Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 10 The Annual Clan Competition


Du Shaofu paused his steps, raised his head and asked. Du Shaofu naturally recognizes this old man, Du Clan’s rear courtyard housekeeper, Du Hai. Though he cannot be compared to the main courtyard, but his status is considered quite high in the Du Clan. Usually, he does not put this young master in his eye,[1] of course, if it is the other Du Clan’s main descendants his deference reaches sky high.

“Today is the annual sparring competition and the juniors will participate. This time, the prizes are quite lucrative, considering this is a rare chance, how can you not go. If you happen to miss it don’t say that I did not inform you.”

Du Hai straightened his back when he was saying this to Du Shaofu as if performing a great benevolence by doing so. His eyes contained a trace of sarcasm and ridicule as he watched Du Shaofu, only a fool, even if he participates what he can do in the sparring competition.

“It’s the annual competition already?”

Du Shaofu feels that time flies really fast but did not bother with Du Hai any further and left.

“This fool, does he really plan to participate in the competition? How did Du Clan produce such a fool.” Du Hai sneered indifferently, turned towards a different direction and walked away humming a tune. There are new maidservants waiting for him to train, otherwise, he would have joined in to watch the fun.

Each year the clan’s sparring competition is held at the training field. Just as Du Shaofu reached the training field, lively voices filled with excitement can be heard. Coming to the training field, Du Shaofu just wanted to watch.

In the center of the training field, hundreds of juniors from the main branch and side branches can be seen waiting eagerly for the competition to begin. There were a few outstanding young men and women standing proudly in the midst, surrounded by peers in the training field.

“Hey look, the fool is here!”

When Du Shaofu arrived, his presence immediately caused a small commotion as more and more attention fell on Du Shaofu.

“I heard that fool is cured not sure whether it is true or not.”

“It was said, recovering would be difficult, the clan had wasted so much effort and financial resources, but were still unable to cure him at that time, now it should be even more difficult.”

“Haha, a fool coming to the competition, is it a contest of silliness.”

“Is the fool participating in the sparring competition, he probably came to get beaten up.”

“If this fool is normal, he’s actually quite good-looking.”


With the endless ridicule, especially coming from Du Hao’s side, many young girls looked at Du Shaofu with an expression of pity.

Towards the surrounding people’s impudence ridicule, disdain, and sighs of pity, Du Shaofu gave no reaction as though they were not talking about him. His dark pupils swept across the faces of those mocking relatives, but his eyes were bright as if the scorn and disdain did not affect his mood in the slightest.

Then, suddenly Du Shaofu felt something different. He looked up and saw a group of young people about the same age, many of them were also looking at him. One of them was Du Gui whom Du Shaofu had ‘taught’ a lesson to previously, looking at Du Shaofu with coldness in his eyes while whispering something to a splendidly garbed young man next to him.

Du Shaofu recognized this splendidly garbed young man, Du Chong. He is Du Gui’s older brother and one of the younger generation leaders of the Du Clan. Beside Du Chong, there is also Du Hao and another young man named Du Yan, both are no strangers to Du Shaofu.

The trio Du Hao, Du Chong, and Du Yan were surrounded by a lot of the clan’s juniors on the field, proving their standing amongst the clan juniors.

As Du Gui whispered into Du Chong’s ear, Du Chong’s eyes grew cold as he looked at Du Shaofu. Du Hao and Du Yan’s eyes too reflected ill-intent.

Du Shaofu’s eyes swept past Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan from afar, the three of them were the main culprits of robbing his monthly allowances and dans.

Mouth slowly curved into a faint harsh smile, Du Shaofu sighed and shook his head, then walked slowly forward, wanting to find a good spot so he can watch the competition.

“What is the fool doing here?”

“Stay away from this idiot if not you will be infected with his foolishness.”

Looking at the approaching Du Shaofu, the Du Clan family members on the sides avoided him like the plague, scurrying away with a look of indifference, contempt, and even disgust. No one is willing to stand close to him.

“Second Master is here.”

At that moment, a group of Du Clan elders were seen approaching the training field, causing a furor among the onlookers.

“Seen Second Master and Elders.”

All around the training field, including Du Chong, Du Hao and Du Yan immediately fall in line to greet the Du Clan Elders respectfully.


Leading at the front of the group of elders is a robust middle-aged man, waving his long-sleeved robe, his face happy while looking at these clan juniors, filled with anticipation. His eyes swept around the crowd and his gaze finally fell on Du Shaofu.

This time, Second Uncle is personally overseeing the competition.

Du Shaofu eyes softened after seeing the robust man, his pro-uncle Du Zhixiong. Since he was little, his uncle treated him the same as he did his own flesh and blood. Du Zhixiong is also a famous warrior in Stone City, his mad and fierce fighting style deterred forces that are dissatisfied with the Du Clan.

Do Zhixiong’s eyes unexpectedly pause for a moment on Du Shaofu but did not say anything, then he continued towards Du Hao, Du Chong and those eager young men and women; breaking the silence: “Brothers and sisters sparring, do not go overboard. First round is a knockout battle, the last remaining twelve will draw lots to decide the opponent in a round of individual battle, did you understand the rules?”


Hearing the robust man’s question, a cohesive sound of reply resounded from the group of juniors. But their eyes were focused on a table not far away. On top of the table, two small cases and a delicate jade bottle were placed. Eyeing these items with blazing eyes, for they could already guess what’s inside.

The robust man nodded with satisfaction and continued: “This time the top three amongst you, first place will receive the Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s essence of blood for building base baptism, second place and third place will each receive a building base dan, and the rest that shows a good performance will also be rewarded.”

“Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s blood essence to build-the-base, thereafter it is possible to have Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s talent and ability.”

“For these juniors, this time, the clan really did dump a huge capital. Let’s see who gets the demon wolf’s blood essence for building-base baptism.”

Everyone’s blood was boiling up, whether it is the blood essence or the base building dan, the temptation was too great.

“Violent Stone Demon Wolf blood essence, I must get it!”

Du Hao clenched his hands into a fist, eyes blazing hot. Even for one such as the Du Clan, providing Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s essence of blood for base building baptism is not something that happens often and there’s a limit to the number of times it can be supplied to a member of the clan. That is why this time around, he absolutely must get the demon wolf’s blood essence for his own baptism and breakthrough to Xiantian territory.

“Prizes are extremely generous and attractive ah.”

Listening to those prizes, even Du Shaofu’s heartbeat accelerated a little. If it was the previous him, it would not have mattered, but now since he is able to cultivate it represents a whole new meaning to things.


Not placing someone in their eye- considered as unimportant

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