Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Discrimination

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He opened the forum after he came home. As expected, his name was mentioned in many posts.

There were already more than four thousand replies to the thread on the self-detonating Inferior Fireball.

Not just Mages and Warlocks, all the players of the game were involved. The official announcement had put Roland in the limelight.

Most of the discussions were about who Roland was exactly.

According to the official announcement, abilities in the game were related to abilities in reality. Not everyone could concentrate their magic power in a fireball.

Many Mages said that they could only dedicate ten to thirty percent of their magic power to a spell. If they dedicated more, their head might explode.

So, they couldn’t help but wonder who Roland was or what talents he had in reality to make him show such abilities in the game.

There were many speculations, but one sticky post raised Roland’s attention.

He opened the post, only to discover that it was a video.

In the video, a Warrior with a one-handed sword fought a bunch of green goblins with an unpredictable and enjoyable gait.

The green goblins were killed without so much as striking his clothes.

According to the author of the video, he had been practicing sword arts since childhood and could defeat a couple of men with a stick in reality. In the game, no NPCs of his level were a match for him. Since he was capable of that, people with other talents must be able to achieve similar things. Therefore, since Roland could concentrate all his magic power in one spell, he must have similar talents.

Personally, he speculated that Roland was an exorcist.

First of all, exorcists were considered to be related to magic in reality. They usually had to chant and dance and do magic tricks. Without enough talent, it was impossible to become a qualified exorcist.

1His speculation was approved by a bunch of netizens.

Then, all the replies below the thread were the same.

“All hail Roland the Exorcist.”

2“All hail Roland the Exorcist.”

Roland did not know what to say after he read the replies.

They think I am an exorcist… Those people are truly annoying!

4Right when Roland was feeling bummed, his phone rang.

“Meet us at the old place. You’re the only one missing here.”

He recognized the voice without looking at the number.

When Roland reached the panda booth in the cold drink bar, he saw six people chit-chatting with each other.

They greeted him casually when he walked in. Roland found a seat and sat down.

After he sat down, Schuck said, “All right, stop talking. There’s something important that I have to say.”

When everyone looked at him, Schuck said, “Saint Samurai is highly revered in the Church of Light. I got a military map with my access and recorded it.”

Then, he paved a piece of printed picture on the desk.

“The seven points marked on the map are our spawn locations.” Schuck sighed and said, “The plotting scale of this map is about 1:50000. The distance between the seven of us is appalling.”

The rest of them glanced at the map and frowned after they recognized the size of the map.

“It will take forever before we can gather,” Husseret, who was the slimmest of all, said. “Also, this game is biased against Rogues. I’ve been imprisoned three times. Damn it. The guards catch me every time they see me even though I’m not stealing anything. Do they hate me so much?”

3Everybody laughed as Husseret complained.

Because of his personality, Husseret liked the stealth classes in most games, and he was usually good at such classes.

In most games, even if Rogues were discovered when they were stealing, the aggro would vanish when they hid themselves in a shadow.

However, it didn’t work in World of Falan. The NPCs remembered who stole their things as clearly as real people did.

Raffel pressed his cigarette to the ashtray and said, “It’s been a month. We can understand daily conversations for now, but the problem is that we do not have sources of intelligence. The nobles in the city somehow loathe us and always ask for trouble.”

Li Lin, Husseret, and Brazil immediately echoed this. They were frequently bullied by the nobles in the past month.

“Are you serious?” said Roland after a brief shock. “The mayor of Red Mountain Town was also a noble. He greeted me when he saw me.”

Schuck also nodded. “The nobles I saw were mostly polite, too.”

Everybody looked at Betta, who was eating a watermelon.

Betta spewed out a few seeds and said, “I’m a noble in the game. I can visit most of the powerful nobles as long as I make an appointment in advance.”

Well… the discrimination was obvious.

Brazil said bitterly, “This is unfair. Why are you so appealing at the beginning of the game?”

Roland found it odd, too. Did they have anything in common?

He looked at Schuck and Betta. Then, he realized something and clapped his hands. “I know the reason now.”

“Spit it out,” said Li Lin, who was usually short-tempered. “Don’t beat around the bush.”

Roland pointed at himself. “A pure spellcaster.”

He then pointed at Schuck. “A religious man who can cast spells.”

He pointed at Betta. “A noble and a spellcaster.”

He pointed at Husseret and smiled. “A thief!”

He pointed at Li Lin. “A violent barbarian.”

He pointed at Raffel. “A barbarian who plays with shields.”

In the end, he pointed at Brazil and chuckled. “A barbarian who shoots birds with bows.”

The four of them, who were all physical classes, cursed after a brief shock. “What the heck!”

1World of Falan was set in a society similar to the medieval age. In this benighted world which had barely any cultural communication, it was common understanding that spellcasters were civilized people.

As for those of physical classes such as Li Lin… What could they be if not rude retards since they could not even understand what other people said?

The smallfolk might not dare to show them attitude, but the proud nobles were certainly not so easy to talk to for the physical classes.

Thinking about that, Li Lin and the rest of them couldn’t have felt more unhappy.

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