Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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Since she was a child, her brother has been teaching her to behave prudently and not to do things she is not sure of coping with . Her brother said that what one did in a fit of pique would destroy something more significant .

If her bet with An Manrou is found out by her brother, it is really possible that she might be thrown to Paris to learn dull art!

“After all, he is your brother . As long as you promise that you won’t do like this next time, maybe he won’t be that angry . ”

Seeing Sun’s eyes seeking for help, Ding feels sympathetic and willing to help but powerless to do so . She does hope that things will turn out this way though, but she can’t help feeling that things are not that simple .

With a bad foreboding respectively all the way, the two girls return to the villa .

Walking through the door, they finds Zhong Shaoting sitting in the sofa with his face clouded . They two stand at the door, noticing the fear in their respective eyes .

Unable to handle her nervousness, Sun Ling’er takes the lead to rush straight to Zhong, and confesses her mistake honestly .

“Brother, actually I didn’t mean to bet with An Manrou . But she kept provoking me by discrediting our family . You know I can’t stand being discredited by others . ”

As the old saying goes, “Leniency to confessors, severity to resisters” . Since she has voluntarily admitted her mistake, her brother would forgive her . Sun Linger thinks to herself expectantly .

However, it turns out that she has worried too much . Actually Zhong didn’t take Sun’s brashness seriously in the first place . What he cared was that Ding would take advantage of the crowded exhibition to sneak away . According to his sister’s speed of reaction, she wouldn’t be able to figure out Ding’s disappearance until Ding had arrived home .

“Then you must know in what aspect I don’t like you . ” Zhong says indifferently and casts a glance at the door inadvertently where Ding stands, quietly uttering no sound . Only then does Zhong’s face turn a little mild .

“You don’t like me acting on impulse . . . ” Sun Ling’er says reluctantly .

She hasn’t been in conflict with anyone for a long time . An Manrou’s personality is so bad that she couldn’t hold her temper . Sun Ling’er doesn’t spit it out because she knows she would “die” more tragically if she does so .

“Go back to your room and reflect on your errors . What’s more, you will be grounded for a whole week . ” Zhong says irrevocably . Sun Ling’er, who has done something wrong, obediently goes back to her room to introspect .

Seeing Sun leaving for her room, Ding in the corner intends to follow suit .

But noticing Zhong’s somber expression, she halts her steps . Now only Zhong and Ding are left in the living room .

After a long while, Ding has already felt sore in her feet but dare not speak .

She is afraid that her words may provoke the guy with a volatile temper, who will vent his anger by pinching her throat if he’s unhappy .

After a while, when Ding thinks that Zhong has fallen asleep, he suddenly stands up . Ding, originally a bit sleepy, spices up her brain instantly and looks at him in a horrified look .

“Restrain your libertine nature, otherwise next time I won’t mind suffocating you directly, which can be regarded as revenge for my brother . ” Zhong says coldly .

Zhong’s murderous words make Ding shiver . Ding doesn’t know what he means and she supposes that Zhong still cares about their talk in the ladies’ room . Now she is afraid that he will go crazy and abuse her again . . .

She is guessing that she is doomed to be tortured once again, but beyond her expectation, Zhong walks directly back to his bedroom . Ding feels overjoyed to have been freed from the disaster . It seems that it is Sun’s affairs instead of hers that have caused him to be in a such bad mood .

With a sigh of relief, Ding runs back to her room immediately and locks the room from inside, which may make her feel somehow protected and secure, though she herself knows that it makes no difference . Back in her room, Ding finds her back wet with cold sweat .

As a girl who is sensitive to cleanness, she feels uncomfortably damp with sweat on her back . Therefore, she runs into the bathroom for a shower .

After showering, Ding leaves the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror . Finding a noticeable red mark around her neck, she reaches out and touches it slightly, which causes a burning pain .

It must have been caused by Zhong in the ladies’ room . The red mark, unpleasant to her eyes, makes her feel quite upset . Ding gets directly into bed regardless of her wet hair . Looking up at the night sky through the window, the thought, which haunted her mind for numerous times, pops up again .

When will such days come to an end? If the situation continues like this, she is afraid she will surely get crazy . She really hopes that when she wakes up the next morning, her Mom and Dad would have found out about her and would come to her rescue with a group of helpers, though the hope is dim .

When she is thinking of her parents, tears drip down Ding’s cheeks uncontrollably . She wonders how her parents are doing . How worried they should be when finding her disappearance! How sad they will feel when getting to know that she has been defiled by Zhong Shaoting . . .

Ding Manman doesn’t know what she imagines will happen soon, much sooner than she is expecting . But at present she is just overwhelmed with fear and worry .

With fear and worry mingled together, Ding realizes how homesick she is .

Homesickness goes hand in hand with tears bursting out and dampening half of the pillow . In the end, Ding becomes so exhausted from crying that she falls into a sleep in which she has a dream, a wonderful dream .

In the dream, she is having the wedding ceremony with Fang Hao as expected . After the priest reads out the wedding vows, she clearly hears Fang Hao utter gently “I Do” which she has been long dreaming of . Finally, in the presence of their relatives, Fang Hao and she are about to exchange the wedding rings when the lobby door suddenly bursts open .

A group of men dressed in black rush in and drag her from Fang Hao . She struggles desperately, yet unable to free herself . She screams and asks Fang Hao to save her .

However, Fang Hao, who used to be very gentle to her, looks at her indifferently and says to her coldly .

“You’re already defiled . You make me feel sick now . ” With those words, he throws away the diamond ring that is supposed to be put on her finger and goes away without looking back . No matter how hard she cries, he just allows those men in black to drag her away . Just then, Fang Hao’s mother comes up and looks at her scornfully .

“Did you hear that? My son doesn’t want you any more . Don’t you know what kind of person you are? You’re a woman who has been defiled by unknown men and not qualified to step into the threshold of Fang’s house . I will find a pure girl who matches my boy Fang Hao for marriage . You get out of here quickly!”

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