Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~

Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Power of [Creation]

After I made a monster, we parted ways.

I was taught by Marcho the ability Demon Lords possessed that lets their monsters reside in another dimension.

During their stay on the other dimension, time stops for them and their current condition don’t change. I also heard that whenever I wanted to, they can always be summoned.

However, only ten monsters could reside in the other dimension. It seemed like the Demon Lord had to prepare a residence in his own Dungeon for every monster exceeding this limit.

But it seems like this storage, rather than to make the management of monsters easier to do, it was more for being able to summon, at any time, the monsters that the Demon Lord was keeping as his fighting force.

It certainly looked like it.

It’s reassuring to know that you could summon your strongest trump card anytime.

Couple that with the chance for surprise attacks and its value will probably go higher.

For example, one could do something like march into the center of a town, then summon vile monsters and let them run loose.

“So for those reason, Tenko, won’t you go into my storage?”

“Uuuh, don’t want to. I wanna be together with Oto-san!”

She vigorously shook her head.

At the moment, she wasn’t in her fox cub form but rather in her twelve year old, fox-eared girl form.

“But we only have one bed.”

Marcho brought us to a residential area in the 32nd floor of her Dungeon and introduced us to a succubus, the boss of that level.

It looked like the monsters that populated this area were mostly humanoid monsters. They were all so busy.

This being the 32nd floor would mean that there were 31 other floors beside it and those floors should have monsters stationed in them. What the heck, could Marcho possibly be followed by hundreds of monsters?

And since the place we’ve been brought to was a residential area, a great number of houses were lined up. We were given one of those houses to be used as we wished.

The house was filled with a complete set of common furniture and had everything one would need taken cared of. However, the house was probably built for someone living alone and thus only had one bed.

“Then, I’ll sleep together with Oto-san! Tenko wants to sleep with Oto-san!”

Her eyes lit up as she said those words as if the plan she thought of was a brilliant one.

“Although we are a Demon Lord and his monster, we’re also a boy and a girl.”

“Even so, Oto-san is Oto-san. You won’t do weird things to me, right?”

She inclined her head and looked at my face.

To the question of this pure and innocent little girl, there was but one reply.

“Of course I won’t. I’m your Oto-san so I won’t ever do weird things to you.”

“Then, can we sleep together?”

“Of course.”


Tenko smiled and embraced me.

There was one thing I noticed. This child, whenever she’s happy, she says Yay. I found her peculiar intonation which rises at the end of it to be pleasant.

“Shall we eat first before going to sleep?”


She tilted her head in bewilderment.

Well, I guess it’s because of one of the common general knowledge Demon Lords and monsters were born with that says we have no need of food.

We could eat but it would only be for the taste and nothing more.

“Want to do an experiment?”

I brought her to the dining room.

I set the table with dishes as well as forks and knives.

She was puzzled as she took a seat.


I used my own unique skill.

『Unique Skill: [Creation] has been demonstrated. It materializes certain things from your memories. However, things having a trace of magical power as well as livings things can’t be materialized. The consumption of MP is a tenth of the weight of the materialized object in grams.』

I couldn’t remember anything about myself but when I thought about food, numerous menu items came flowing into my mind.

First, I poured some corn soup to a dish followed by steaks into another. I also lined up some French bread on the dining table.

“Woah, so amazing. Oto-san can also make something like this. It’s delicious.”

Her being a Fox monster, meat was her favorite kind of food so her eyes were glued on the steak.

Not to mention, this was a steak that had a pound (450g) of thick juices dripping from it. She’ll probably be quite full with this.

“Can I eat it?”

“Yes, you can but before that, join your hands together and say itadakimasu.”

“Oto-san, what’s that? It’s my first time to hear a ceremony like that.”


Thinking about, it looked like one.

There was no meaning behind it but I felt that it was only natural to do so.

“I don’t remember why but it feels weird if I don’t do it. Will you not put your hands together for me?”

“I understand, Oto-san.”

