Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~

Volume 2 Prologue


A day has passed since the end of the [Evening Party] and our return to Marcho’s dungeon.

I had intruded upon Marcho’s room to question her.

“Well then, Marcho, mind explaining yourself? Just who the heck is this [Creation] Demon Lord Lolicell?”

Marcho was a brown-skinned beauty with white hair as well as a wolf’s ears and tail.

Such was Marcho or rather the [Beast] Demon Lord Marchosias.

Of all the things, she had spread that preposterous name at the [Evening Party] where all the Demon Lords assembled.

She was slightly flustered upon hearing me.

“I had no other choice.”

Marcho told me so, albeit slightly awkwardly.

[Wind] Demon Lord Stolas and I had participated in a simplified [War] during the party. I emerged the victor and a celebration was held shortly afterwards.

The other Demon Lords congratulated and praised me.

It was all good until then but for some reason, the Demon Lords kept calling me by a rather rude name: Lolicell.

I am the [Creation] Demon Lord Procell. Never had my name been that vulgar name.

Did she had any idea how much trouble I went through to correct them?

“Mind telling me how you had no other choice?”

“No, well you see, you were revealing a lot of your cards, right? So naturally, the Demon Lords began analyzing them. It would have been fine if each of them just did so separately but then, they looked like they were gonna discuss it with each other. If they did that, your weak points would have been exposed to every Demon Lord in there. The new Demon Lords might have even formed an alliance to oppose you.”

Well, that might have been so.

Such were the disadvantages of being watched.

That was why I had decided beforehand the extent of what I was willing to reveal.

I was about to use the trump card I wasn’t supposed to reveal in order to defeat the Emerald Dragon that Stolas took out by the end of the war but thanks to the efforts done by a fox-eared-and-tailed beautiful girl, a Celestial Fox named Kuina, I was able to avoid such.

Nevertheless, it couldn’t have been anything good if a great number of Demon Lords shared their analysis of the things I deemed alright to show amongst themselves.

“Okay, but what does any of that have to do with the name Lolicell?”

“I should change the topic even if by only a little, I thought. The scene where you were hugging Tenko and Elder Dwarf was being played so I thought I’ll turn their attention to this scene…. Maybe it was because the two of them were so cute but they fell for it more than I expected. And then they got so into Lolicell. It was awful. I’m reflecting on it.”

With a look of discomfort on her face, she slightly bowed.

It didn’t seem to be an act.

The fact that she didn’t mean ill by it made it difficult to reprimand her.

“Alright, I see there really was no other choice.”

Besides, being referred to as Lolicell was provoked by some of my own actions.

For some reason, majority of the monsters I had created were adorable little girls.

By no means was I aiming for such, it just naturally became like that.

But I am hoping to clear these misgivings with the monster I’m going to make next.

“So, you’re forgiving me? Thanks. As expected of the child I’m proud of.”

“It’s for the best. I’ll soon make my own dungeon so I’d rather not be at odds with you while we’re apart.”

Marcho had taken good care of me all this while. I owed her for a great deal of things, both tangible and not.

The other part of my statement concerned the crystal in my possession which was given to me during the [Evening Party]. Just by grasping it tightly and uttering a few words of power, my dungeon would be built.

Before long, I would be leaving Marcho’s dungeon and build my own.

“My heart skipped a beat. You have already become a man without my knowledge, Procell.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Ah, that’s right. Shall I make it up to you right now?”

“Make it up to me?”

“Don’t you want to embrace me? Here, let me show you the charms of an adult woman’s body.”

Marcho pushed her breasts in closer together and a bountiful valley was revealed.

Marcho was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Her style was outstanding as well. Along with some hints of seductiveness.

I gulped down my own saliva.

I wondered how good it might feel if I embrace her.

“I must refuse. I don’t want to be in that sort of relationship with you.”

But I reluctantly turned down her offer.

“Is that so? What a shame. I wanted your very essence to be etched into my body and, before I disappear, I wanted mine to be etched into your memories. Not much time is left on me, you know.”

