Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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"It's OK . It seemed you weren’t in a good spirit just now . Anything I can do for you?" Facing Ding Manman, Willis has a sense of inexplicable familiarity, as if they had met somewhere before .

Usually Willis is a little against physical contact . He doesn't like it, even with very intimate people .

But when Ding ran into his arms, he didn't push her away subconsciously, instead took the initiative to embrace her .

This kind of thing has never happened before . Willis unconsciously casts a few more glances at Ding, which makes her, who used to be shy, embarrassed and her face blushes .

"I’m OK . Thank you . " Ding Manman says shyly and then walks away quickly . After all, it is a disgrace for her to stare at a strange man in public for so long . What’s more, she has been cuddling up in his arms, which is really a humiliation .

"Hi, Miss . . . " Looking at Ding Manman running away in a hurry, Willis is puzzled . Does he look horrible? Usually those girls coming across him would try to strike up a conversation with him voluntarily . But why has it changed when it comes to Ding Manman? What an interesting person!

Zhong Shaoting standing in the corner witnessed the whole thing . Especially when he saw Ding bump into Willis' arms, his whole body emitted something so chilling that nobody dared to approach him then .

Ironical! A second ago she hated his touch so much and claimed her trust in Fang Hao, but the next second she went to seduce another man . What the hell did his younger brother see in this shameless woman?

After a while, Zhong adjusts his emotions and walks slowly back to Willis . They chat on with each other as if nothing happened . During the conversation, Willis feels somehow that Zhong’s tone is much sharper than before . Did anything unhappy happen to him when he went to the bathroom?

The exhibition is open all day long . There will be an auction in the evening . Some famous artists will come up with their masterpieces for auction . The higher the price, the better the artist proves to be .

Jens Johnson should have been seated with An Manrou in the auction . In order to support An, Jens brought several of his favorite works for auction, therefore most of the people in this auction are here for his works .

But at the beginning of the auction, Jens Johnson, holding Ding Manman's painting, says to An Manrou, "I've already contacted the man in charge of the auction . I won't participate in it . You can go there directly . I'll leave first . " Then he leaves without turning back, which triggers the anger of An, who almost breaks her high heels to blow off steam .

But she can say nothing about it . Jens is a typical art fanatic, and his enthusiasm for art leaves others in the dust . After his offer being declined by Ding, he has kept staring at the painting, as if studying something .

At this time, the reason why Jens Johnson goes back in a hurry must be that he can’t wait to study the painting . An can make no comment on that .

It's just a random painting by a layman . She doesn't think it's worth studying and she can’t see anything extraordinary about it . But Jens Johnson keeps praising how good the colors are used and how beautiful the artistic conception is, which makes An desire to tear it up . You know, her paintings have never been praised by him!

Fortunately, Ding Manman didn't promise to be Jens Johnson’s student . Otherwise, she will never go easy with that serpent-like woman!

But Ding doesn't know these at all because she has left with Sun Ling'er before the auction . Ding didn't want to leave, but groundlessly Sun was determined to, as if she had something urgent to do .

"What on earth is the matter?" asks Ding in doubt, looking at Sun, who has been urging the driver to hurry up . She intended to see more, but seeing Sun’s anxious look, she could do nothing but follow her to leave .

"My brother suddenly asked me to go back and said that if I didn’t, he would send me to Paris to learn art . " Sun Ling'er is also helpless . She has just come back from studying business management in England . What’s more, she hates art the most . She would rather go back to England than study art .

"Did you do anything to make him angry?" Hearing the name of Zhong, Ding's expression becomes dim gradually . She is still thinking of the scene in the bathroom . But she wonders if Sun Linger has not done anything wrong, why would he suddenly send her to Paris?

Sun shrugs her shoulders, revealing her confusion, too . His brother usually doesn't care about her daily whereabouts . Why did he do this suddenly today, which scared her so much that she didn't even have chance to show off to and humiliate An Manrou before she left .

Ding Manman falls into silence . Since Sun didn't do anything wrong, it was because of her, then? Ding thought with horror . It must be that he didn't torture her enough in the ladies’ room, so he wanted to go on torturing her when they are back at home . This thought makes Ding shiver uncontrollably . She even feels it is difficult for her to breathe . The scene in the bathroom appears clearly in front of her eyes .

Zhong Shaoting's hateful eyes have been imprinted deeply in her mind . Just then Sun’s sudden utterance makes her jump .

"Damn! Did my brother get to know about my bet with An Manrou?!” Sun Ling'er suddenly feels it is possible . Because she didn't know what happened between Ding and her brother, she can only find this probable reason for her brother’s sudden calling her back .

"It's not impossible . I met your brother on the way to the bathroom . " Ding chimes in with her . She conceals what happened in the bathroom though . At first, neither she nor Sun expected to meet Zhong at the exhibition . If he hadn't appeared in the bathroom suddenly, she wouldn't even have known that he was also at the exhibition .

"My brother went to the exhibition, too?!" Sun was shocked . Why didn't she know about that? But she didn't expect her brother would go to the art exhibition because she has never heard that he is interested in art . Moreover, he has been busy with the company recently and he won’t waste his time on things like these .

"I’m finished . It's one thing to be known by my brother, but it's another story to be seen with his own eyes . My brother must be about to explode with rage because of this . What should I do, Sister Manman!" Sun is so anxious that she is about to shed tears .

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