Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 09 Raging Storm Waves Palm

Three days later, when the sun’s setting on the horizon, fiery amber glow projecting its last light onto earth.

In the silent forest, Du Shaofu continuously condensed one handseal after another, strands of xuanqi gathered in his palm which then coursed through specific meridians in the body before gathering again in his palm.

When xuanqi gathered again in his palm, at this moment Du Shaofu's atmosphere became fierce and frightening, as if a mighty sleeping wild beast being awaken.

"Ka Ka!"

The ground beneath his feet cracked, the space around the purple robed figure rippled as if about to shatter, a myriad of heaven and earth’s energy seemed to be gushing towards Du Shaofu and finally melded within his palm. The surrounding space constantly vibrates causing ripples as if water boiling.

"Raging Storm Waves Palm!"

Du Shaofu struck, xuanqi rushed out and a muffled sound like a faraway thunder is heard through the silent forest. Trailing the palm print, rows of wave-like wind blades can be seen with the naked eye spread out.

The palm print landed on a tree trunk, with the width of two bowls, the wave-like wind blades kept crashing against it just like raging waves.


The solid tree trunk shook, broke in half and tumbled down. The sound echoed through the silent forest, its’ many leaves drifted to the ground completely hindering the line of sight. The frightened birds flap their wings and took off while the nearby animals sped away.

When everything finally calmed down the surroundings was a wreck.

Looking at the broken tree, Du Shaofu’s bright eyes were filled with surprise, he faintly murmured: "Raging Storm Waves Palm truly is not something Pulsate Fist can compare to, but these both sets of martial skills feels like there are many flaws still. It should be much more refined."

In a span of three days, Du Shaofu successfully practiced both Xiantian martial skill Pulsate Fist and Raging Storm Waves Palm. Du Shaofu felt that compared to the ten years’ time spent comprehending the stone tablet’s first style, both of the Xiantian martial skill was too easy.

Whether it is Raging Storm Waves Palm or Pulsate Fist as long as Du Shaofu referred it to the mysterious first style he will gain some insight. After trying out only two to three times he successfully learned them.

Thus, in one night Du Shaofu completed the Pulsate Fist, then subsequently the Raging Storm Waves Palm in two days and one night’s time.

Activating the Pulsate Fist requires the xuanqi to turn three turns, passing 'Qi She'[1] to 'Yun Men'(Cloud Gate) through 'Kong Zui' and finally to 'Shao Fu'. If able to divert xuanqi to 'Tai Yuan' and 'Shao Shang' it is possible to condense xuanqi further and the power will be higher. There are several meridians that do not add much effect, bypassing them will increase the speed of Pulsate Fist, becoming more agile thus eliminating a lot of flaws.

Du Shaofu mumbled to himself: "Raging Storm Waves Palm is the same, if more xuanqi is accumulated in ‘Tian Men’(Heaven Gate) and ‘Tien Chi’(Heaven Pond) then it would not experience a shortage of momentum. Only then it has the style of a raging storm waves, its power will also be a lot stronger however there are still many flaws in other aspects.”

Du Shaofu entered a semi-meditative state, Pulsate Fist and Raging Storm Waves Palm is not weak, particularly Raging Storm Waves Palm. After practicing both sets of martial skills, Du Shaofu realized that there are a lot of flaws and weaknesses to them.

"Perhaps I can improve the flaws."

Suddenly, Du Shaofu’s face brightened up, clear eyes sparkled and began to enter into contemplation.

A person that is without any level of cultivation successfully practiced two sets of Xiantian martial skills and now intend to improve it's flaws, if other Xiantian Warriors were to know about this, even Maidong[2] Warrior, they’ll be anxious to find a hole and simply drill into it. This is obviously bullying.

No one will believe that a person can successfully practiced two Xiantian martial skills in such a short period of time, furthermore a person that has no level of cultivation to begin with. It is impossible for any person.

Slowly, several days passed. The morning breeze blows and the weather brings out the bright blue sky.

"Pulsate Fist!"

Morning. In the forest at the back of the mountain, Du Shaofu is rapidly condensing handseals, strands of xuanqi coursed past the meridians in the body and finally gathering inside his palm. Clenching his fingers together forming a fist, a sudden surge of momentum broke out, light flickered in his pupils and a punch headed directly towards a big rock in front.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Deep muffled explosion sound is heard continuously, a total of thirteen echos, the energy waves overlapping reached a total of thirteen layers, the momentum soared to a point of terror and landed on the rock heavily.


One punch and the hard rock that was about the size of two adults burst into smithereens.

Pulsate Fist, one punch creates nine pulses, as the layer increases it gets harder to add another layer.

But if there are any Du Clan family members around, they will be utterly shocked for it is too unbelievable. Du Shaofu’s Pulsate Fist blasted thirteen pulse counts compared to the original nine, there is an additional of four. The level of difficulty and prestige can be imagined.

"After altering the Pulsate Fist, it is definitely more powerful than the original version"

Looking at the effect of the Pulsate Fist after his own improvisation, Du Shaofu’s face lit up as if he completed something huge.

For a full four days, Du Shaofu immersed himself in improving the Pulsate Fist skill, finally achieving satisfactory results.

During the time, Du Shaofu realized that perfecting a martial skill is more demanding than just understanding and learning them. Knowing it is due to the ancient stone tablet first style which inspired him of the possibilities, otherwise he couldn’t have improved the Pulsate Fist.

"Four days to improve Pulsate Fist. First go back and see if Father’s back. After a few days then work on the Raging Storm Waves Palm”

Du Shaofu did not intend to continue further, it has been several days since he hasn’t been home. Even to fill his stomach, he only picked some wild fruits in the vicinity.

"Hey, this flute has been playing for several days now."

Suddenly, Du Shaofu looked up, from the depth of the distant mountains, a flute melody floated in the wind, the melody is sometimes sharp and clear, sometimes mellow or gentle. These several days comprehending and perfecting the martial skills, occasionally this melodious flute sound can be heard but Du Shaofu did not even know where it came from.

Another baffling thing is, once it is deep into the night, the beast roars from the Wild Beasts Mountains rang out more frequently.

Du Shaofu didn’t pay too much attention to the flute melody or roars of the beast. Cleaning himself up slightly, looking a lot better, he stepped away from the mountains.

"Hey, you, you, come here."

On the green mountain road, Du Shaofu was about to descend the mountain, a somewhat shrill voice of a fifty years old man reached Du Shaofu.


1. Qi She, Yun Men, Kong Zui, Shaofu, Tian Men and Tian Chi are some names of acupuncture


2. Maidong Warrior- above Xiantian Warrior

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