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Volume 1 Chapter 14 - A hundred thousand bolt screws

Volume 1 Chapter 14 A hundred thousand bolt screws

Standing in front of the Volcano Blacksmith, Xu Yi had swept away the pain from last night and had become composed again.

“May I ask if Master Lanus is in?” Xu Yi came to the front door of the blacksmith and was hit with a wave of heat, almost forcing his words back into his mouth.


A loud metal clashing sound came from the blacksmith, as if it took the place of a reply.

Xu Yi went in and he saw the forge of the blacksmith spew out flames. Beside the forge, there was a dwarf whose head was only to Xu Yi’s chest, but was several times bulkier than him currently holding a piece of red iron clamped in his left hand and with his right hand slamming down with a hammer that was two times the size of his head.




As the hammer fell down again and again, there was a clear metal clanging sound that filled the blacksmith, that had a kind of charm to it.

Xu Yi watched this dwarf’s extremely rhythmic hammering for a while and couldn’t help secretly nodding.

Heinz really was right. If one was talking about blacksmithing, dwarves really were the best on the continent.

When he met Heinz today, Xu Yi discussed the issues he faced with him. Heinz didn’t have a method for the material problem, but in terms of craftsmanship, he did give a suggestion. It was to have Xu Yi search for Banta City’s most renowned blacksmithing master, which was this dwarf Lanus in front of him.

After being reminded by Heinz, Xu Yi finally remembered that while the Sines Continent was different from earth, it didn’t only have humans. There were also many races other than humans.

The dwarf clan was renowned as blacksmithing masters on the continent, publicly recognized as the race with the greatest skills in blacksmithing.

But normally dwarves lived in their own tribes and rarely went out, so there was only Lanus, this dwarven blacksmith master in the entirety of Banta City. Xu Yi actually never thought of him before.

Xu Yi patiently waited for a while and Lanus finally finished what he was currently forging. He threw the red piece he had already hammered into shape into the water and looked at Xu Yi.

“Hey, say what you want to say, I don’t want to beat around the bush.” While speaking, Lanus took a waterskin from the table and opened it, causing a strong wine scent to spew out.

Dwarves loved wine the most, the stronger the better.

“Master Lanus, I am here to ask for your help in making something.” Xu Yi took out a blueprint from his chest.

“What is it?” Lanus raised his head back to take large mouthfuls while taking the blueprint to look it over. He gave a cold snort and threw the blueprint away, as he angrily said, “Who told you that I, Lanus would help people make this kind of broken nails?”

Xu Yi laughed, as he picked up the blueprint from the ground, “Master Lanus, although this thing is a nail, it is better to call them screw bolts.”

“I don’t care if it’s a screw bolt or not, anyway I, Lanus will never make this kind of little toy! You can leave!” Lanus waved his bulky arm and turned to leave. He looked like he wasn’t willing to acknowledge Xu Yi at all.

“Are you not making it? Or can you not make it?”

When Xu Yi’s voice fell, Lanus quickly turned around and pointed at Xu Yi as he shouted, “Human! Let me tell you, don’t think that Lanus is someone stupid you can goad into action! I said I won’t do it, so I won’t do it!”

“Oh, if you won’t make the screw bolt, will you make this? This thing is not a small thing.” Xu Yi took out another blueprint.

Lanus glared at Xu Yi before calmly taking the blueprint.

This time he didn’t throw away the blueprint, rather he honestly looked over it.

After a while, Lanus slowly looked up at Xu Yi with a face filled with curiosity, “Hey, little human, where did you get this blueprint? Why have I never seen this before?”

“It was made by me. How about it? Master Lanus, can you make it?” Xu Yi asked.

Lanus looked at the blueprint and carefully thought it over. His face suddenly turned red and he gave a snort, “This was just randomly thought of by you, how could it be made? I say, brat, did you deliberately come here to play with me? If so, scram for me now!”

Xu Yi laughed. There was a large scale excavator on this blueprint, it was even hard to make on earth, trying to make it with human labor was basically a fool’s dream.

But he certainly wasn’t here to play with Lanus. Although he saw Lanus becoming angry, he looked down at the blueprint and said with a serious face, “Master Lanus, you are a blacksmithing master. Although this thing can’t be made right now, you should know that this wasn’t randomly thought of by me. This thing is the main reason I came to find you.”

Lanus gave a snort, but his expression relaxed a bit.

Actually he could see that Xu Yi was not lying.

