Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Proofreader: Zhou Zhijie

In this way An Manrou has made many people, even including herself, believe that she is the only student of Jens Johnson and accordingly she has gained much public attention . As time goes by, An Manrou gradually forgets who she is and becomes more and more arrogant .

However, without Jens Johnson’s reputation, which plays a decisive role, this exhibition would not have been held so smoothly . Therefore, deep in her heart, An Manrou has a feeling of awe towards Jens, as if she were a child who had done something wrong and would be caught and scolded anytime .

“An, you’ve heard what this lady said . Is it true?” So when Jens Johnson questions her, An even doesn't have the courage to lie, as she is afraid that the master might get angry and her real identity would be consequently exposed .

“Yeah, it is true . The only reason is that this Miss Sun’s manners are so rough that I am afraid the artistic atmosphere inside might be spoiled by her . As there are many seniors who are looking forward to a careful appreciation of those wonderful works on exhibition, I had to say so . ”

“What? How can you talk like this?” Even now, An Manrou still keeps throwing mud at Sun, which makes her not able to bear it anymore . She is about to go around Ding Manman to fire back at An . Her manners are rough? If An Manrou hadn't been mocking the Zhong Family in a sarcastic tone, who would like to find troubles as if she had nothing meaningful to do?

Before Sun’s outburst, Ding stops her as she sees clearly that this is actually the very effect An wants to achieve . “People will not be rough in manners for no reasons . Miss An, before slandering others, please firstly reflect on your own . ” What Ding says is like a slap on An’s face because it is she who has been aggressive and irritating and who has made Sun so irascible .

The feeling of being slapped before the public shames An Manrou a lot . She has never had such an experience as she has been used to being surrounded and flattered by people since she was a child . An Manrou bears the grudges against Ding Manman in her mind silently .

And then, Jens Johnson seems not able to stand by without offering help . As An Manrou’s father has entrusted him with her, no matter what she has done, he can’t watch her being bullied like this . He then steps forward and offers voluntarily, “OK, it’s all An’s fault . Here I’d like to apologize to you two beautiful ladies . I hope it won't spoil your visit here . ”

It is a shock to everyone that Jens Johnson, a great master, can be so humble as to apologize to the younger generation on his own initiative . Hearing this, Ding Manman and Sun Ling’er are at a loss concerning what to do, as they simply cannot tolerate An’s behavior but didn’t expect him to apologize for her . Fortunately, Ding comes to herself in time . “Mr . Johnson, you don’t need to take it so seriously . Actually this is just a misunderstanding between us, so please don't bother . ”

Ding Manman who is temperate in advancing and retreating makes Jens Johnson very satisfied . Then, invited by him, Sun Ling’er and Ding Manman walk into the exhibition cheerfully .

Just as An Manrou thinks that the whole thing is over, Sun ling’er runs back to her and puts a painting in her hands with a splendid smile on the face . “Well, this is the painting I promised to bring . Although I don't know much about art, I am sure Sister Manman’s artwork is much better than those of yours . If you don't believe, you can open it and take a look . ”

After saying this, Sun Ling’er turns and leaves gracefully without casting a glance at An Manrou’s gloomy face . Actually Sun is extremely pleasant to see An Manrou getting so embarrassed . But how can An Manrou admit that her works are worse than those of a woman who comes from nowhere and makes her disgraced before the public?

Humph! Better than hers? An Manrou is contemptuous of Sun’s words . Although she is not as good as Jens Johnson, she is at least among the top list of painters in recent years . It is impossible that a layman coming from nowhere can do better than she does . Is she dreaming?

“Open it . ” says Jens Johnson suddenly, who hasn't left yet and sees that An Manrou is about to throw the painting away . “Sir, this is just from a layman and not worth taking a look at . I am going to throw it away right now . ” At these words, An Manrou goes to look for a trash can .

To An’s surprise, Jens Johnson snatches the painting from her hands and says seriously, “An, the reason why I look after you is to keep my promise to your father since he asked me to tutor you . But you are not supposed to act in an arbitrary and reckless manner . ”

“I see, Mr . Johnson . ” At this moment, An Manrou even dares not to answer back . She still looks quite haughty when Jens Johnson starts to tear open the wrapping of the painting Sun gave her . But Jens Johnson is stunned the instant he sees the painting, which looks strange to An Manrou . It’s just a painting by a layman, isn't it? Is it too ugly to see?

An Manrou hopes that she is right . But when she looks at the painting out of curiosity, she is stunned, too . “Impossible! It’s impossible!” An Manrou murmurs and tries to deny what she has seen, despite the fact shown before her . However, her denial is totally ignored by Jens Johnson who excitedly walks into the exhibition to look for Ding Manman and Sun Ling’er obviously .

An Manrou has to follow her teacher though she is not reconciled to her defeat . The onlookers all wander off into the exhibition . At this time, Zhong Shaoting and the American man, who have been standing in the crowd without being noticed, start to talk . “That lady is really unique . ” The American man says . She is not only beautiful, but also acted with ease even when facing the world-famous art master, Jens Johnson, which deeply attracts this American man .

In fact, this man, whose name is Willis Ward, is an important client of the Zhong’s Group . And the family behind him is a major channel to help the Zhong’s Group open up foreign markets . Zhong Shaoting attaches much importance to this partner, so when Willis says that he is interested in the art exhibition, Zhong immediately takes him here . It is obvious that Willis is quite content with this exhibition .

However, when Willis comments on Ding Manman favorably, Zhong Shaoting suddenly feels a little unhappy as if his possession had been coveted by someone else, but he doesn't let his unhappiness show .

“She is a special woman indeed . ” It is true that he didn't know Ding Manman could be so courageous . After all, she seemed so weak and obedient before him formerly . But he has to admit that when Ding Manman takes things seriously, she looks really attractive .

“I’m wondering what the painting looks like . But judging from Jens Johnson’s reaction, I think it will not be as ugly as An Manrou has said . On the contrary, it must be a great surprise . ”

Because of the angle, they didn’t see Ding Manman’s painting . But after seeing Jens Johnson’s facial expression, they judge that the painting must be extraordinary . Willis becomes more and more curious while Zhong Shaoting still looks calm . “Just follow them if you want to take a look . ”

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