Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 157 Surrounded at night to kill.

Chapter 157- Surrounded at night to kill.

The little blue bird was the size of a child’s palm. Its feather gleamed, reflecting twinkling rays of light. The feathers on its right wing were wet with blood. However, its tiny eyes were bright as it lovingly stared at Dai Xingyu.

When Du Shaofu and Ouyang Shuang approached, the bird’s calm and loving eyes filled with terror. Through the thick bushes, it looked at Du Shaofu and Ouyang Shuang with trepidation and attempted to flee. However, when it flapped its wings, the bloody, wet right-wing prevented it from flying up.

“Little bird, do not be afraid. We’re not going to hurt you.”

Dai Xingyu lowered her body to slowly crawl into the bush. She gently reached out her hand toward the blue bird and said: “You’re wounded so you cannot fly. Just let me take a look.”

The bird’s eyes widened in fear when it saw Du Shaofu and Ouyang Shuang. However, after it met Dai Xingyu’s clear eyes, the fear decreased a bit and its terrified look also calmed. It blinked both eyes and gentle flapped the wounded right wing. Eventually, it didn’t avoid but allowed Dai Xingyu to pick up and gently place it on her palm.

“Is this the tiny blue bird that the people of Dark Evil Door are seeking?”

Du Shaofu assessed the blue bird on Dai Xingyu’s palm. There was a flickering movement beneath its feathers. Within the large amount of blood flowing out of its right wing, there were faint moving runes. This bird was definitely no ordinary animal.

As the blue bird looked at Du Shaofu, it recognized his breath. From its terrified look, it slowly displayed a sense of familiarity though it was still a bit reserved.

“Shaofu brother, can we save this wounded little bird?”

Dai Xingyu asked Du Shaofu as she looked at this wounded bird with her extremely worried eyes.

“This little, blue bird isn’t any ordinary bird, and he seems to have been born quite recently.” Ouyang Shuang also recognized that this little blue bird was not ordinary. She was afraid that it had just been born because it appeared quite immature.

“It isn’t suitable to stay here for long. Let’s leave first.” Du Shaofu said. Agreeing, all three people and a tiger left.

If they continued forward, they would possibly encounter people from the Dark Evil Door. Thus, Du Shaofu, Dai Xingyu and Ouyang Shuang traveled along a side road.

Du Shaofu didn’t forget to remove their marks to prevent others from following them. He had learned to do this after the previous incident in the Beastly Mountain range.

“Whoosh whoosh.”

Not long after Du Shaofu’s group left, several shadows appeared at the remains of the fight. Dressed in black, the force had dozens of people. Those in the front had extremely cold and dark aura.

“A small team of five people was wiped out. There were at least two culprits: one used the sword and the other had tremendous qi force.” The five corpses were raised as one guy inspected them. Then he respectfully informed an older man of about fifty years leading the group.

“They’ve definitely discovered the treasure we’re looking for. Killing our people, stealing things from Dark Evil Door! Find them! Those people can’t have fled far away. You all definitely have to find these reckless people for me.” The leader in black looked grim as his eyes murderously glared.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

As the old man had stopped talking, dozens of shadows immediately departed in all directions. They quickly plunged into the dim and thick forest.

The clouds shrouded the moonlight, allowing faint glimmers to peer down onto the ground. The dark forest was vast, casting looming shadows. The shadows thickened, bleeding into the night, dancing against silver moonlight.

The bright moonlight decorated the night sky like a vast and transparent, boundless sea. So endless, so calm and vast, so mysterious.

The stars scattered across inky black twinkled like small flickering lights in dark waters.

In the forest inside a rift valley surrounded by towering trees, the moonlight passed through dense woods and cast mottled traces of lights and shadows.

Three people: Du Shaofu, Dai Xingyu and Ouyang Shuang sat around while the Demonic Scale Tiger lay alert not too far away, his eyes scanning the surroundings.

“It has been wounded in the right wing, but it’s not a big problem. It will slowly heal itself.”

After examining the small blue bird in Dai Xingyu’s palm, Du Shaofu removed some pills from within his magical satchel.

At first, the blue bird suspiciously looked at Du Shaofu. Then, as it felt the fluctuating pill aura, it opened its mouth to swallow the pills whole like a chicken. Eventually, it turned its dark eyes to look at Du Shaofu and Ouyang Shuang. Its gaze was less guarded than before.

“What kind of bird is this that can consume the pills directly?” Ouyang Shuang was shocked. This blue bird was definitely no ordinary animal, yet she also didn’t know what it really was.

“I also don’t know.”

Du Shaofu also shook his head. He couldn’t recognize this tiny blue bird, but it definitely wasn’t an ordinary animal. Otherwise, the people of Dark Evil Door would not look for it everywhere.

“Poor Xiao Qingqing is poorly wounded. Shaofu brother, Shuang sister, can we bring it along to the Heavenly Martial Institute?”

