could you be so impolite to her?"

Fang Hao frowns with disgust.How could he not know the intention of his mother?

Since there is no trace of Ding Manman's whereabouts, he has no interest in this woman at all.

"Mom, Manman hasn't been found yet. I am tired enough. Don't make any more trouble for me.OK?"

Fang's mother pulls at his armand complains with obvious disappointment. "Ding Manman! Ding Manman! She is just a jinx! I have never agreed to your marriage before, but you insisted on marrying her without listening to my advice! What happened then? At the wedding, the jinx not only ran away herself, but also caused you to be badly injured! I hate this woman!"

Spluttering a lot, Fang's motherends with, "Now, behave and try to get along well with Xinxin(intimate address for Song Xin). As for Ding Manman, you'd better give up your silly love!"

Fang Hao was approved to marry Ding Manman before just because he loved Ding Manman so dearly that the Fang family had no choice. Actually, they looked down on Ding Manman and thought that shewas just a daughter of an ordinary rich family, nothing special or amiable. How could she marry the best heir of the Fang Family Group?

Fang Hao's mother, in particular, despisedDing Manman andspared no effort to make trouble for her.

However, Fang Hao washell-bent on loving Ding Manman, which finally made his mother give in and approve their marriage.

It happened that Zhong Shaoting hijacked Ding Manman at thewedding and her son was injured by the men with Zhong Shaoting, which increased her hatred towards Ding Manman.

"You go nowhere else. Show Xinxin around." Fang's mother drags his son towards Song Xin and says in a harsh voice, "If you dare to disobey me, don't call me 'mom' any more!"

As soon as Ding Manman was kidnapped, she immediately began to organize matchmaking events for her son for she wanted her son to marry the daughter of the Wang Family.

But Fang Hao was unable to forget Ding Manman and uncompromisingly objected to his mother's arrangements. As a result, not only did he refuse the blind date arranged by his mother, but also irritated the daughter of the Wang Family and ruined the expected marriage.

Hence, the plan of marriageto the Song Family requires particular attention from his mother!

Fang Hao, gritting his teeth and looking at his irrational mother, says coldly, "Mom, don't be ridiculous! I've been engaged to Manman. Even if the wedding is temporarily canceled, we are still a would-be couple!"

After a pause, he turns to Song Xin who looks rather annoyed. His voice becomes more indifferent, "Does Miss Song want to be a mistress?"

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