Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

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Moreover, An Manrou has a very delicate face with a hint of sweetness as well as tenderness, which makes others unable to avoid giving their care and support to her . Even though Sun Ling’er is also good-looking, her slightly indifferent temperament makes others have more pity for An Manrou .

“I didn’t forbid you to come in . I just think that such vulgar people like you wouldn’t be able to understand what these paintings mean but stare at them blankly even if you attend the exhibition . ”

Irony can be sensed clearly in An’s remarks . However, those so-called artists by An’s side nod plausibly and cast a contemptuous eye at Sun Ling’er .

Even though Sun has been educated to handle things in a prudent and steady manner from a young age, she feels it unnecessary to behave like the well-cultured in front of An Manrou .

“An Manrou, listen to me! Who ever said that I was unable to appreciate the artworks? You know, I have brought the works as we have agreed upon . And today I will show you what real art is!”

Sun Ling’er speaks, unconvinced . With a wave of her hand, someone brings a well packaged painting whose content is covered up by the gorgeous wrapper .

Looking at this sealed painting, Sun Ling’er feels so delighted like the cat who has got some fish stealthily . Today, she is going to make An dumbfounded with this painting .

Unexpectedly, after seeing Sun taking out her painting, An Manrou doesn’t look panicked, but smiles lightly . That group of artists, though unable to figure out why their goddess smiles, follow suit with snigger .

“An Manrou, why are you laughing?” Considering An’s inexplicable smile, Sun Ling’er frowns subconsciously, wondering what dirty tricks An is going to play .

“How can you have the effrontery to present the painting? I am very clear of your artistic talents, which are next to zero, furthermore, your brother takes no interest in painting . Hence, this painting was probably drawn by a maid working at Zhong’s house . ”

An’s words are full of contempt . At her words, those people nearby burst into laughter together, which renders Sun so irritated that her face flushes .

“What happened?” Just then, an old man comes over . At the sight of his appearance, all the people present immediately restrain themselves from laughing . Even An Manrou retrieves her arrogance, pretending to be obedient and kind .

Sun Ling’er knows that the old man who suddenly shows up is An’s teacher . Yet, she remains calm . However, it is Ding Manman behind her who gets extremely excited .

Actually Ding Manman never expected that she could really come to visit this exhibition . When Sun Ling’ er told her that Zhong Shaoting had agreed to give her a day free at this exhibition, she was too excited to utter a word .

The old man standing in front of her, despite his simple clothes and gray hair, is radiant with energy . His identity can be said to have a thundering effect in the arts circle .

Jens Johnson, a world-renowned artist, started painting at the age of 15 and is 60 years old now . He has created numerous famous classic paintings, which have earned him the nickname, “the modern Van Gogh” .

From this we can see how famous Jens Johnson is, and he is the very artist Ding Manman has always been admiring . She never expected that she could see her idol face to face . For a split second, she is speechless with surprise and excitement .

“Nothing’s wrong, Sir . One of my friends, unfamiliar with art, pretends to know everything about art . I can’t stand it so I just addressed her a few words . While she is unconvinced and insists that her works are the real art . ”

An Manrou explains what happened in a few words, in which she has been discrediting Sun Ling’er until Sun loses her temper right then .

“An Manrou, you had better speak cautiously . What do you mean by saying that I am not convinced? Obviously, it is you who first mocked me, saying that I didn’t understand art . ”

We have to say that An Manrou is very good at taking advantage of the frailty of Sun’s character . Knowing clearly that Sun can’t stand stigmatization, she deliberately discredits her so that Sun will become the one who keeps making unreasonable troubles in others’ eyes .

Sun Ling’er is so straightforward that she won’t speak sweet words to please others at all . As a result, Sun is more likely to be misunderstood by others compared with An Manrou .

As expected, Jens Johnson frowns slightly, revealing his dissatisfaction with this noisy little girl . After all, most artists have a very strict requirement of the environment . Rather than noisiness, they prefer quietness, which is favorable for their creation .

Jens Johnson just frowns and says nothing . Although Ding Manman has no idea of An’s intention, she feels uncomfortable about her words and her sarcasm towards Sun .

After all, she has subconsciously regarded Sun as her friend . Since they are friends, she cannot let anyone bully her .

“Miss An, I cannot agree with you on this . ” Ding Manman pulls the offended girl behind her and speaks with a solemn expression, which draws the attention from all present .

Ding Manman looks very attractive, but she has kept silent behind Sun . Even though some people intended to strike up a conversation with her, they gave up because of the suppressing atmosphere .

The presence of Ding Manman gives An Manrou a sense of crisis . The unknown woman easily attracts the attention she has always desired, which makes An furious . For the sake of courtesy, she listens to Ding’s questioning with a smile .

“No one is born knowing everything . They have to acquire knowledge through learning . Although Miss Sun is not very familiar with art, she does quite well in some other respects, at least better than you . ”

Although Ding Manman performs aggressively, she is able to control her temper well . As for her strong attitude, no one feels inappropriate, instead they think her words are rather reasonable .

“What’s more, even if Miss Sun is lacking in art talents, she still has the right to learn . It is a good learning opportunity for her to participate in the exhibition . But Miss An refuses to let us in on the ground that Miss Sun does not understand art . It is you who not only deprived us of an opportunity to learn arts, but also said sarcastically that we didn’t know art sarcastically . What you have said and done is really refreshing!”

At Ding’s words, An Manrou’s face becomes clouded because she notices the blame revealed in her teacher’s eyes which are resting on her straightly .

As a famous painter like Jens Johnson, countless people want to be his students, even apprentices . However, Jens Johnson has strict requirements in selecting students .

He failed in finding a student over the last few years . An Manrou has been viewed by outsiders as his student, which makes her gain public attention and reputation .

Even so, An Manrou is very clear of the fact---her father once did Jens Johnson a favor . In order to return the favor, Jens agreed to teach her some knowledge on artistic creation . Actually, the relationship between them is not like teacher and student .

With an intention to get popularity, An Manrou showed off to everyone that she has become the student of Jens Johnson . Jens Johnson just overlooks this for the sake of the favor from An’s father .

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