Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 07 Conflict

Coming out from the Martial Collection Building, Du Shaofu intended to ask Fu Yi Bai where the ‘Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture’ exercise is but was surprised to find a young man obediently sweeping the floor and Fu Yi Bai nowhere to be seen.

Noticing that it was Du Shaofu coming out from the Martial Collection Building, the young man holding the broom was surprised and a little doubtful.

Since yesterday the three words Du Shaofu have been spreading throughout the Du Clan. Everyone is talking about what happened yesterday on the stage, a single shout loud enough to throw people off the stage, what actually happened, could it be this ‘fool’ young master is not really a fool.

Seeing that someone is here, Du Shaofu had the grace to leave first and then come back the next day to ask Fu Yi Bai about it. After all, the Martial Collection Building is not a place easily accessible, in case someone is planning some mischief then it will be difficult for him to come again in the future.


Du Clan’s inner courtyard is a lush of green with individual balconies. The Du Clan is an old family of Stone City that even the buildings have an antique grandeur to it, harmoniously blending in the scenery.

Du Shaofu left the Martial Collection Building walking along a gravel trail, surrounded by the vast lush nature that his pace can’t help but slow down.

“Hee hee”

Up ahead on the gravel trail, suddenly came sounds of laughter.

Du Shaofu lifted his head, eyes searching the origin and found several young girls and boys walking over, leading them were a boy and a girl which particularly stand out than the rest.

Du Shaofu can’t help but frown looking at this group of youngsters. He recognized the leading young man, called Du Hao, the First Elder’s grandson, older than him by one year which makes him seventeen. It is said that he is considered as one of the leaders of the younger generation in the Du Clan.

This Du Hao, Du Shaofu naturally remembered. Although he has a wasted martial pulse, he still had his status as Du Clan young master, every month the clan distributes allowances and dans to all of them, but his monthly allowance and dan never did reach him. Once distributed, it will be taken away and the person who robbed him the most is Du Hao.

This kind of practice was naturally prohibited but due to the words idiot young master, the elders closed an eye[1] and did not interfere. Perhaps those family elders also believed that those allowances and dans will be put to better use by those who took them than be wasted on a fool.

Thus later, Du Shaofu no longer collected his monthly distribution, as he didn’t need them and within the Du Clan, he need not spend any money.

As for the beautiful girl in front, Du Shaofu took an extra glance, she is not a member of the Du Clan, and the people accompanying her are also not of the Du Clan.

The girl is quite beautiful, still very young but already showing shapely curves, fair skin and a delicate face that occasionally breaks into a graceful smile, rendering those Du Clan juniors love struck, especially Du Hao, who has been enthusiastically accompanying her at her side.

Aware that there’s somebody around, the several young girls and boys turned and saw Du Shaofu, the sound of laughter gradually died down as all eyes fell on Du Shaofu.

Even though there are some within the crowd that are considered his cousins, Du Shaofu never have any interaction with them since he was six. If there is any, then it would be during the yearly ancestral worship where these so-called cousins would secretly sneer and make fun of him.

Du Shaofu did not linger and walked straight on, “Du Shaofu, quickly give way, what would happen if you collided with our guest?”

Du Hao wrinkled his brows, he did not expect to run into this fool here, his eyes gleamed with a trace of sarcasm, he does not want this fool to ruin things for him.

Du Shaofu slightly lifted his head, he moved on without paying any attention to Du Hao.

“Didn’t you hear me, give way and roll aside”

Seeing that Du Shaofu not only ignored him but continued to walk straight on, Du Hao finally set his sights on Du Shaofu.

Pausing his pace, Du Shaofu stopped, looked at Du Hao and said: “This is not a narrow road, you go your way, I go mine, there’s no need for me to step aside.”

Du Shaofu faint words caused Du Hao to lagged for a moment, sensing that there’s something different about this fool today, usually when this fool sees him, he would turn around and run away. Today with a beauty next to him this fool is making him lose face, Du Hao’s face became gloomy.

“Brother Hao, what’s to talk about with this fool, his silly logic will never be clear”

A well-dressed young man sensibly steps forward from behind Du Hao, glanced at Du Shaofu, using one hand to push against Du Shaofu, quips: “You fool, be sensible and give………………”

“Ka Cha!”

A crisp bone breaking sound came, the well-dressed young man’s sentence has yet to finish, yet he is already issuing a heart-wrenching scream.


Wailing miserably, the wrist of the stretched out arm, without anyone realizing has been twisted one hundred eighty degrees by Du Shaofu. With a cracking sound, the bone broke and the pain caused the young man’s face turned liver-colored.

All of this happened so quickly that no one saw the exact details.

“Du Gui, based on seniority, I am your elder cousin brother. There is a hierarchy of seniority in Du Clan; this is your lesson for disrespecting me!” Du Shaofu released his palm, standing there lightly, but exuding a kind of majestic momentum that is hard to ignore.

The suddenness of the event rendered the young girls and boys silly, only the beautiful girl raised her eyebrow looking at the unpredictable Du Shaofu.

“Du Shaofu, you dare!”

Du Hao recovered first, taking a deep breath his eyes fixed on Du Shaofu’s body, laughing despite anger, he felt today this fool is indeed different from the usual, perhaps it is real as per the family rumors, this fool returned to normal and is able to cultivate.

“Respect seniority is the Du family’s rule, I was just teaching him.” Du Shaofu said looking at Du Hao.

“What a good respect for seniority, my good cousin, your head has always been bad, it seems like today as an elder brother, it is necessary for me to teach you some rules too.”

Du Hao looked at Du Shaofu with a smiling face but hidden not too deep within his eyes was sarcasm, only a fool, even if cured how strong can he be.

“You cannot teach.”

Du Shaofu shook his head, glanced at the beautiful girl beside Du Hao, and then back at Du Hao: “I know you’re simply trying to catch the attention of this Young Miss next to you”

Voice slightly pause, Du Shaofu mouth curved into a teasing smile and continued in a playful tone: “However, you are still a fledgling, I feel your strength is still lacking, instead of the glory you seek you might instead lose face.”


His innuendo being declared publicly, Du Hao’s smile no longer remained on his face, his expression turning gloomier. Never would he expect that the infamous fool young master, today showed such a contrasting side, he sneered: “I heard that you stole the limelight during Du Xue and Du Yu’s stage sparring, I did not believe it at first, now it seems to be true. Let me test what is your capacity!”

“Better choose another day, don’t let outsiders treat us as jokes. It is not good and I’m busy today. You better not neglect the Young Miss beside you.”

With a flick of his long sleeves, Du Shaofu directly stepped away, not bothering to even look at Du Hao further.

“Du Shaofu, you ……”

Watching the indifferent Du Shaofu leaving, Du Hao gloomy face twitched, his chest as if pressed by something heavy.

The beautiful girl’s eyes followed the back of the youth in purple robe, his back is extraordinarily broad for a lean body, then turned to the already gloomy Du Hao and asked: “Young Master Hao, is he one of your Du Clan siblings, how is it that I have never seen him before?’


Closed an eye: Pretend not to see

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