Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Madam Fu Looks Down on Qiao Chen

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“She’s backward both economically and culturally, and her biological parents are also village bumpkins from. In the end, if the family demands compensation, your family must clean up her mess.”


Qiao Chen pursed her lips and glanced at Fu Ge.

Zhao Jingwei continued, “Furthermore, you already called Senior Fu over, and he has called an acquaintance at the city hospital as well. Without her messing up, the child might have been saved long ago!”


Yes, Qiao Chen also felt uncomfortable at the thought of being scolded by the nosy old man just now.

Having lost face just now as well, Zhao Jingwei’s words saved him a lot of dignity. His eyes slowly turned indifferent and he turned away from Qiao Nian to say softly to Qiao Chen, “Let’s go. My mother, uncle, and aunt are outside.”

Qiao Chen had already seen Qiao Weimin and the others who had rushed over. The two distinguished guests from the Tang family were no longer here, so it was just Qiao Weimin, Shen Qiongzhi, and Fu Ge’s mother.

Upon seeing Madam Fu, Qiao Chen immediately put on an obedient mask and sweetly called, “Aunt Fu.”

She also greeted Qiao Weimin and the others. “Dad, mom.”

Zhao Jingwei and the other female classmate were usually Qiao Chen’s followers and had average family backgrounds. Seeing such a big figure like Qiao Weimin who appeared in the city’s financial news from time to time, they left their arrogance and belittlement of Qiao Nian at the back of their throats and shrank back at the side, their faces full of awe.

Without looking at the two of them, Qiao Weimin walked over quickly and first looked at Qiao Chen, then at Fu Ge. He smiled and reached out to pat Fu Ge’s arm. “I heard that Chen Chen wasn’t feeling well. Thank goodness you were with her.”

Fu Ge was very polite to his girlfriend’s father. “Uncle, Chen Chen is my girlfriend. It’s my responsibility to take care of her.”

“What a good lad. I’ll leave her to you, then!”

“You’re too kind, uncle.”

“Okay, since we’re a family, I won’t be so formal with you.” Qiao Weimin found his son-in-law more and more pleasing.

Madam Fu’s eyes were faint, and she only glanced at her son. Her eyes seemed filled with rebuke, but she didn’t say it out loud.


The Fu family was one of the four big families in the city. Even if they weren’t the top giants, their background was still different from the upstart Qiao family!

The best candidate for a daughter-in-law in her mind must be from a matching background, and the best would be to find a prestigious daughter.

Qiao Chen wasn’t good enough. However, compared to the fake daughter and real village bumpkin Qiao Nian that Fu Ge had been with before, Qiao Chen was still much better even if she wasn’t suitable!


Anyway, Fu Ge wasn’t at the age to get married. She wouldn’t object to him dating a girl he liked, but when it came to getting married, she would have a talk with him.

Qiao Weimin exchanged a few words with Fu Ge, but when Shen Qiongzhi saw that Qiao Chen was getting tired, she nudged her husband. “Okay, let’s go back and talk about it. Chen Chen still has school tomorrow!”

Qiao Weimin laughed and patted his head embarrassedly. “Look at me, I got dizzy with excitement after seeing Fu Ge. Let’s go back first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Qiao Nian in the other corner and suddenly frowned.

He said to the group, “You guys go out first, I’ll come later.”

Madam Fu didn’t see Qiao Nian and was impatient to move away from the hospital’s disinfectant smell. She didn’t care why Qiao Weimin didn’t want to leave and said affectionately to Shen Qiongzhi, “Madam Fu, let’s go.”


Shen Qiongzhi pined for her daughter to marry into a wealthy family. Now that Madam Fu was showing affection, of course, she had to give her face. She happily linked arms with her and led the group away.

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