Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Freezing

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As a rich man, Li Lin spent a lot of money on every game.

3He was the strongest in the games that were all about attributes, but he was not so good when it came to competitive games. He was reckless and would charge at the enemy the moment he saw them, not caring if it was an ambush.

The first thing he did when he played new games was to spend money on them.

He did not break tradition this time.

When Schuck refused his money, Li Lin said angrily, “Why are you saying that to a friend who grew up with you? I hate you most of all people. You’re too courteous all the time. You don’t have any respect for my money.”



Li Lin bashed the table and flushed. “Is it necessary? Huh? Is it really necessary?”

“All right, don’t get excited.” Schuck patted Li Lin’s shoulder and said, “One gold coin for thirteen grand, I’ll sell ten gold coins to you, all right?”

Li Lin calmed down and said, “That’s more like it.”

1Actually, Schuck and Roland knew that Li Lin had an inferiority complex, particularly when he was faced with Schuck.

He was a rich guy, but he joined the army after high school.

His girlfriend cheated on him when he was in the army. He asked for leave on New Year’s Day, hoping to surprise his girlfriend, but he caught her and her lover instead.

3After he retired from the army, he had several casual girlfriends, but none lasted more than four months.

He liked to compare himself with Schuck, but in the end, Li Lin discovered that his only advantage was that he had more money than Schuck did.

So, he had a desperate personality, and few people could understand him.

Actually, none of his friends looked down on him. They grew up in the same neighborhood, and their houses were still very close even to this day.

Having hung around together since childhood, they were more intimate than blood brothers.

Their interaction was a great eye-opener for Betta.

He did not know the life of brothers and friends until today.

Two hours later, Roland returned to his home.

He checked the forum, only to discover that people were raising the roof in his post.

The Warlocks and Mages were quarreling.

The Warlocks insisted that, according to their talent, the magic damage of Warlocks should be higher than that of Mages, and that Mages should be known for the number of spells they knew and their flexibility in battles.

However, as it turned out, the Mages could freely change the power of their spells. Spells that they cast by concentrating their magic power could be appalling.

The derivative spell of Inferior Fireball in Roland’s video, for example, was as powerful as a high-level crowd attack spell.

Warlocks of the same level could not break a tree with their fireball yet.

So, Warlocks believed that it was a bug that should be fixed.

Mages, however, argued that Mages exchanged automatic spellcasting for the right to modify and utilize magic freely, and that it was not a bug.

Then, a lot of melee classes were also fanning the flames for fun.

2All in all, after only half a day, the whole forum was fighting over this.

1Roland, the starter of the havoc, received tips of more than twenty thousand forum coins, as well as hundreds of reports claiming that he maliciously spread a bug in the game.

Roland did not know how he should feel when he saw the tips and reports in his inbox.

Had he known it in advance, he wouldn’t have posted the video. He only meant to give Mages more confidence and did not intend to cause so much trouble.

When the evening came, an official announcement was released.

The subtle meaning between the lines was still obvious.

“All the settings in this game are reasonable. If you think Mages are powerful, we welcome you to create a character of your own.”

5All the Warlocks trembled in fury when the announcement came out, and Mages enjoyed the victory.

Roland was also relieved.

Although it was brutal, he actually liked the current rules for Mages, which were challenging but fun.

Spells had to be learned with wisdom rather than a quick click, which would’ve been too boring.

1Late at night, Roland joined the game again.

He intended to learn Language Proficiency first.

He had copied the mathematical model for Language Proficiency from the forum.

However, after a quick glance at the model, Roland immediately shut it off.

It was too complicated. The dense magic nodes on the model were almost bloodcurdling.

For a moment, Roland even wondered if he was Mage material.

However, after second thought, he focused on the model of Language Proficiency again.

The following days were rather monotonous.

He mined and studied magic graphs most of the time, and when he was bored, he hunted the giant spiders in the maple forest for fun.

4After several battles, he was already able to control his output of magic power. He soon discovered that Hand of Magic could be used as an extension of his arms.

As long as he concentrated, he could accurately press a giant spider down and stuff a regular fireball into its mouth, so that it would be blown up effectively.

6That was a much more graceful way of fighting for a Mage.

Roland’s creativity was raised by the accidental attempt.

Then, a lot of bizarre derivative skills were invented.

For example, when the magic nodes for Hand of Magic were restrained, the spell would be turned into two long spears. Roland did not know their performance in a melee battle, but he could pierce giant spiders with them easily.

Ice Ring could be changed into Ice Blade… It was not exactly powerful, but since it could cut off the feet, the control effect of Ice Ring was improved.

Also, Hypnosis could be used to catch fish. After he cast a Hypnosis, huge fish would sink to the bottom of the lake and wait to be caught.

4While he was having fun playing with magic, more than ten days passed.

The fair in Red Mountain Town, which was held twice a year, was to be held today.

Betta came from Log Town with several peasants and found Roland.

Betta was blond and wore glamorous clothes in the game. He had the vibe of someone from the upper class. The villagers dared not approach him.

“This is the effect of my talent. My class is a natural-born noble,” Betta explained, noticing Roland’s confusion. Then he said, “Brother Roland, I’ve found a quest. I’ll share it with you.”

Roland was dumbfounded. “A quest?”

He had spent a long time in Red Mountain Town, but he hadn’t triggered any quests yet.

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