Magic Industry Empire

Volume 1 Chapter 13 - Problems with mass production

Volume 1 Chapter 13 Problems with mass production

Xu Yi choked on a mouthful of food.

“Ke, ke, ke……Ke……Still, what did you say?”

“Go to your house.” Still felt a bit strange, but seeing the strange expressions on Xu Yi’s face, her mind turned and instantly understood what he meant. A faint blush covered her face and she couldn’t help sending a punch out, “What are you thinking!”

Xu Yi quickly waved his hand and shouted, “Alright, alright, I know what you mean. You want to go to my house and see the model piano, right? But I don’t understand, why are you in such a rush?”

Still stopped her hand and hesitated for a bit. She asked in an uncertain voice, “Xu Yi, that…..Can you sell me that model piano?”

“Sell it to you?” Xu Yi looked at Still with a confused gaze, “What do you need it for?”

“I have my uses.” Still ambiguously responded.

Xu Yi didn’t even think about it as he shook his head, “I’m afraid not. That thing is very important to me, I can’t sell it to you.”

It wasn’t Xu Yi rejecting on purpose. That model piano was made by him during his time in the Senkaiser School, it was also the first magical mechanical product he made in this world, so it was very sentimental to him. He wasn’t willing to give it to anyone.

“It’s like this……” Still was a bit disappointed before asking, “Then…..Can you teach me how you made it? Un, I originally wanted you to teach me how to make it since personally making something is worth more than buying something from someone else.”

Xu Yi looked at Still with a strange gaze, “Still, I want to ask something. Are you planning to give this to someone?”

“That’s right, I need to give someone a birthday present right now. Last time I saw your model piano, I felt it was quite novel and using it as a birthday present was quite good. What do you think? Can you teach me? Teach me how to make it, alright? I promise I will not treat you unjustly. As long as you help me, I will let grandfather treat you well from now on.”

Xu Yi stroked his chin. Forgetting about using this chance to advance a step further with Great Magician Camilla, just based on the fact that Still was such a beauty, it was normal for him to help her.

“That’s right, I want to ask something else. Is the person you’re giving the present to a man?”

A faint blush appeared on Still’s face and she angrily said, “Why do you care!”

Xu Yi laughed, thinking that he had been correct.

But Still was nineteen years old, she was in the spring of life. It wasn’t strange for her to like some boy.

“Alright, it’s no problem teaching you how to make it, but there’s no need to go to my house. It’s already getting late, it’s not convenient for a little girl like you to come to my house. From tomorrow onwards, come to the lab to find me after work, I’ll teach you there.”

Still looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Xu Yi, I never thought you would be such an honest person.”

“Ke……Do I look like a dishonest person?” Xu Yi angrily looked at Still, as he snappily asked, “That’s right, when do you need the present? I need to prepare my speed for teaching you.”

“There’s still half a month, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“Un, that is enough time. That model piano’s crafting technique is not difficult, it just requires some fine details.”

After the two made an agreement, Xu Yi left after saying goodbye. He didn’t head home like normal, rather he went to the hospital first.

The little slave who was wrapped in bandages, looking no different from a mummy had woken up from their coma. Lying on the bed in the hospital, their eyes looked at the sealing and there was a trace of alarm and fear in them.

Hearing Xu Yi talking to the doctor, he finally reacted. He turned to look at Xu Yi and a deep curiosity appeared in his eyes.

“How do you feel?” Noticing the little slave look over, Xu Yi stopped talking to the doctor and asked him this in a gentle voice.

The little slave didn’t seem very adept at talking to others, so he only nodded after a bit of hesitation.

Xu Yi revealed a smile and didn’t press him. He asked the doctors a few things and after confirming that he was already good, he said to the little salve, “It’s good that nothing’s wrong. Your injuries haven’t healed yet, so just rest up for a few days here. I’ll come back for you when you are better.”

Xu Yi turned to leave when he felt a tug at the corner of his clothes. Turning back in a surprised manner, he found that the little slave had reached out and was tightly holding his clothes.

Xu Yi looked at the nervous and fearful little slave and instantly understood what he needed.

“What? You need someone to stay with you? I’m afraid I can’t, I’m very busy with work, I don’t have much time to stay with you. Relax, since I have already bought you, I won’t throw you away. You can just relax and stay here. The doctor has said that you can leave in a few days, it’s fine.”

