Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~

Volume 2 Chapter 1

We went outside to do a [Synthesis].

And as though it was perfectly natural, Marcho was also there. The same elegant table set from before was set up and she was enjoying the tea served by the Succubus.

“Heya, Procell. Nice to see you.”

Marcho said so in a subtly cute intonation.

She was behaving as though nothing had happened earlier.

“Whatever. Do what you want.”

After I laughed weakly, I began consolidating my thoughts.

My monsters were also with me. Kuina and Elder Dwarf in particular had a look on their faces that seemed to say they wanted to be a part in the birth of their new companion.

In my hand was the medal I received from [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas, the [Wind] original medal.

<<[Wind] medal. A rank. Bestows the ability to manipulate the wind to the created monster. Greatly enhances Agility. Grants minor enhancements to all other stats.>>[1]

It was a strong medal.

The [Person] imitation medal and my very own [Creation] medal were also in my hand.

<<[Creation] medal. A rank. Enables the synthesis of monsters using the [Creation] medal and two other medals (an original medal is required). It’s possible to transform the attribute of this medal to one that the maker desires and to then synthesize it. Additionally, the outcome is chosen from all the possible outcomes. ※An attribute that has once been transformed into can never again be selected.>>

I chose [Person] because what I sought most from my [Monsters of the Covenant] was a bond. I wanted a being close to my own. I wanted someone to talk and laugh with. And for those reasons, all of the monsters I had created were highly intelligent and able to communicate. This was made possible thanks to the [Person] attribute I used in their Synthesis.

However, those wishes were only a priority for the candidates to be my [Monsters of the Covenant].

I intended to make [Creation] transform into [Star] this time.

[Star] gave the ability to rule over nature. This ability was strong all by itself.

As far as the story I heard from Marcho went, I would be able to make the exact monster I was wishing for if I used this attribute.

And so, the three medals, [Wind], [Person] and Creation, were in my hand.

I grasped them firmly and began.


Light rose from my clenched fist.

When I opened it, the light leaked out. From within the light, a silhouette was formed.

The [Wind] original medal and the [Person] imitation medal fused and became one, setting the direction the Synthesis would take.

From then on, [Creation]’s abilities came to play.

I wished for [Star], the power to rule over nature.

I wished for someone ancient. For someone that walked alongside the wind.

For someone that conversed with everything: the earth and each tree, with the seas and oceans, and with the great sky above.

For the monster I was wishing for, the powers of [Wind] and [Person] alone weren’t enough so I added in the powers of [Star] and gave the monster more power and wisdom.

Led astray by its own overwhelming power, I guided it back to the direction I wished for it take.

I then chose possibility for it to be an S rank.

Afterwards, I chose it to be able to grow instead of having a static level. By doing so, the monster’s maximum level was increased and thus made the monster stronger upon reaching that level.[3]

And so, it was all ready.

All that was needed was to wait for it to be born.

The silhouette within the light became darker.

I then heard the beating of its heart.

The light ceased and the new monster was born.

“Nice to meet you, my master.”[3]

The newly born monster was a young woman slightly older than Tenko. I estimated her to be at around 14 years of age.

She had soft blonde hair and a gentle smile. A feature unique to her though was her out of this world [Jade Eyes].

She also had a fiendish thing none of my previous monsters had.

Yes, she was a so-called busty loli.

The white dress she wore emphasized its existence further.

By the way, her ears were long.

“Nice to meet you too. I am [Creation] Demon Lord Procell, the Demon Lord that created you. Sorry for asking this right away but will you please tell me of your race.”

I asked her the usual question and she responded.

“I am a person of the olden days. The personification of the stars that walk alongside the wind…… I am an elf of the highest order; I am an Ancient Elf. I’ll be in your care.”

The Ancient Elf bowed gracefully.

She was exactly the monster I wished for: someone who specialized in controlling nature.

Such a monster was necessary in building my new town. Like for when the citizens would be moving in, they’d need fertile lands and be provided with some immediate food supply. With her help, such tasks would be easy.

“I am as well. I’ll be counting on you.”

“Please do, my master. I hope I can live up to your expectations.”

We firmly shook hands.

She was a frank and good mannered child.

Kuina then trotted near us, her fox tail swinging. She must have been pleased with the birth of her new little sister.

“Ancient Elf’s too long so I’ll be calling you Elf-chan. Nice to meet you! I’m Kuina, Oto-san’s [Monster of the Covenant]. I’m in charge next to Oto-san. I’m the older sister so the little sister Elf-chan better listen whatever Kuina says.”

