Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Meet on a Narrow Path

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Jiang Li’s mouth hung wide open. “You mean… Nian Nian?!”

Nian Nian could swim? Why didn’t he know that?


Ye Wangchuan took off his jacket and gave it to Qiao Nian. He only wore a black low-neck sweater inside, and the low neckline showed off his snow-white skin. His collarbone was sexy, and his deep eyes were enough to stand out in the crowd.


“Qiao Nian’s neck has been scratched by Chen Chen. I plan to take her to the hospital.”

Looking at the injuries on Qiao Nian’s neck, Jiang Li felt heartache, and he said without hesitation, “I’m coming with you! I’ll drive the car over!”

Qiao Nian, who didn’t want to go to the hospital, was speechless.

No one was asking for her opinion?


The city hospital was always overcrowded. People registered in the emergency department were lined up from the front desk to the corridor outside. Since Ye Wangchuan knew people from the city hospital, he led Qiao Nian directly to Nanyuan without going to the outpatient department.

Nanyuan was a VIP area. In the past, Qiao Chen often came to Nanyuan to see the doctor. It was more expensive here than in the outpatient clinic.

They went to the first floor.

Jiang Li went out to make a call.

One of the hospital staff rushed over and said something to Ye Wangchuan. Then, Ye Wangchuan turned around and said, “Wait for me first, I’ll be back soon.”

Qiao Nian didn’t really care and just nodded casually. She found a corner with a few people, grabbed a pamphlet of general medical knowledge from the shelf, and casually flipped it to pass the time.


She didn’t notice that Fu Ge, Qiao Chen, Zhao Jingwei, and the others were coming down the stairs.

With sharp eyes, Zhao Jingwei spotted Qiao Nian standing in the corner of the hall from a distance. She pointed at her and said in surprise, “Hey, isn’t that Qiao Nian?”

Qiao Chen had just been taken by Fu Ge to her usual attending doctor, who had symbolically prescribed her a calming medicine.

Her originally ruddy complexion turned gray when she saw Qiao Nian. She subconsciously grabbed Fu Ge’s arm and whispered, “Why is my sister here too?”

Turning around, Fu Ge also saw the girl in the corner looking down at a brochure. The sun made her face visible with fine hair, and her wrists holding the brochure were thin and white. Her slender neck was slightly lowered, and even from afar, her downcast fan-like eyelashes could be seen…

Qiao Nian’s beauty was splendid and striking!

It wasn’t the same as Qiao Chen’s weakness that stirred protection.

Her kind of beauty was too wild and untamed!


He felt a sudden uncontrollable jerk in his heart, though it was faint and vague.


Seeing Fu Ge’s attention on Qiao Nian, Qiao Chen pursed her lips tightly. Her originally ruddy complexion was now dark, and she pinched her fingers and said worriedly, “Could it be that the child didn’t survive?”

Zhao Jingwei echoed by her side. “I think that the child’s condition probably deteriorated after we left. I already said that Qiao Nian shouldn’t mess around! I’ve been to your house so many times, but since when did she know acupuncture? It was just blind luck that the child managed to wake up. She randomly took a shot in the dark and thought she rescued him.”

Qiao Chen also thought the same, but she was smarter than Zhao Jingwei and pretended to defend Qiao Nian. “… Maybe it was really my sister who saved the child?”


Zhao Jingwei sneered.

She spoke earnestly and persuaded her, “Chen Chen, don’t be too kind. You’ll only suffer!”

“Qiao Nian was obviously trying to win the spotlight today. So many people on the road saw the child falling into the river, and everyone already called 120 and was waiting for the police to come. She had to show off and jump down into the rushing currents. In case something happened, she thought the news would really praise her for her bravery? The child’s parents might even blame her!”


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