I first showed her how and when she learned it, she also joined her hands together.


And so, the two of us began our meal.

Tenko ate her meal by skillfully using her fork and knife.

Then again, she’s a highly intelligent monster after all.

And then, in a blink of an eye, the steak was gone.

Tenko looked at her emptied plate and a look of dissatisfaction was visible on her face so I used [Creation] to make her another serving.

When I did so, she flashed a smile like a flower in bloom.

“Oto-san, thank you!”

She said so as she wagged her fox tail.

By the time I finished eating, she was also done with her seconds.

“It was delicious. Oto-san’s so amazing for making a feast like that with magic.”

“I didn’t think that I can also make food with it so even I was surprised.”

My unique skill was quite useful.

I remembered about my status and checked my MP.

MP: 1750/2000

My MP had decreased by about 250. One tenth of the weight in grams. The cuisine I had created then was exactly 2.5Kg.

If continued until I’ve exhausted all of my MP, I can make anything I wished until it all weighed a total of 20Kg.

“Oto-san, what will we do after this?”

“I’m thinking on whether I should create some weapons.”

MP will recover with the passage of time.

If my physical condition isn’t good, the recovery will be less but under normal conditions, I would recover about 50MP in an hour.

But one can’t recover more than what their maximum MP will allow.

So for me who can create useful tools with my MP, letting it stay at its maximum value and not do anything with it is an awful waste.

“Are you gonna make weapons with the magic you’ve used to create the feast?”

“Yeah, I can make anything in my memory except for living things as well as the things that have magic power running inside of it.”

If ever I could make things that contained magic power, I would have mass produced medals.

The fact that I couldn’t was disappointing.

And then, I thought of something.

It was about F and G rank monsters. If I let those guys carry murderous weapons, wouldn’t I then be able to create a powerful army at a low cost?

G ranks monsters were extremely cheap, with a Skeleton costing only 20 DP.


I activated the sorcery of [Creation].

What I was making was a weapon referred to as an assault rifle.

M&K MK416

Length: 560mm. Weight: 3.09Kg. Clip size: 30 rounds. Rate of fire 850 rounds per minute. Effective firing range: 400 meters.

The M&K MK416 is, even among a great many assault rifles, considered an excellent machine for its overwhelming durability and reliability. It can even be shot after it had been drenched in muddy water.

If the monsters, who were novices when it came to guns, were to use them within the Dungeon, it was better to put more importance on the gun’s durability and reliability rather than its performance.

My MP decreased.

MP: 1450/2000

Given the amount of MP I recover per hour, it was possible to make an M&K MK416 within six hours. And four of it in a day.

Furthermore, 120 in a month.

Having around a hundred skeletons that carried and mastered firing assault rifles would be interesting.

I’ll diligently make that happen.

“Oto-san, are those weird iron rods weapons? They don’t look all that powerful to me.”

“It’s an unbelievably strong weapon. It far surpasses anything like a great sword.”

The 5.56mmx45 caliber may be small but that just means it’s easy to handle.

This thing that can fire 850 rounds per minute with each once having a speed of 890m/s was by no means weak.

However, Tenko was looking at me with eyes full of doubt.

I guess it can’t be helped.

“Then, I’ll show you its power. Let’s go to the Maelstrom that Marcho told us about.”

From what Marcho had said, one would have to hunt monsters in order to gain some levels.

Marcho had given us permission to freely use Maelstroms; one from which C rank monsters comes out and two of which that produces D rank monsters. She said that if the ones that I hunted were the monsters that regularly come out of the Maelstroms, then it wouldn’t hurt her pockets since it looks like that by paying for a hundred times the amount of a monster when buying them with DP, it’s possible to purchase a Maelstrom which gushes out that kind of monster once a day.

Beyond that, she also said that she would tell me of better hunting grounds outside of her Dungeon after we’ve gained some levels.

Before all of that though, I’ll go use these Maelstroms and show Tenko the power of an assault rifle.

I’m looking forward to what kind of reaction she’ll have.

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