Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~

Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Imitation Medal

「I think that you also noticed it, but it’s immensely difficult to have several strong demons using the methods I taught thus far.」

I nod.

After all, the fact that Demon King medals can be used only once a month is a bottleneck.

「But, the method is sufficiently prepared. Now then, let’s summon the Demon King’s book.」


In response to my words, a thick book made of parchment appeared on top of my hands.

「Turn the page while thinking about medals.」

Upon doing what she says, a page about medals came in sight.

「Surely, the three medals,【Beast】,【Flame】, and【Creation】, are written there.」

I check the page.


「March, it’s different. What’s written on the page are【Beast】,【Flame】and【Human】.」

「Eh? No way!」

March looks at my page.

「I see, so that’s the reason. Originally, we Demon Kings can obtain only the medals we used for synthesis by exchanging them with DP.」

「That’s good, and it sounds simple. It’s something like you can use the medal as much as you want, isn’t it?」

The removal of the once a month condition saves me a lot of trouble.

It states that the exchange rate with DP is 500pt.

If you take into consideration that you use at least two medals, you can create a demon with 1000pt.

「Well, it’s impossible to be the same as the real thing. An original medal is a medal that a Demon King creates. An Imitation Medal is a medal exchanged with DP but, its rank drops by one compared to the original.」

「Is anything wrong if the Rank drops?」

I think that it’s probably related to the Rank of the demon that is born, but I’ll confirm it just in case

「I wonder why was the imitation of【Human】recorded on it and not【Creation】, but let’s talk about that first.」

March coughed and started her explanation.

「For instance, my【Beast】is A Rank, however, an imitation drops to B Rank. A demon’s Rank has a direct connection to the Medal’s Rank. For example: If both of the medals used are A Rank, then there is a 2/3 probability that the demon will be A Rank and a 1/3 probability that it will be B Rank. If one medal is A Rank and the other is B Rank, then there is a 2/3 probability that the demon will be B Rank and a 1/3 probability that it will be A Rank.」

So it’s like that after all, huh?

There is a huge disadvantage.

The S Rank Tenko might not have been made using an imitation medal. At most, an A Rank Demon.

「By the way, although you can repeatedly use an Imitation in Synthesis, the medal cannot be exchanged back to DP. For this reason, we Demon Kings desperately want other Demon Kings’ medal, conversely, why we don’t want to give our Original Medals to another person. Anyhow, the Rank falls, but you can use the medal as much as you want. I don’t exchange them; I don’t make Original Medals used as materials unless in extreme circumstances either. I hand over imitations. Even though we get an imitation, we are still thankful. Because it’s possible to use those that aren’t in stock in synthesis.」


It might be that the most used attribute in Synthesis of us Demon Kings are our own.

If you let the other party use it freely, the kinds of demons on your hand might get exposed.

「I hope that you keep that in mind. A Demon King is always aiming at other Demon Kings’ medals– Thus, I hope your understanding increased once again about your quite broken medal. Now then, I wonder why was【Human】instead of【Creation】added to the imitation’s entry.」

A complete change from her previous tone with a feeling of tension, March mutters in an amazed tone.

「When using your【Creation】medal, you can create an imitation of not【Creation】itself, but instead that of the result of what you desire to use during the synthesis process. Other Demon Kings have a hard time obtaining original medals through stealing or by making transactions, while they are honestly increasing their repertory, you can steadily increase your repertory on your own every time you synthesise.」

「By the way, I certainly changed【Creation】into【Human】when I made Tenko. I agree with you.【Creation】has a limitation that its attribute can change only once and never again, it seems like it corresponds to that. It’s troublesome that the【Human】attribute I used, cannot be used anymore.」

My creation medal is like so.

『【Creation】Medal. Rank A. It can be used to synthesise with two medals other than【Creation】(including the original) to create a demon. The manufacturer can change the attribute of the medal to what he desires and use it for synthesis. Also, from an innumerable possibility, there is the likelihood that what you desire will be picked.

※ You can change the attribute once and never again』

「Bear in mind that it’s very enviable and can urge others to kill. Have you thought about how much troubles we Demon Kings go through to obtain other Demon Kings’ medals?」

March’s eyes aren’t laughing.

「Fufufu, Tenko’s Otou-san is amazing!」

Tenko is proud for some reason.

