Martial God Asura

Chapter 4431: Do You Regret It?

Chapter 4431: Do You Regret It?

“She managed to clear the examination too?”

Upon seeing the key Yin Daifen was holding, the expressions of the crowd around turned slightly complicated.

Fu Feiyue, Long Xiaoxiao, and Yu Yin were still fine because they had managed to clear the examination, but Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi found the situation extremely hard to accept.

Yu Hong even turned to question the old woman, “This isn’t fair! How can this be allowed? Why is it that only one of us can clear the examination whereas the two of them are allowed clear the examination together?”

“Who told you that the two of them cleared the examination together?” the old woman replied with a cold glint in her eyes.

Feeling the gaze on him, Yu Hong’s body trembled fearfully, and he quickly fell silent. A moment later, he turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Chu Feng, didn’t you say that you cleared the examination? Where’s your key then?”

“That’s right, little benefactor. Where’s your key?” Long Xiaoxiao asked as well.

“I did manage to clear the examination. My key is over there.”

Chu Feng pointed at the key that was in Yin Daifen’s hand before continuing on, “Miss Yin’s elder sister is my friend, and Miss Yin told me about just how important the training is to her. So, I have my slot over to her.”


Everyone was stunned to hear those words. They didn’t think that he would actually give such a precious opportunity over to Yin Daifen.

In the first place, just the Godwish Pearl that they had used to get here already cost a massive fortune. In their view, no one in the right mind would give away such an opportunity easily.

The one who felt the most conflicted about this situation at this moment was no other than Long Xiaoxiao. She was, after all, the person who gave Chu Feng his Godwish Pearl.

However, she chose not to say anything at all. She simply lowered her head quietly. Yet, even her silence felt particularly sorrowful.

“Young master Chu Feng, you mustn’t spout nonsense. I, Yin Daifen, cleared the trial with my own strength. Why are you speaking as if you were the one who sacrificed yourself for me?”

Who could have thought Yin Daifen would turn around and mock Chu Feng at this moment?

She refused to admit that the violet key in her hand was something which Chu Feng had given to her.

“Yin Daifen, you sure are impressive. I didn’t think that you would be so unrepentant even after the chances I have given you. Very well, I, Chu Feng, will remember this!” Chu Feng looked at Yin Daifen as he spoke.

“What a joke! What do you have to remember? You are just a sore loser!” Yin Daifen replied.

“Chu Feng, just how shameless can you get? Losing my junior isn’t embarrassing—you came from a humble background, so no one can blame you for your shallow knowledge—but don’t you think it’s embarrassing for you to insist that you gave away your slot to my junior after you lost? Do you think that anyone would believe such nonsense? There’s no sane person who would do something like that!” Fu Feiyue berated Chu Feng coldly.

“Hmph! Princess Xiaoxiao, you should see the true colors of the man whom you fawn so much over for yourself!” Yu Hong turned to Long Xiaoxiao and said.

But at this moment, the silent Long Xiaoxiao suddenly raised her head and directed a sharp glare toward Yu Hong and Fu Feiyue, saying, “Shut your mouth. What rights do you have to question little benefactor?”

Following that, she turned to Yin Daifen and said, “Yin Daifen, you sure are a shameless person. It’s out of kindness that little benefactor gave his slot to you, but you actually refused to admit it. One day, karma will strike down a vile woman like you!”

Despite having seen nothing at all, Long Xiaoxiao still chose to unconditionally believe Chu Feng’s words.

“This… You are really blinded by him!”

Seeing how Long Xiaoxiao blindly trusted Chu Feng, Fu Feiyue and the others felt incensed yet jealous of Chu Feng.

Regardless of whether Chu Feng had really cleared the examination and given his slot to Yin Daifen or not, just the truth which Long Xiaoxiao had toward Chu Feng was something that was enough to make them feel deeply envious.

Long Xiaoxiao was not just the princess of the Dragon Clan. The fact that she had defeated Yu Hong and received a slot for herself was more than enough to prove your capability, and on top of that, she had a ravishing appearance as well.

She was far more likable as a person compared to Yin Daifen.

Just how much good karma did Chu Feng accrue in his previous life to earn the steadfast trust of such a talented and lofty woman?