The doctor on the side looked at Xu Yi with a strange gaze.

Bought? That meant the little fellow on the bed was a slave.

This Xu Yi really was a strange person, actually being this good to a slave.

It had to be known, this hospital was Banta City’s best hospital, the fees weren’t cheap at all.

The little slave tightly held Xu Yi’s clothes and the fear on his face became stronger. It was like he was afraid that Xu Yi would throw him away.

Seeing this appearance, Xu Yi could only give a helpless sigh. He turned to the doctor and asked, “Is it alright if I take him home like this? Will there be any danger to him?”

“This……Actually he only has some external injuries, it isn’t too serious. There’s no problem taking him back now, as long as he eats his medicine on time and change his ointment every three days.”

“That’s good, I’ll take him home first then. Leave this bed for him, I will pay the fees.”

The doctor couldn’t help looking at the little slave in the bed.

This kind of treatment, not to mention a slave, some family’s children would find it hard to receive something similar.

Completely wrapped up, this slave that couldn’t move at all was brought back to Xu Yi’s home. He worked hard to get him to settle down and after feeding him his medicine, Xu Yi was covered with sweat.

Seeing the little slave sleep after eating his medicine, Xu Yi let out a long sigh, “Hu…..I told Butler Brunei that I wanted to buy him to take care of me, but now I’m the one taking care of him.”

Even while sleeping, the little slave had a pained expression on his face from time to time. It could be seen how difficult his life was normally.

Seeing this thin little face, Xu Yi let out a sigh and shook his head. He turned to to take a bath before heading back to study the Magic Array.

After having Wella’s help with the Magic Array, the research on the Variable Speed Magic Fan had become much faster. All that was left to do now was to find a suitable structure for this Magic Array.

Xu Yi wanted to use this second generation Magic Fan to greatly increase the power of the Magic Fan, but after researching, he found that there were two problems that couldn’t be avoided.

The first problem was materials.

The industrial system of the Sines Continent was close to zero. Although there were some artificial products, most of the time they used natural materials. Even if it was processed, it was a crude processing. The various kinds of materials were far from being able to compare to the super finely made materials of earth.

Taking the Magic Fan as an example, the core part of it was without a doubt the electric motor, but Xu Yi had used the Revolving Wind Array to replace that.

However, for the center bearing that was just as important as the electric motor, Xu Yi had not been able to find a suitable replacement currently.

On earth, they could use highly dense and highly wear resistant alloy materials on earth, but they could only use normal iron on the Sines Continent.

This world’s iron craftsmanship couldn’t compare to earth’s, the quality of the smelted iron wasn’t high. Even if they were hammered, it wouldn’t raise the quality that much higher.

When Xu Yi made the first generation Magic Fan, he didn’t care that much about this quality.

An electric fan on earth could last for around ten to forty thousand hours, but with Xu Yi’s current estimates, the first generation Magic Fans couldn’t last more than three thousand hours.

If each Magic Fan was used for eight hours during the three hottest months of the year, the first generation Magic Fan could only last four years before they broke.

If it was used all day like Heinz was doing, the two Magic Fans he had now would be broken by summer next year.

It could be said that the problem with the material was the most serious problem with the Magic Fans and it was something that Xu Yi couldn’t solve at all.

Materials was one of the most basic and complex components of an industrial system, it would involve many parts of the system. Even on earth, it would be very difficult to increase the level of materials, not to mention the Sines Continent with no industrial system at all.

The second problem was an issue with the production process.

There were no standard tools on the Sines Continent like on earth. When Xu Yi made the first generation Magic Fans, he could only find the blacksmiths in the forges and have them create something based on his design.

It could be said that these blacksmiths had pretty good technique for Banta City, but no matter how precise human hands were, they couldn’t compare to the precise machinery of earth. The outer cover for the Magic Fans they built always had a slight difference.

Although it didn’t seem like a big problem, Xu Yi was very clear that if they wanted to increase the output of Magic Fans, they needed to step into mass production. That meant that every part of the Magic Fans needed to be perfect, or at least it had to reach a level of being uniform.

“Cutting machines, slide tool rests, punch presses, drill presses, and boring lathes…..Ah, ah, ah, I want to die!”

Thinking about all the problems he needed to face when wanting to start mass production, Xu Yi gave a wail filled with pain.

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