Dai Xingyu pleadingly looked toward Du Shaofu and Ouyang Shuang. She couldn’t bear to leave this wounded tiny blue bird. She had already named this tiny blue bird with a name she thought would fit, Xiao Qingqing.

“Alright, let’s bring it along.” Du Shaofu nodded since this tiny blue bird wasn’t any ordinary animal.

The tiny blue bird hid inside Dai Xingyu’s palm in a very familiar manner as if Dai Xingyu were its family. Moreover, as it was wounded, it became even more reliant on Dai Xingyu.


Suddenly, the Demonic Scale Tiger lowered its voice and growled. Its miniature body stood up immediately as it stared ahead.

“There’re people chasing after us.”

Du Shaofu immediately stood up and told Ouyang Shuang: “Take extra care of Xingyu. Other than that, leave the rest to the little Tiger and me.”

“Let’s see if these are people from Dark Evil Door or not.” Ouyang Shuang nodded and didn’t argue with Du Shaofu any longer.

“Xiao Qingqing, don’t be afraid. Shaofu brother here won’t let anyone harm you.” Dai Xingyu talked to the tiny blue bird in her palm. However, her glassy eyes were extremely tense.

“Whoosh whoosh. . .”

In a short time, a dozen of shadows appeared from all directions of the deep rift.

Those arrived wore black outfits, and in the dark, they looked like dark ghosts. If it weren’t for the dark murderous intent permeating their surroundings, it would be impossible to discover the existence of these people.

“It’s the Dark Evil Door. They’ve chased us here.”

Seeing dozen of shadows flickering in the dark and feeling more than a dozen fluctuating breaths, Ouyang Shuang’s pretty face turned grim. She couldn’t believe that even after traveling this far, the people from Dark Evil Door could catch up so quickly.

“There are people with cultivation at the Mailing Realm.”

Du Shaofu shuddered. He sensed from the dozen breathes surrounding them that there were clearly people with cultivation level at the Mailing Realm.

“The treasure is in that lady’s hand.”

In the dark, one of the men recognized the tiny blue bird in Dai Xingyu’s palm. He said to the leader: “They are definitely the people who killed our Dark Evil Door’s disciples.”


Suddenly, there was a sharp oooh sound of a flute from the dark woods.

“I didn’t expect it to be just a few brats. Hand over that tiny blue bird then surrender.”

As the leading man waved his hands, a dozen shadows plunged into the rift, each of them aiming for Du Shaofu, Ouyang Shuang and Dai Xingyu.

“They have already announced this position to the others, so let’s make it quick. Little tiger, go!”

Du Shaofu looked at Ouyang Shuang. As their eyes met, both understood that if they allowed more Dark Evil Door disciples to surround them, the situation would get even worse. Inside this Dark Forest, everything relied on strength, not reasoning.


Exhaling, Du Shaofu immediately dashed forward. A golden halo wrapped around his body like a golden ball made of dazzling brilliance. The light slowly spread out and as his feet stomped the rocky ground, carried a terrifying force that blasted a man in black at the Maidong Realm level.


As Ouyang Shuang drew the sword out of its scabbard, the sword gave a thunderous grunt. The sword flew out, and as quick as lightning, it took the offensive position.

“You really want to die? Attacking like that!”

The leading man suddenly shouted. Yet he had not even finished his words when his face turned pale because he realized there was something behind him. As he turned around, he saw the shadow of a giant tiger rushing in ferociously. When he stared at the tiger, he could only see runes moving with terrifying force.

“Demon monster at the Mailing Realm!”

The leading man’s face drastically changed. In a moment, his gestures condensed as he poured xuan spirit into bright runes that wrapped around his body like petal blossoms. As he threw both punches, the qi palm shot toward the Demonic Scale Tiger.


Du Shaofu appeared in front of the opponent. That man in black hurriedly threw a runic punch forward. Du Shaofu’s look remained unchanged, and he also punched out, causing a huge impact as it contacted the other man’s fist.


The collision of both punches was extremely ferocious. However, Du Shaofu’s fist was terrifying to defend against: it destroyed everything and directly broke the opponent’s fist before viciously blowing the man’s body away.

“Bang bang!”

Right after that, Du Shaofu rushed out once again, and in a blink, he materialized in front of two other men in black. Both fists were akin to dragons exiting the sea, destroying the defensive xuan spirit that both men in black hurriedly wrapped around their bodies. Then these fists fiercely smashed their ribcage.


Du Shaofu indomitably charged for a quick victory. He was like a monstrous animal in human guise: unstoppable, indefensible destruction.

“Ah! . . .” In a blink, each shadow thrown out like a boulder, their pained cries echoing in the ravine.

From within Dai Xingyu’s palm, the tiny blue bird intensely watched Du Shaofu with its deep black eyes. He was both suspiciously curious and fearful.

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