Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 4: I Loathe Your Dirtiness

Profread by Zhou Zhijie

No proud socialite can bear such a humiliation!

Gritting her teeth, Song Xin turns to say farewell to Fang's mom with a forced smile, "Auntie, I am thinking that we had better drop this matter since Fang Hao is not willing to do that. As for me, to find a man to marry is not problem, yet."

Roaring with anger, Fang's mother starts to cry and shouts when she sees her son's attitude, "Just for the sake of Ding Manman, you want to infuriate the whole family to death, don't you? Ah?"

Fang Hao can't bear his mother's disturbance and frowns with annoyance, "Mom! There's only one woman I love and I want to marry and her name is Ding Manman! Now, she is missing and in danger. I only want to find her in the shortest possible time, rather than date with such unknown women!"

He has made every effort to find Ding Manman while his family has always been hindering him, which makes him virtually collapse.

His mother's eyes are filled with tears immediately at his words. She smacks her son and says, "Do you still have your family in mind! Do you still remember your parents who gave birth to you and raised you? What's good about Ding Manman? Are you intoxicated by her?"

Fang Hao stands motionless and endures his mother's beating and scolding. Only after his mother gets tired does he say calmly, "Mom, if you insist on compelling me, I'll move out."

No matter how, he will find Ding Manman for sure.

At this moment, Song Xin, who is watching them aside with her arms crossed, opens her mouth, "Auntie, Fang Hao, I think there's one thing you two might need to know."

Hearing this, Fang Hao and his mother turn to look at Song Xin simultaneously. Fang Hao frowns, wondering what Song Xin is going to do.

Song Xin takes her time in finding and playing a video clip stored in her mobile phone and shows to them. "I heard about Miss Ding's disappearance and I was willing to be of help, so I sent someone to look for her. Then I found this video."

The lighting of the video is so dim that they can only faintly see two overlapped figures. Fang Hao hears the low breath of a woman with some repression. The man in the video faces the lens with his back from the beginning to the end. What Fang Hao can see clearly is the woman's white tender body and a small birthmark on the shoulder.

The woman in the video is none other than Ding Manman.

"I think you are more familiar with Ding Manman than I. This video came out during the period of her disappearance. You took so much trouble to look for her, but what was she doing?"

With a gleam of success in her eyes, Song Xin adds fuel to the flames.

While just at this time, the housekeeper appears at the door and what he utters is like a thunder on a sunny day. "Milady, Childe, here is Miss Ding."

Hardly had the housekeeper finished speaking when Fang Hao rushed out and saw Ding Manman at the gate of his house.

At that time, Ding Manman, with messy hair, is in some baggy clothes which seem to have been stolen from his boyfriend. On seeing Fang Hao, her eyes light up.

"Fang Hao!"

With a faster reaction, Fang's mother rushes up to Ding Manman and gives her a slap in the face.

"Bitch! How dare you come back!"

The loud slap stuns Ding Manman who covers her face and looks at Fang's mother feeling wronged. "Mom, what did I do wrong?"

"Don't call me'mom'! I loathe your dirtiness!"

Song Xin steps forward and shows the video to Ding Manman. "Miss Ding, how can you be so shameless as to come to see Fang Hao? Can't one man satisfy your sexual desire?"

Watching the video, Ding Manman grows pale and quickly turns to Fang Hao. She never cares if others misunderstand her as long as Fang Wei trusts her.

However, what does she see in Fang Hao's eyes?

Disappointment, suspect, then disdain.

Doesn't he trust her?

Fang's mother directly pushes Ding Manman, who is still stunned, out of the gate, "Get out! From now on, our family has no more relationship with you!" With these words, she drags Fang Hao away.

Seeing Fang Hao's back as he leaves, Ding Manman opens her mouth with no sound coming out. She finds her tears sliding down her face.

She didn't cry when Zhong Shaoting humiliated her, when Lin Xi'er slapped her and when her call for help turned to be Zhong Shaoting's trick. But now, seeing Fang Hao going away, she is overwhelmed with suffering and pain.

With the dazzling sunlight Ding Manman, physically and mentally exhausted, faints away.

Ding Manman wakes up in bed with familiar surroundings, which gives her an illusion that she has sunk into hell. However, when she sees Zhong Shaoting place a stack of photos and magazines in front of her, she realizes that the hell she felt she was in is not deep enough.

Zhong Shaoting flips through the photos and magazines in his hands and shows them to Ding Manman. "Your fiancé is currently having blind dates with the daughters of the Wang and the Song Family. It seems that your mother-in-law prefers the daughter of the Wang Family. The marriage news has been released!"

The highest level of tormenting a person is not to torture her body, but to destroy her will, and to ruin what she cares most.

For Ding Manman, what she cares most at present is Fang Hao.

Zhong Shaoting is clear of Ding Manman's weakness so he deliberately lets go of her and asks Song Xin to show the video to Fang Hao in the meantime, which aims to deprive Ding Manman of everything.

Ding Manman glares at him with eyes widened and teeth gnashed, "Hao can never be engaged to another woman!"

Even though he turned his back on her at that time, she still cherishes some hope. She is still waiting for him to save her from the hell. How could he abandon her?

Zhong Shaoting sarcastically glances at her. Ding Manman's inexplicable trust in Fang Hao makes the fire in his heart burn rampantly. How could she still have hope in such a desperate situation?!

With a sneer, Zhong Shaoting leans down and bites at Ding Manman's lip until the scarlet blood drips down. He says with a smile, "Do you still dare to lie under Fang Hao? Is Fang Hao so generous that he wants a woman I've slept with?"

Ding Manman feels stiff with coldness and the despair hidden in her heart is provoked now. "It was against my will…Fang Hao will trust me." With these words, tears fall down. Biting her lip, she wipes the tears away so as not to show a sign of her distress in front of Zhong Shaoting.

Seeing the distress and despair on her face, Zhong Shaoting stands up and looks at Ding Manman sarcastically while saying, "Wish the Fang Family would think like that!"

Zhong Shaoting throws those photos onto Ding Manman and turns and leaves.

Ding Manman, head lowered, says nothing while her tears fall down onto the photos and magazines.

The enlarged photo of Fang Hao dating the daughter of the Wang Family is printed in the most noticeable place. Seeing Fang Hao's face, so gentle and dashing, wrenches Ding Manman's heart.

"You look so great... but I..." Ding Manman covers her lips, with despair filling her eyes, "can't be your match any more!"

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