Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 08 Practicing Martial Skills

The girl’s attractive curves enhanced by the dress that hugs around her body line, the surrounding young boys were shy to take a look but at the same time unable to help but to peek at her furtively.

“He is our Du Clan’s sibling, Du Shaofu.”

When the girl asked about Du Shaofu, Du Hao glared fiercely at Du Shaofu’s back. He had no choice but to let the matter go or else he really would be neglecting the beauty next to him. Just a fool, even though no longer idiotic, as long as Du Shaofu is still in the Du Clan there are still many opportunities to teach him a lesson later. Looking at the girl beside him, he deliberately added: “His father is a useless alcoholic, and he is just a fool.”

Pupils gazing at the gradually disappearing silhouette on the small gravel path, she murmurs to herself: “So he’s Du Shaofu but is he really a fool……”

“Young Miss Ye, let’s continue our walk.”

Du Hao faced the girl with a kind smile, but a glint of harshness flitted across his eyes that vanished in a blink as he looked at the distant purple robed figure.


It was evening by the time Du Shaofu returned to the courtyard and saw his father has yet to return.

Over the years, Du Shaofu has gotten used to his father being drunk, and probably sleeping somewhere, although Du Shaofu is worried but he’s helpless about the situation.

Entering his room, Du Shaofu took out two scrolls and a strange animal bone.

Both scrolls are filled with symbols like patterns, exuding a sharp heavy qi. Obviously, it’s the items he took from the third floor and the second floor of the Martial Collection Building. The first set of martial skill is called ‘Raging Storm Waves Palm’, a Xiantian level martial skill from the third floor and the other one ‘Pulsate Fist’ is taken from the second floor.

Although both sets of martial skill are of Xiantian level, but clearly ‘Raging Storm Waves Palm’ is deemed of higher grade or else it will not be placed on the third floor whereas ‘Pulsate Fist’ was on the second floor. Below the Xiantian level martial skills are the Houtian level martial skills, but Du Shaofu has no interest in practicing a Houtian level skill.

During the time when Du Xue and the rest of his Du Clan cousins’ displayed their Houtian level martial skills on the stage, to him, it was full of flaws and weaknesses. In Du Shaofu’s mind that kind of martial skills even if one practices it, it will not be of much use.

Du Shaofu, of course, understands that it’s not easy to practice a Xiantian level martial skill successfully that he went to the second floor and took the ‘Pulsate Fist’ which seemed easier.

Next to the two scrolls, lay a strange animal bone the length of a palm, extremely hard with traces of mystical runes on the surface that seemed to penetrate deep within the bone.

The animal bone is also one of Du Shaofu’s harvest from the third floor of the Martial Collection Building, placed at an obscure place long forgotten.

When Du Shaofu saw the animal bone for the first time, there’s a strange feeling in his heart, coming from his newly mended martial pulse. So, Du Shaofu took the bone away to study it.

“Have to find a place to practice Pulsate Fist”

Due to his body’s condition, Du Shaofu decided to practice the easier ‘Pulsate Fist’ first, since there is no way for him to continue with the mysterious stone tablet’s first style, it does not however, hinder him from practicing other martial skills; unless the body is completely devoid of xuanqi then he will not be able to practice anything at all.

His room is definitely not suitable, for this he needs to find a more secluded place.

Night time.

In the forest behind the mountain, moonlight shined down between the gaps of a dense foliage, leaving numerous spots of tiny lights like shattered mirror on the ground. Occasionally wild beasts’ roar could be heard within the distant mountain.

Over a small hill, Du Shaofu sat cross-legged, both hands forming seals, xuanqi rushing out from his palm and landed over the scroll placed in front.

When xuanqi lands atop the scroll, the entire scroll glowed softly and began to unfold by itself, the symbol-like patterns glowing as if it were about to jump out from the scroll. Each pattern gathered together forming a wave of light akin to a figure demonstrating a set of boxing style, these lights then entered Du Shaofu between his eyebrows.

Du Shaofu’s body shuddered as the light patterns entered, a glow enveloped his body, his face resolute. After everything calmed down, the light on the scroll dissipated.


Half an hour later, Du Shaofu breathed out a mouthful of air, eyelids twitched slightly and opened, a golden gleam in his bright eyes.

“Pulsate Fist, early grade Xiantian level martial skill, qi energy vibration, if practiced till major completion creates nine waves of vibration, each wave layer superimposed multiplying the power enough to crush the opponent’s bones” Du Shaofu muttered lightly. This is information was obtained from the Pulsate Fist scroll.

“Start practicing.”

After a while, Du Shaofu stood up straight, recalling the information from the scroll, handseals suddenly condenses in Du Shaofu hands, forming a fist and started to train.

Horizon covered by the night sky, training under the starry moonlit sky.

Quaint bluestone pavilion, a beautiful girl is standing quietly, fair white skin, a delicate face with long hair cascading down, elegantly dressed . A pair of bright eyes shining in the moonlight, adding a chilly temperament to the elegance.


A hearty voice called out and a lean middle-aged slowly walked out, about forty years of age with extraordinary temperament, said: “How was the trip to Du Clan, is there any special harvest?”


The girl turned back, her cherry lips formed a smile: “This generation of the Du Clan are not considered weak, the overall strength should be slightly higher than the others, but I estimate that the other three families is just lying low, there’s nothing special about the Du Clan, but …. ”

“But what?” the lean middle-aged man asked gently with interest.

“The Du Clan has a fool-like young master, this time I accidentally encountered him in the Du Clan however compared to the rumors outside he seems to be somewhat different.”

The young girl smiled remembering that purple robed youth’s manners and bright eyes, he is definitely not a fool as rumored, and the strength he exhibited in that one move, she did not even capture it clearly ….

“The one you mentioned should be Du Shaofu, the son of the Du Clan’s third brother. This third brother of the Du Clan is actually quite mysterious. Years ago he left Stone City, saying it’s for training and battling in the outside world. Sixteen years ago he suddenly came back, bringing along a son.” middle-aged man said.

His eyes slightly flickered, looking at the shining moon in the sky above, “It’s been calm and peaceful in Stone City for more than ten years, it would start to get livelier. These years, the other families did not relax their training and cultivation. You should continue to focus on your cultivation. Recently the Wild Beasts Mountain is not peaceful, it is better if you do not enter, lest you encounter any danger.”

“En, I know.”

The young girl nodded towards the middle-aged man. Then continue looking at the moon, night breeze caressing her elegant black hair.

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