Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Roasted Spider Legs


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Roland smiled at his bummed friends and said, “Why don’t you change your classes, too? The average level is not too high yet. You should be able to catch up soon.”

Li Lin shook his head. “I don’t think I would. Although the nobles often ask for trouble, I’ve made friends with a lot of NPCs. If I delete my character, I don’t think they will remember me. Even if I approach them in my new identity, they might treat me differently. So… I’ll pass.”

Everybody agreed with what Li Lin said.

Betta, in particularly, looked down. He remembered what happened yesterday.

Schuck thought for a moment and said, “I discovered that the NPCs of this game are exceptionally vivid. I haven’t been in the Church of Light for long, but I already noticed the factions and the internal strife. If the plots are devised by the producers, it would be too terrifying. How much work would it be?”

Husseret continued, “Vividness doesn’t matter. All I know is that this game is really fun. Many gangs in the city have reached out to me and want to hire me. I’ve been considering their offers, but they are all notorious.”

“You’d better not join them. This game is too realistic. I’m afraid that your personality in reality will be affected if you do bad things with them in the game,” said Roland.

Husseret nodded. “All right, I’ll see if I can join a group that has a better reputation.”

Roland looked at everyone and said, “Why don’t we talk about our current situations and our plans for the future?”

Li Lin said, “The Guild of Warriors reached out to me and said that they wanted to groom me.”

Raffel also said, “I’m planning to join the Guild of Warriors, too.”

Brazil shrugged and said, “I just caught a little leopard as my life pet. I’m planning to travel around the city first.”

2Schuck leaned back and said, “I’m mainly studying the doctrine of the Church of Light. It’s long and boring. The bishop who taught me said that I was not pious enough to become a Saint Samurai, but I did become one. So, he asked me to go to the Holy Realm, where I could receive the tutelage of the Goddess of Light, with any luck. I’m planning to go there and take a look at her. I heard her voice before. It’s rather pleasant.”

4In the end, Roland said, “Betta and I accepted a quest yesterday. We screwed it up.”

Betta, who was eating a watermelon, smiled bitterly in embarrassment.

Roland continued, “So, we’re planning to clear the monsters near the town, partly to gain more experience and partly to restore our reputation in the town.”

“All right, since we each have our own plans, let’s carry them out for now.” Schuck sat straight and said, “I’ll see if I can find flying pets in the Holy Realm so that we can gather in the game.”

“There are flying pets?” Brazil’s eyes bulged. “I didn’t know that. I should’ve caught a flying pet that I could ride.”

Schuck said helplessly, “The flying pets are all of high levels. It will take forever before you can catch them.”

Everybody laughed.

Then, they chit-chatted for a while and dispersed after he uploaded the map to their group chat.

Roland checked the forum again after he returned home, only to discover that he was still being discussed. He gave up and went to bed.

After a nap, he went out and found a boxing club on the street.

The facilities and the environment in the club were not bad, and the coaches seemed reliable. So, he paid for membership.

He wanted to learn boxing because of the video he watched that morning.

The man’s intricate sword arts, enhanced by the attributes of his game character, were truly remarkable.

Mages were usually weak in melee fights. He was only learning boxing to make sure that he could at least have a chance of survival when an enemy approached him. Besides, with spells that could increase his strength or speed, his combat ability could be enhanced if he knew boxing.

3After paying for membership, the coach did not teach him boxing immediately, but helped him stretch out his limbs first!

Roland had done few such exercises before. He could barely move his legs on his way home after the stretching.

His legs were cramping all the while. It was rather painful.

Finally, it was half past nine. Roland logged into the game eagerly.

He appeared in the game world where the air was fresh. He felt relieved from the bottom of his heart after he came to this world.

Heaving a soft sigh, Roland walked down the hill and found Betta next to the lake.

“Let’s go.” Roland curled his finger at Betta from the bridge.

Betta hopped after him.

The two of them went to the maple forest. Some of the villagers gazed at them with strange looks on their faces.

Falken, on the other hand, watched them go to the maple forest, feeling comforted.

Roland had been crushing the giant spiders on his own. Now that he had Betta, who was capable of both melee fighting and spells, his efficiency soared. Roland controlled the spiders with Hand of Magic, and Betta killed them. No giant spiders survived more than ten seconds under their attacks.

After each spider they killed, Betta would cut the spider’s legs and store them in his Backpack.

Roland couldn’t help but ask, “Are you really going to roast the spider legs?”

Betta nodded hard, as if he were already drooling.

3After they killed another two giant spiders, it was already noon. So, they returned to the lake in Red Mountain Town.

Betta had picked up a lot of dry branches when they were in the maple forest. He heaped the branches and spewed dragon fire at the wood. Then, he roasted two spider legs on the fire and swallowed.

The spider legs were long and had a red shell with sharp thorns on it.

Were they really edible?

After another little while, the indescribable fragrance of meat spread.

“It’s done.”

Betta threw a spider leg to Roland and picked up the other. Ignoring the heat, he simply crushed the shell and bit into the bright gold meat inside.

“Yummy! This is more delicious than coconut crabs!” Betta chewed hard and spoke inarticulately.

Roland also had a bite. It did taste good.

At this moment, he turned around and saw a bunch of kids in ragged clothes on the bridge who were staring at them and licking their fingers pitifully.

Roland suddenly had an idea. “Betta, roast all the spider legs. I’ve got a way to save our reputation.”


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