Martial God Asura

Chapter 4432: Taken Advantage of By a Beauty

Chapter 4432: Taken Advantage of By a Beauty

“Xiaoxiao, do you regret giving your key to me?”

“Of course not. Since I came here with little benefactor, I intend to leave together with you. The outcome is not important. The important thing is that we’re both safe and still together. I’m satisfied to have been able to come on this trip together with you,” Long Xiaoxiao replied with a smile.

Her smile was genuine, devoid of any skepticism or deception.

“My thoughts exactly,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“The hell!”

Seeing this, Yu Hong and the others nearly spurted their blood out.

They had said so much in order to instill guilt into Chu Feng’s heart so that he would have to live with this burden for life.

Yet, Chu Feng was still going on with a cheery look on his face. There was not the slightest self-reproach to be seen on him; on the contrary, he seemed more than delighted with how things turned out.

To make things worse, he even started flirting together with Long Xiaoxiao!

What the heck was with this situation?

In their view, Long Xiaoxiao was really a fool, and Chu Feng was no more than a pimp. But somehow, the two of them were fine with this.

Long Xiaoxiao didn’t mind getting exploited, and Chu Feng had no qualms exploiting her.

Other than stomping their feet from frustration, indignance, and envy, there was really nothing they could do.


It was at this moment that two spirit formation gates opened.

“Those who have cleared the examination will undergo the training. Those who failed to clear the examination will be punished. Only after clearing your punishment will you be permitted to leave this place!” the old woman said as she gestured toward the two spirit formation gates.

“Punishment? We still have to be punished for this? Elder, don’t you think that you’re going overboard here?”

“That’s right! I heard that the juniors of the Nine Souls Galaxy are allowed to undergo the training of the Godwish Palace so long as they brought the Godwish Pearl here! Yet, we have to clear an examination in order to be qualified to undergo the training, and those who have failed even have to be punished? That’s unfair!”

“Do you know how heavy a price we have paid in order to obtain the Godwish Pearl? We came here to undergo training, not to be punished!”

Yu Hong and the others finally snapped, and they began voicing out their dissatisfactions.

“You were the ones who chose to come here on your own accord. I don’t see what problem is it of our Godwish Palace the price you had to pay to obtain your Godwish Pearls. Cut the crap and accept the consequence of your own actions!”

After the old woman said those words, the two spirit formation gates began releasing a suction force that pulled the crowd in.

One of the gates bound Yu YIn, Fu Feiyue, and Yin Daifen as it pulled them in, and the other one bound Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao, Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi and dragged them into it.

After passing through the spirit formation gate, Chu Feng and the others found themselves returning back to the desert they were in previously.

The sky above the desert was shadowed by the sandstorm stirred by the raging air currents around them.

It was barren, dry, and despairing.

“Damn it! Aren’t they just bullying us just because we’re from the Holy Light Galaxy? What Godwish Grandmother? She’s just an old hag who looks down on others!”Yu Hong cursed furiously.

After all he had been through, he couldn’t hold back their exploding emotions anymore.

“Stop scolding! Look in that direction!”

Bao Yue quickly stopped Yu Hong as he pointed into the faraway distance.

There was a cluster of ominous clouds that were currently rushing in their direction at an extremely fast speed. There was a thunderous rumble sounding from those ominous clouds, hinting at the devastating lightning that was hidden amidst them.

It was a force that could kill them.

“Is this even still a punishment? She’s obviously trying to kill all of us!” Yu Hong exclaimed with a quivering voice.

Bao Yue and Kui Wudi also paled in fright.

Even Long Xiaoxiao had horror written all over her face. Her body began trembling on her own accord.

However, all of a sudden, a firm yet gentle hand suddenly fell on Long Xiaoxiao’s shoulder—Chu Feng.

“There’s no need to be scared. This is a punishment to them but training to us,” Chu Feng replied.


Long Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Feng in surprise.


The ominous clouds had finally come into their vicinity, and in the blink of an eye, the entire area was already shrouded amidst the heavy, dark clouds. It looked almost as if an apocalypse was befalling the world.



Terrifying lightning bolts with astonishing thickness struck down relentlessly on Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi, causing the three of them to convulse on the floor from pain.

While twitching all over the ground, Yu Hong unintentionally caught sight of Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao in his peripheral vision, and he immediately exclaimed indignantly, “This is unfair! Why are you only punishing us and not them?!”

As he bellowed, he pointed to Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao angrily.

His bellow was so loud that Bao Yue and Kui Wudi were able to hear what he said clearly even amidst the deafening thunder.

The two of them quickly turned to look at Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao as well, only to see that even though they were standing beneath the ominous clouds, the lightning bolts seemed to divert away from them instinctively.

Not even a streak of lightning was falling on them!

“H-how come?”

Bao Yue and Kui Wudi were shocked.

And they weren’t the only ones who felt that way. Even Long Xiaoxiao was having trouble comprehending the situation.

“Little benefactor, what’s going on? Why aren’t we getting punished?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.

“Only those who have failed the examination will be punished. Needless to say, the two of us have cleared the examination and are undergoing the training,” Chu Feng replied.


Question marks could almost be seen floating all around Long Xiaoxiao’s head. She stared at Chu Feng intently with her large eyes, waiting for him to give out the answer.

“Silly lass, do you still not get it? That examination isn’t as simple as they thought it out to be! All of them have failed, and that’s including Yu Yin, Fu Feiyue, and Yin Daifen!

“Only two people have cleared the examination, and they are you and me!” Chu Feng told Long Xiaoxiao.

Upon hearing those words, Long Xiaoxiao widened her eyes in shock.

Even Yu Hong and the others, who were currently being tortured by the lightning, had pricked up their ears to find out what exactly was going on.

“You must have failed to decipher everything that was on the stone monument,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah… You’re right. I didn’t manage to decipher everything,” Long Xiaoxiao nodded her head in response.

“But I did. The key to clearing the examination lies not in being the first to conquer your inner demon and obtaining the divine key, but the willingness to relinquish your right for another person.

“To clear the examination, one has to obtain the key and give the opportunity up to another person. In truth, if the rest of you were to decipher the stone monument properly, you would surely get it as well even though it might take some time.

“However, as soon as you found out that only one person could clear the examination, none of you were bothered to decipher the rest of the stone monument anymore. You wanted to quickly challenge the inner demon and be the first one to clear the trial, thus missing this vital piece of information,” Chu Feng said.

“Yes, that’s indeed the case,” Long Xiaoxiao nodded her head vehemently as she looked at Chu Feng with a look of wonderment.

Still finding it hard to come to terms with what she had just heard, she asked once more to seek clarification, “So, little benefactor, does that mean that only the two of us have cleared the examination?”

“Silly lass, isn’t the fact that the lightning bolts aren’t falling on us the best proof?” Chu Feng replied.

“Ahhh!!!” Long Xiaoxiao screamed in excitement.

She was simply too agitated by the revelation.

She thought that they had lost the right to undergo the training in Godwish Palace, but whocould have thought that there would be such a reversal?

Without even thinking about it, she leaped right into Chu Feng’s arms and hugged him tightly.

“Little benefactor, you were helping me all this while! If not for you, I might have ended up losing my qualification! You’re really the best to me!” Long Xiaoxiao exclaimed as she fondled her cheeks against Chu Feng’s face out of agitation.

It almost looked as if she was taking advantage of Chu Feng.

The only problem with that was that Long Xiaoxiao was beautiful as a fairy whereas Chu Feng was uglier than a toad. There was no one in the world who would believe that such a gorgeous lady would actually give an embrace to someone so hideous, let alone taking advantage of him so brazenly.

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