“Xiaoxiao, give your key to me.”

All of a sudden, Chu Feng turned to Long Xiaoxiao and demanded.


Hearing those words, everyone widened their eyes in shock. They couldn’t help but wonder if they were hearing things.

“Are you willing to give your key to me?” Chu Feng asked again.

“Chu Feng, just how shameless can you get? After failing to secure a slot for yourself, you actually still have the cheek to ask Princess Xiaoxiao to give her key to you. That’s something that she earned with her own effort!”

“How can there be such a man in the world? You can’t just exploit Princess Xiaoxiao’s feelings for you to bully her in such a manner!”

Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and Fu Feiyue berated Chu Feng furiously.

“Brother Chu Feng, this is… really going a bit overboard.”

Even Bao Yue and Kui Wudi couldn’t stand watching this. Even though their words weren’t as critical as that from the others, they still expressed their disapproval of Chu Feng’s actions.

“Alright, little benefactor. I’ll give it to you.”

Yet, a shocking sight happened. Long Xiaoxiao actually entrusted her key into Chu Feng’s hand without any hesitation. On top of that, there wasn’t the slightest hint of reluctance on her face. She was doing it all with a smile on her lips.

“Miss Long, are you a fool? How can you give your key to him for real?!”

“Just what kind of sorcery did he cast over you that you are going to such an extent for him?”

Yu Hong and the others simply couldn’t understand why Long Xiaoxiao was doing this.

“You can’t imagine the lengths which little benefactor has gone to help me in the past. It’s not something that any of you would ever be able to do for another person. He’s my benefactor, a person whom I’m indebted to for life. So long as little benefactor wills so, I’ll even give my life up for him, let alone a mere key!” Long Xiaoxiao told the crowd.

Speaking up to this point, she even released her oppressive pressure to show just how seriously she took this matter.

“The rest of you should zip up your mouths. I won’t stand still if you dare to speak another word of insult toward little benefactor!” Long Xiaoxiao warned the crowd.

Hearing those words, the others fell silent.

Putting aside the others, even Fu Feiyue was feeling envious of Chu Feng at the moment.

Long Xiaoxiao was an outstanding woman who wouldn’t pale in comparison to his Junior Yin Daifen at all, and he knew that Yin Daifen would never treat him in the same way Long Xiaoxiao treated Chu Feng.

They were all men, so why was it that they were so different from one another?

“Long Xiaoxiao, do you really intend to give up your key for him?”

It was at this moment that the old woman suddenly asked Long Xiaoxiao.

“Elder, I, Long Xiaoxiao, am willing to entrust my rights to undergo the training to Chu Feng,” Long Xiaoxiao replied earnestly.

“Hah, what deep feelings you have for one another! Since that’s the case, I’ll fulfill you then. The two of you can leave together with one another!” the old woman replied.

Realizing the intention of the old woman, Long Xiaoxiao exclaimed nervously, “E-elder! I have already given my slot to Chu Feng, but you’re still asking him to leave despite that?”

She was willing to leave. From the moment Chu Feng made that request of her, she had already resolved herself for this.

However, she couldn’t accept seeing Chu Feng leave together with her.

“Who here told you that he wouldn’t have to leave just because you gave your key to him? I’ll only say it once more, the two of you can leave together. The same goes for you, you, and you as well.”

The old woman pointed to Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi as well, indicating that they were all going to be eliminated.

“Hahaha, Chu Feng! You must have thought that you were smart. You tried to exploit Miss Long’s feelings for you to acquire her key so that you can undergo the training too, but who could have thought that it’ll all be for naught. On top of that, you even pulled Miss Long down with you!” Yu Hong sneered in disdain.

Yu Yin and Fu Feiyue were also gazing at Chu Feng in scorn.

As if that wasn’t enough, Yin Daifen was also sneering by the side too.

While others might not know better, she knew full well that her slot was given to her by Chu Feng. Yet, she didn’t reciprocate the favor at all. Instead, she even mocked Chu Feng, saying, “You’re reaping what you sow!”

Chu Feng didn’t pay any heed to how the crowd was reacting at all. Instead, he turned to Long Xiaoxiao and asked, “Xiaoxiao, do you regret giving your key to me?”

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