Marcho made a sad face as she floated a smile.

Demon Lords cease to exist 300 years after their birth and based on the story I heard from her, she had about 9 months left before her demise.

“………do you do that kind of thing with anyone?”

I wanted to hear her answer so badly.

It wasn’t for any simple curiosity either; a pain in my chest demanded I ask her so.

“Not at all. I’ll only offer myself to a man I have approved of. Well, just tell me if you ever change your mind, okay? Onee-chan has a lot she can teach you.”

“Yeah, if.”

“I’ll be waiting with no expectations, then. Anyway, about that additional reward you got from the Creator, you better think carefully on how you use it. If you use it willy-nilly, it will be your downfall. That thing’s surely fascinating but it’s far more dangerous than you might think. That person is awful; toying with Demon Lords as he wishes.”

“Thanks for the advice. Also, your other offer aside, I’ll always be happy to spend time with you for tea.”

The thing Marcho was talking about was the additional reward given to me and [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas by the Creator for entertaining them more than expected in the held [War]. As far as I saw it, I felt it gave nothing but advantages but if she went so far to say something like that, then there must really be something about it. I must use it with care.

And thus, our conversation concluded.

I was transferred back by the Succubus to the neighborhood Marcho lent me.

“It has gotten very cramped in here, hasn’t it?”

I muttered so when I returned to the space that was lent to us.

“As per Master’s instructions, I have continued to increase the amount of Golems each day.”

“My lord, it’s because I had considerably increased my subordinates during the previous war.”

Such were the replies given to me by the beautiful silver-haired pre-pubescent girl, Elder Dwarf, and Wight, the Skeleton dressed in a robe that looked like it belong to a noble.

In the space lent to us were countless Golems and Undead monsters.

The Golems varied by the materials they were made of: Mithril, Silver, Iron and many others.

As for the Undead monsters, 20 were the humanoid Skeletons. In addition to them were the 10 flying-type monsters acquired during the previous [War].

The new dungeon I’m going to build now needed to be spacious enough to house all of them.

“Ah! Oto-san, welcome back!”

“Yeah, nice to be back, Kuina.”

One other fellow resided here. The fox-eared girl Kuina.

After she appeared, she went to hug my right arm as she normally does.

“How’s your new gun?”

“It’s great. As expected of El-chan.”

Kuina’s gun got broken during the previous battle. It had been repaired thanks to the powers of the [Time] Demon Lord but Elder Dwarf, unable to bear the fact that the gun she developed was broken, hurriedly made improvements on it.

And in that regard, a new name was given to the gun.

Now far different from its base design, the Remilton M870P, it no longer seemed appropriate to call it a Remilton (Custom).

The Curtana EDS-02

Total length: 1040 mm

Weight: 3.3 Kg

Caliber: 4 gauge

Magazine capacity: 4 rounds

Such was the shotgun’s new name.

The S which stood for Shotgun now came after ED. It was easier to understand and thus Elder Dwarf adopted it.

By the way, an assault rifle would be named EDAR-0X.

“El-chan, can I fire this one fully automatically all I want?”

“It’s still not possible. In order for it to do so, a technological innovation of some kind or an enhancement of my own support magic is needed. I’m working hard on both areas.”

Elder dwarf ground her teeth in vexation.

She might be able to do it if I promoted her to be one of my [Monsters of the Covenant].

But Elder Dwarf was looking for a moment like when Tenko became Kuina, under the impression I wanted to name her during such an eventful scenario.

Well, just a little bit more and it’ll come.

“Then, Kuina, Elder Dwarf, let’s go make the new monster.”

“Yay ♪! This’ll be fun!”

“I also want it to be a girl, a little sister. A cute one too.”

The both of them said so, pleased.

And now, I’ll begin.

The [Synthesis] of the third candidate to be my [Monster of the Covenant], that is.

Someone that walks alongside the wind, rules over nature, and is the personification of a star.


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