Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: It’s Fun to Hang Around with Friends

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Roland heard about Schuck’s cousin before, but they had never met. It was said that he had been living in another city and didn’t move here until recently.

“Hello, Cousin Betta,” Roland greeted with a smile and asked, “How do you know that you spawned somewhere near me?”

2Perhaps because he wasn’t used to the company of strangers, Betta’s smile was a little bit awkward. “I overheard it when I chatted with my cousin yesterday. I spawned in a place named Log Village. Many people in the village mentioned Red Mountain Town and said they would sell their goods there.”

“You can understand them?” asked Roland.

Betta nodded and continued, “Divine Noble is a complex class of Warrior and Dragon-Bred Warlocks. I’m free to choose two starter spells. I chose Fire Spewing and Language Proficiency.”

1Roland was briefly stunned. “Divine Noble? It sounds like a unique class.”

“Yes, it’s a hidden class.” Betta smiled and said, “When you add all your attributes to seven, the bonus attribution points are precisely enough for you to become a Divine Noble. This class has a lot of talents and skills as a beginner although its attributes are mediocre. Since it’s not a bad class for beginners, I chose it.”

Roland smiled and realized that the two cousins were quite lucky.

One of them was promoted into a Saint Samurai, and the other found a hidden class easily.

They got to know each other better after chit-chatting for a while. Roland discovered that Betta actually knew a lot.

He was not like someone who just graduated from high school but more like a mature man.

It was obvious that he had received decent education.

Later, Li Lin arrived by himself.

2Gloomily, he slapped the table and shouted angrily, “Give me your phones!”

Roland and Schuck both sighed. They took out black phones of the same model and put them on the table.

Li Lin picked up one of the pones and tossed it hard.

The phone hit the ground heavily and fell apart.

Grimly, Li Lin grabbed the other phone and threw it again.

The second phone was also wasted.

Then, Li Lin glared at Betta angrily.

Betta looked at the two broken phones and Li Lin, puzzled.

At this moment, Schuck tapped the table and said casually, “Give him your phone.”

Betta was confused, but he followed his cousin’s instruction and took out an old phone.

Crack… The third phone crumbled.

Then, Li Lin stomped on the phones crazily and cursed, “Bi*ch, w*ore! I was so nice to you! Why do you have to cheat on me? Why did you sleep with another man? Am I not handsome?”

Li Lin subconsciously looked at Schuck’s pretty face, only to stomp on the deformed phones even more sulkily. “But I have money… What can you possibly love if not money?”

1Betta was dumbfounded.

Schuck and Roland, however, were not surprised at all. They were even chatting in low voices.

Li Lin’s fury was finally vented after he stomped around for a dozen minutes. He got the SIM cards from the broken phones and put them on the table.

“Has Yuan Yuan run away, too?”

Seeing that Li Lin had sat down, Schuck asked this while eating a piece of watermelon.

Li Lin replied angrily, “I don’t talk to pretty boys. Go away.”

1Schuck shook his head and said helplessly, “This is what I’m born to be. There’s nothing I can do.”

Li Lin felt a lot better after the catharsis. He sighed and said, “Every woman I date has cheated on me.”

1Roland said, “Why do you have to look for dates in nightclubs? Odds that you can find a decent girl are little to none. I’ll ask my relative to introduce someone more reliable to you.”

Li Lin waved his hand hard. “No! Those girls are too serious. I’m too young to be married.”

1Betta listened to their conversation and frowned. He regretted his phone’s fate.

Although he could buy another one with his allowance, it was still a bummer that his phone was broken for no good reason.

While he was thinking, someone knocked on the door. Li Lin opened it.

Then, he returned with three boxes.

Each of them was given a box.

Betta accepted the box, only to discover that it contained the latest phone model.

4Schuck was already installing the SIM card to his new phone. He smiled. “Just take it. He’s a rich boy. This is nothing to him.”

Betta turned around and saw that Roland was installing the SIM card, too. Relieved, he tore the box apart.

He had been desiring a new phone. He had used the old phone for five years.

1Li Lin ate the watermelon in silence. Suddenly, he said to Roland, “I saw the video you uploaded on the forum. It’s truly powerful!”

Roland chuckled. “The attack can only be launched once. If the enemy is not killed, I’ll be dead for sure.”

Li Lin rolled his eyes. “That’s enough. Think about it. Wouldn’t such a spell annihilate all the enemies in a group battle?”

“It will annihilate all my allies, too,” said Roland helplessly. “This game is very real. There’s no identification system.”

Li Lin was stunned. “It does make sense. I might as well remain a Berserker.”

2He suddenly thought of something and said to Schuck, “I remember that you receive monthly wages as a Saint Samurai, right?”

“Yes, twenty gold coins a month,” said Schuck. “Gold coins are highly valuable in the game.”

Li Lin looked at him enviously. “Do you know how much a gold coin is worth on the forum?”

“How much?” Schuck did not really care.

“Thirteen grand.”

Roland was drinking water. He almost spewed it out.

Schuck was also stunned. He subconsciously asked, “Are you serious?”

“As serious as can be!” Li Lin sighed and said, “The main problem is that it’s too difficult to earn gold coins in this game. Why don’t you sell ten gold coins to me?”

Schuck shook his head. “We’re brothers. I can’t take your money. Just go to a city that has Temples of Light, and I’ll have someone bring the gold coins to you.”


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