Although the thing on the blueprint seemed like it was fantasy, there were exhaustive details written for every part of the blueprint, even having detailed and precise parameters. It could be seen that this was not made on an impulse.

And based on his inference, he could tell that it wasn’t impossible to make this thing, only it couldn’t be accomplished with the Sines Continent’s current blacksmithing level.

“Alright, brat, just what do you want me to make?” Lanus couldn’t help asking.

Xu Yi took out the first blueprint.

“I’m not joking with you, this time I really hope that you can help me make this bolt screw.”

This time Lanus didn’t fly into a rage, but he carefully looked over the blueprint.

When he looked it over, he saw that there was a little toy drawn on the blueprint and threw it away. Now that he was carefully looking over it, he found that although this little toy called the screw bolt was small, it was actually not simple.

Looking it over, he found that this thing was like a normal nail, but looking it over carefully, he found that although it was like the nail, this screw bolt had fine lines all over it. There was no difference in the spacing between lines and it curved all the way down. It looked very precise and complicated, it was not something a normal smooth nail could compare to.

Lanus looked at it for a while and was a bit confused, “Hey, kid, why did you make such a complicated pattern for a nail? To make it look better?”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi took out another blueprint for Lanus with a smile.

The blueprint had plans for the second generation’s Variable Speed Magic Fan, but it was only a part of the Magic Fan’s outer casing. It included the screw bolt and nut part connecting the outer casing.

Lanus took the blueprint and looked it over, immediately understanding the mysteries contained within.

“So it was something like this! This is great! With these holes, as long as these screw bolts are twisted firmly, it will be fixed! Even taking it out is very convenient! Hey, kid, the person who thought of this is simply a genius!”

As a blacksmithing master, Lanus could tell with a single glance that this screw bolt would have a large effect on the blacksmithing industry.

He had looked down on this little screw at first, but seeing the cap nut and the screw bolt hole, his perspective of the bolt screw greatly changed.

Looking up to see Xu Yi’s faint smile, Lanus was stunned, “Was this thing something you thought of?”

“It was me.” Xu Yi admitted without any politeness, “How about it? Master Lanus, are you willing to make this screw bolt now?”

Lanus looked at the blueprint and nodded, “Based on your creative talent, I will make an exception and help you. Tell me, how many of these screw bolts do you need?”

Xu Yi raised one finger at him with a smile.

“It can’t be one, right? Is it ten? Un……I’ll make a mold first, it should take around a week.” Lamus thought about it before speaking.

“Not just ten.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile.

“Then a hundred? There’s isn’t much of a difference. As long as a mold is made, a hundred isn’t that different from ten. It should take around ten days.”

“He, he, Master Lanus, you’re mistaken. It isn’t a hundred either, it’s a hundred thousand.”

“A hundred thousand?!” Master Lanus’ eyes were already quite big and they were staring right at Xu Yi right now, wishing that he could spit in Xu Yi’s face, “I thought that you were seriously here for my help, but I never thought you were playing me! A hundred thousand! You want me to spend the rest of my life making these damn screw bolts?

Xu Yi wiped his face and his smile didn’t change as he took out another blueprint.

“It’s a waste for a master blacksmith like you to spend your life on something small like the screw bolts. Actually, I came to find you this time was to have you help me make this Magic Thread Rolling Machine.”

“Magic Thread Rolling Machine? What damn thing is that?”

Lanus curiously took the blueprint and from a single glance, his face became serious.

“This…..This thing is like this……”

“How about it? Do you have any confidence in making this?”

Lanus didn’t immediately respond this time and looked at the blueprint for a while. After thinking for a bit, he slowly replied, “I need to research this, I can’t make it that quickly. That’s right, kid, what is this thing used for?”

Xu Yi pointed at the screw bolt blueprint, “It’s to make screw bolts.”

“Oh? No wonder it’s like this.” Lanus nodded in understanding.

“Master Lanus, if possible, I hope you can make this machine as quickly as possible. Of course, I definitely will provide a reward you are satisfied with.

Lanus waved his arm, “We’ll talk about the payment later, first tell me this, what is with this toy? For such a complicated thing, there are many things that aren’t clearly written on your blueprint. How do you want me to make this?”

Xu Yi couldn’t help secretly revealing a smile. He said in his heart that this Magic Thread Rolling Machine was something that he made with the Sines Continent’s situation in mind. If he were to draw the Thread Rolling Machine from earth without changing a thing, even if it was a dwarven blacksmithing master renowned across the Sines Continent, he would definitely be stunned seeing it.

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