Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 158

Chapter 158

Chapter 158 – Bloody Escape

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Ouyang Shuang exerted all of her power . Combined with her graceful body, her sword work was fast as lightning and lethally sharp . Wherever the sword streamed through, runic words burst and slashed the air, leaving a vacuum trail in its wake . Quite a few men in black were unable to defend against it; thus, in a short while, most of them fell beneath Ouyang Shuang’s sword .

“Chi la!”

A man in black took this chance to plunge toward Dai Xingyu, throwing his fist out to capture her . He used a wave of dark spirit that caused a hurricane to sweep the whole area .

“Squeak squeak!”

Dai Xingyu tensed and froze, while the tiny blue bird in her hand squealed loudly .


A sword stream flew out from thin air and slashed to chop off the man’s arm .


Another flash followed by a runic fist from a small hand heavily landed onto the man’s chest, directly blowing his body away . The man let out a piercing cry of pain .

“Xingyu, be careful . ” Ouyang Shuang appeared in front of Dai Xingyu; however, other Dark Evil Door disciples had gathered to attack .

“Bang bang bang!”

Du Shaofu’s shadow rushed forward like a powerful animal and was extremely fierce . Those Dark Evil Door disciples had been smashed by him and were left lying dead in front of Ouyang Shuang . He asked: “Are you alright?” .

“Yes I am . ”

Ouyang Shuang nodded slightly . She widely opened her eyes to stare at Du Shaofu in shock . Today she observed another side of this man . He was extremely powerful like a beast . Though she was quite surprised, as she looked past behind Du Shaofu, her expression changed . “Be careful . . . ”

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