Kuina, with a satisfied look on her face, uttered things similar to what she said to Elder Dwarf back when they first met.

She had unexpectedly taken good care of Elder Dwarf and she would probably do the same to Ancient Elf.

However, Ancient Elf only stared blankly at her.

“Wha-what’s wrong?”

Kuina looked in wonder at Ancient Elf.


Ancient Elf looked back at Kuina with eyes like that of a dreaming young woman.

“So cute! What is this child? So small but calls herself the older sister. Kya— Kya— KYA—”

“Sto-stop it! It hurts!”

Ancient Elf hugged Tenko tightly.

Her ample breasts buried Kuina’s face deep within them.

Gasping for breath, Kuina struggled to break free.

“Ahh, so tiny, so warm, and smells so good. Plus, this fluffy tail, I can’t stand it anymore, I’ll hug it tightly. Oh my, did you just twitch? Did it feel good here? Ah, that’s a cute reaction. It feels good here, doesn’t it, Kuina-chan?”

“Stop it, my tail’s sensitive. If you touch it like that, stop, stop it. Nn, you’re making me feel weird.”

“Then, how about here? Your cute fox ears too, rubbing it’s the best too.”

“Sto—, sto—, I’m weak behind the ears!”

Kuina was completely played around with.

A few minutes later, by the time she was finally released, Kuina fell down, her eyes vacant. On the other hand, Ancient Elf’s skin glowed.

“Kuina-chan, let’s play again later.”

“No! I forbid Elf-chan to ever come near Kuina again!”

I then felt a presence behind me and when I looked, Elder Dwarf was there. She watched Kuina’s suffering and became frightened of Ancient Elf.

Well, I understood how she felt.

“That silver child over there’s cute too. Come here, I’ll make you feel good too.”

“Master, help. This one’s scary.”

It seemed like Elder Dwarf seriously disliked the offer given to her.

And before I was aware of it, the presence behind me had increased to two. It would seem Kuina was going to hide there until she had recovered.

I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“Ancient Elf, I understand your desire to express your fondness to these children but you better do so moderately. Otherwise, you will be disliked.”

“Certainly, master. I apologize.”

Ancient Elf replied so and then beckoned to Kuina and Elder Dwarf, all while saying don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.

She had a rather good personality.

“As expected of you, Procell. I’ve already thought you’re doing it on purpose but you’ve made another… outrageous monster once again.”

As she elegantly sipped her black tea, Marcho expressed her astonishment with words that hid other meanings beneath them.

I was unable to talk back though and that frustrated me further. But I will still maintain my stance until the very end that all of it was by chance and never had I ever aimed to make a young girl.

The girl, although problematic in various ways, had abilities that pleased me.

Race: Ancient Elf

S Rank

Name: Unnamed

Level: 1

Physical Strength: B

Endurance: C+

Agility: A+

Magic Power: S

Luck: A+

Special: S++


Jade Eyes

Ruler of the Wind

Personification of the Stars

Divine Protection

Shooter of Magical Bullets

Her stats fell behind Elder Dwarf’s, nevermind Tenko’s. Each skill of hers, however, was wonderful.

Jade Eyes: Sees through all the secrets of magic. Its lower ranked skills, clairvoyance, spirit vision, and X-ray vision are incorporated into this skill.

Personification of the Stars: Enables the use of all magic attributes except for fire. If the corresponding attribute is within the surrounding, receive an enhancement (Large). Allows the user to be synchronized with the spirits of the dead.

Divine Protection: Enhances all stats (Medium). Revives the user upon death but the skill is consequently lost.

Ruler of the Wind: Highest Order Wind-type Skill. Gives the maximum enhancement to Wind attribute magics.

Shooter of Magical Bullets: Enhances the power and the accuracy of all offensive projectiles (Large)

It indeed thoroughly pleased me.

I couldn’t believe such power lied underneath this busty young woman.

One thing troubled me though: she had so much powerful skills but her Special stat stopped only at S++ whereas Kuina’s, a Celestial Fox, went as far EX.

Even as Kuina was currently, I still couldn’t believe Ancient Elf was inferior to her in that regard. There was probably something hidden that even I or the person herself couldn’t see.

“My master, what should I do for the moment?”

“Oh yeah, I do want to see Ancient Elf’s abilities in action but first, let’s start at which weapon suits you the best. Kuina, Elder Dwarf, would you go as well?”

“Certainly, my master.”


“Roger, master.”

And so, we headed towards the shooting range recently provided to us by Marcho.

I wonder which kind of rifle would better suit her skills.

I also thought I had to do something about the two hiding behind me in their fear of Ancient Elf.

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