But I noticed a flaw at the same time.

「It isn’t only a good thing. Other Demon Kings can make a strong demon by combining an imitation but, it’s not possible for me.」

「Well, that’s certainly so. As for me, it only needs my original【Beast】medal and a B Rank imitation medal but, it usually results in B Rank. A Rank if I’m lucky. But in your case, you can’t make anything without other Demon Kings’ original medals.」

【Creation】’s demerit. It’s quite large that it’s no good for at least one to not be an original medal.

A power that relies on other Demon Kings’ Original Medals.

For this reason, it’s efficiency might not be too broken.

I must think about various methods on how to obtain original medals. A stable joint ownership is required.

While other Demon Kings continue to increase the number of their A Rank demons, it’s too wasteful to not use【Creation】medal and to let it decay.

Exchanging【Creation】is the easy way but, for the sake of concealing its secret, I can’t do that.

「March, thank you for teaching me. I can make use of imitation medals. Even if【Creation】is not used, it’s possible to create a B Rank demon with two B Rank Imitation Medals. Understanding that is already an achievement.」

I can make demons with moderate strength as long as I have DP.

Also, now that I look at the book; because I made Tenko, it’s possible to buy demons two ranks below its same family up to Youko. It should be reliable because it is B Rank.

The family of Tenko ranges from S Rank Tenko, A Rank Kyuubi to B Rank Youko.

「I understand that I’m able to create a demon with moderate strength if I put my mind into it, but it seems troublesome to raise the demons from level 1 every time.」

Unnoticed, as she got tired of my conversation with March, Tenko in her fox cub form was curled up and sleeping.

She is level 1 so that means that all demons born from now on should also be level 1.

Even though it’s a high-rank demon, it’s useless if it’s level 1.

「Huh? You said a strange thing. When synthesising a demon, you should be able to choose, you know? If you will create it with a level that corresponds to its race or if you will choose a fixed level. If you choose the former, level 1 is the maximum level but in exchange, the demon’s status is better. If there is no attachment, or if there is no intention to make them an executive candidate, you should choose a fixed level.」

Seriously? I didn’t notice. I’ll try to be conscious of that from now on.

At the time I was creating Tenko, I wished for an existence that will be with me for a long time; Therefore, probably, I unconsciously chose a demon that can grow.

For the moment, I think I’ll create demons with a fixed level. First of all, I want to prepare the three demons that will perform the【Demon’s oath】.

I plan to make those three be the strongest companions I can believe in until the last moment.

High-leveled, but it is impossible in synthesis to change the level and still have high ability.

Other than that, I’m more interested in something.

「I understand that I can do it with DP, but how do you obtain DP in the first place?」

That’s the biggest problem.

At any rate, I know that I own nothing but 50pt from the opened Demon King’s book.

An imitation medal costs 500pt. It’s an insignificant amount when I think about it.

「You automatically get it from people who enter your dungeon, but it’s impossible since you still don’t have a dungeon. When a demon or human gets killed, another method you can earn DP is by directly eating their soul. A Demon King can do that, you know. In fact, you ate my Garm to obtain DP.」

I see, because of that there is only 50DP, huh?

I didn’t seriously consider the latter.

Although she said that she would teach me how to be a Demon King for one year, conversely speaking, it’s a preparatory phase to some extent, I must hasten my preparations to become independent.

The three demons that will become my bodyguards should at least take the【Demon’s oath】and I want them to have high levels.

「And then, your allowance. The senior Demon King has an obligation to give an allowance to the junior Demon King. Three original medals and 2000DP. On the contrary, the rule states that I must not give more than this. I already gave you【Beast】and【Flame】that’s why I’ll give you one more medal,【Earth】. Next is DP…… Ei.」

March touches my Demon King’s book.

Then, the balance increased and became 2050DP.

「Unless you kill a human being or a demon, you can only use 2050DP and also one medal for one year, so you should seriously think about how you’re gonna use them, you know. For the time being, I’ll prepare a hunting ground in this dungeon. When your level rises to some extent, the hunting ground outside of my dungeon is very efficient and also dangerous.」

I nod.

And, while I was desperately nodding, I thought about how I’ll use the 2000DP.

If I spend it only on imitation medals, I’ll make four medals, and end up with two demons of B Rank or below.

My future will be decided by how I use this.

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