Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 26 A Blessing In Disguise

A Blessing In Disguise

Organizing his thoughts, Du Shaofu came to a shocking realization, not only did he managed to keep his little life but he also obtained the Golden-winged-Garuda’s exercise law.

The Golden-winged Garuda is a t

Organizing his thoughts, Du Shaofu came to a shocking realization, not only did he managed to keep his little life but he also obtained the Golden-winged-Garuda’s exercise law.

The Golden-winged Garuda is a terrifying mighty existence amongst the beast race, terrorizes even strong human experts and mostly heard about in myths and legends.

“Unfortunately it’s not possible for human to practice a beast race’s exercise law.”

Du Shaofu felt pity, from what he could comprehend the exercise law of the Golden-winged Garuda is very powerful, especially in looking body refining and beasts’ supernatural talent – simply not what the humans’ inferior exercise laws could hold a candle to.

But it’s impossible for human warriors to practice a beast race’s exercise law for there is a core difference between the two races, from blood to physique thus humans are only able to comprehend and cultivate the supernatural talent of the beast race. Of course, even if the most talented human comprehends and cultivates the supernatural talent of the beast race, they are incomparable to the real thing.

“Sh*t, xuanqi’s gonna burst out!”

Suddenly Du Shaofu’s expression changed drastically, at this moment his already full xuanqi can no longer be suppressed down, it keeps accumulating not knowing the reason. Xuanqi rolled and swirled violently in his meridians and blood vessels like it wants to burst out of his body.

Sensing the crisis within his body, Du Shaofu turned solemn as it turns out the endless xuanqi gushing out came from the broken piece of bone in his chest, the bone a blazing hot of golden sphere floating in his chest. Large amounts of xuanqi kept gushing out stretching to the max all of his organs.

“Foolish brat, quickly run your exercise law to convert the xuanqi from the Golden-winged Garuda into your xuanqi if not, you definitely will die!”

At this time, a charming voice don’t know where from sounded in Du Shaofu’s ears. This voice sounds very familiar to Du Shaofu.

“How to convert, I have yet to practice any exercise law ah.”

In a moment of crisis, Du Shaofu did not wonder who’s talking the most important issue is he did not practice any exercise law yet, and now he simply have no idea what to do – if only he knew earlier that this would’ve happened, he should’ve just practiced some ‘Unfathomable Righteous Tactics’ when he couldn’t find Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture, else he wouldn’t be in this crappy situation.

“If you haven’t practice exercise law how could you have xuanqi? We’re finished this time! Don’t you know any exercise law at all?”

The angered charming voice continued to say in Du Shaofu’s ears, filled with worry – perhaps no one has ever come across this type of situation.


The broken bone glowed brightly, runes rolling between the endless outbreak of xuanqi, exuding great pressure that Du Shaofu’s body ballooned up, about to burst. The acute pain made Du Shaofu screamed in agony.

“Exercise law, exercise law, try…Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law.”

Amidst the pain, a light flashed across Du Shaofu eyes – just when xuanqi were an inch away from bursting out Du Shaofu run the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law, the only law he knows at the moment rather than not doing anything at all, even though humans can’t practice beast race’s exercise law.

Enduring extreme pain, Du Shaofu condensed handseals according to the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law and begin practicing.

A beast race’s blood and physique differ from a human’s, so it’s an incomprehensible miracle that the moment Du Shaofu starts running the Golden-winged Garuda exercise law it had an immediate effect.

The Golden-winged Garuda exercise law formed a link with the broken bone in Du Shaofu’s chest, indirectly looping Du Shaofu within. Du Shaofu feels that he is the Golden-winged Garuda, and the exercise law was created for him. The compatibility was unbelievable to Du Shaofu.

But everything that is happening is real. As Du Shaofu runs the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law, the remnants of xuanqi within the broken bone became Du Shaofu’s xuanqi.

A warrior’s cultivation from Houtian level into Xiantian level; at the Houtian level there are nine layers, only after full completion of nine layers will one enters Xiantian level.

At first, although Du Shaofu was able to condense xuanqi however he has yet to learn or practiced any exercise law, thus has no recognized level of cultivation, depending solely on skills and his overbearing xuanqi to defeat opponents.

“Houtian first layer, Houtian second layer, Houtian third layer…”

Almost instantly, the xuanqi from the broken bone and Du Shaofu’s xuanqi integrated, following the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law gathers towards the Shenque in his lower abdomen, before circulating to the meridians, and his cultivation level skyrocketed, from having no cultivation breaking through each layer at rapid speed.

As time passed, Du Shaofu’s inflated body returned to normal surrounded by circles of golden light illuminating the entire cave, emitting a breath of overbearing tyranny.

Within the golden circles surrounding Du Shaofu, numerous runes flickering laced with traces of the Golden-winged Garuda’s aura, enough to suppress thousands of beasts.

When the runes gathering around Du Shaofu condensed into a shadow image of a Golden-winged Garuda, its oppressive power peaked as the image seemed to come alive, spreading its wings to soar towards the sky, its terror oppressing other strong beings.

During this process, Du Shaofu who was running the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law entered a wonderful state of enlightenment.

In that wonderful state of enlightenment, Du Shaofu felt he was a human version of Golden-winged Garuda, as blood the color of pale gold circulates through his veins improving his physique, his organs, bones, flesh and all others transforming, getting stronger and closer towards to the physique of a Golden-winged Garuda.

Immersed in that wonderful state Du Shaofu immobile like a statue, his cultivation soared while being wrapped in the circles of bright golden light, the life-like image of Golden-winged Garuda behind him changes erratically – one moment flapping its wings wanting to soar towards the sky, then turning back to runes if particular arrangements, then back again condensing into the life-like image of a Golden-winged Garuda.


Shenque – similar to dantian

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