Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Famous

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The world was frozen… Time was up for today.

Crawling out of the virtual cabin, Roland felt rather comfortable. It must’ve been because he had been sleeping and getting up early recently.

Previously, he barely slept before two o’clock in the morning.

Now, he slept at ten and got up at six the next morning. His body was completely refreshed during those eight hours.

However, he was not in a good mood.

Falken said that he was dying. It was a major shock for him.

He had never seen anyone who talked about their death so casually in real life.

Didn’t they say that death was the greatest horror? Why could the old man treat it so casually as if it was nothing, like dinner time or bathtime?

2Was faith truly so supportive?

Roland sat frozen in his seat for a while. Then, he opened the forum.

There was another batch of tips that were probably worth more than twenty thousand bucks. His previous two posts had been pinned, after all.

With the tips from the generous netizens, Roland even thought to quit his job and focus on playing the game.

1Roland did not make as much money as Schuck and Betta did in the game, but through the two posts, he had made about a hundred thousand bucks.

It was definitely acceptable.

On the forum, there were thousands of replies discussing whether his Inferior Fireball was too powerful. Many new threads had been posted.

The contradiction was mainly between Warlocks and Mages.

One of the seasoned players listed the eligible talents for Warlocks and those for Mages when the characters were created. He concluded, “Based on the lists of talents, it’s obvious that the spells of Warlocks should be more powerful than those of Mages of the same level. However, Roland’s Inferior Fireball was unbelievably powerful. What about spells of higher levels? It’s not hard to imagine that, when guild wars start, Roland would be able to wipe out a small guild on his own with his tricks.”

Most of the replies that agreed with him were made by Warlocks.

Mages, on the other hand, stated that the Warlocks were only jealous.

The melee classes also appeared now and then, stirring up the trouble as they sensed the pressure. If Mages were all so strong, how could their class play a role in the future?

1Some Mages believed that Roland was using a hack, because the range of his spell was too broad.

Other people immediately argued that even the fundamental mechanisms of this game hadn’t been figured out yet. They did not believe that anyone could develop a hack so quickly.

If they were so good, they could’ve developed a similar immersive game.

Roland somehow felt it inappropriate, too. The Inferior Fireball was indeed too powerful.

Had he taken advantage of certain errors in the game that were not fixed yet?

He checked the official website and found no updates on the matter.

The latest announcement on the official website was made a week ago.

Speaking of which, the official website of World of Falan was truly unremarkable.

The user interface was simple and had only two sections, namely the announcement section and the video section.

There were few announcements and only one promotional video on the website.

It looked like the website of a game that was about to go bankrupt.

He sighed. Washing his face and brushing his teeth, he left his home for his company.

Roland went straight to the Department of Human Resources and put the resignation letter on the manager’s desk.

The manager did not look very good when he saw the letter. “I don’t agree with this.”

“Agree or not, I will not come to work again,” said Roland casually. “I’ve thought about resigning for a long time, but I never found a good job until recently.”

The manager pushed his glasses and said, “The company has never wronged you, and yet you’re leaving the company for no reason?”

“You’re truly brazen to say that.” Roland chuckled. “We work from nine a.m. to nine p.m. every day and six days a week without any extra pay, and you claim that the company has never wronged us? Do you want us to work twenty-four hours a day?”

1The manager stopped talking and looked awkward.

Roland sighed and said, “Manager Li, I know that you didn’t mean what you said. This is just a job. Let’s just part in a more friendly way.”

Manager Li smiled bitterly. They shook hands lightly.

Roland removed his personal items from the company building. A few colleagues who were familiar with him expressed their envy when they learned that he had quit his job.

Nobody wanted to work so hard if they had a choice.

If they could find a better job, they would’ve left a long time ago.

Roland had only listened to his own heart.

The few items he had could be stored in the basket on his bike perfectly.

As he rode his bike, his hair and his mind were slightly disrupted by the breeze.

He felt a lot easier after he quit his job, but he was also at a loss about the future.

These feelings were rather complicated.

His phone rang when he was about to reach home.

Schuck said over the phone, “A new announcement has been released on the official website about Mages. Your name is mentioned, too. You’re a celebrity now.”

Roland was rather puzzled.

Then, he hung up the phone and checked the latest announcement with his phone.

On the Power of the Derivative Spell of Inferior Fireball for Mages.

He clicked on the title.

“We’ve conducted a comprehensive examination, tracked Roland’s game record in the past month, and talked to the developers for three days. Our conclusion is that what Roland did in the game did not cross the line so far. As for the power of the spell, it has to do with personal talent. If you are unsatisfied with your current class, you can pray to the Life Goddess and apply to recreate a character. Also, we’d like to reiterate that your performance in the game is related to your abilities in reality. Please don’t blindly copy what other people do.”

Well… The official reply was as tough as before.

However, Roland felt a strong headache.

The announcement meant him no harm, but it had put him at the center of public attention.

He opened the forum. As expected, most of the discussions were about him.

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