Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 27 Opening of Shenque

Opening of Shenque

Du Shaofu immersed himself in practice, feeling like he’s the human version of a newborn Golden-winged Garuda greedily absorbing oxygen, exploring about himself, probing what can make him stronger, comprehending everything…

“Chi la la~”

Inside the cave, there were faints sounds like thunder as a terrifying coercion swept out from the cave.

At this instant, experts would be shocked with the scene happening inside the cave and if news of it were to spread out it is enough to awe the world.

“A human fusing with a Golden-winged Garuda’s arcane bone, flows with the blood essence of Golden-winged Garuda, practicing the Golden-winged Garuda Clan’s exercise law, miraculous, this is a miracle…”

From within the body of an immersed Du Shaofu, an enchanting voice sounded astonished.

Early morning, on a balcony located deep within a courtyard.

“Fu Huang, were you looking for me?”

A young girl gracefully walked into a majestic hall, dressed in a tangerine-red clothes that do nothing to hide her ample buxom and slim waist, enhanced by her tall figure and elegant temperament, a mesmerizing beauty.

“Sheng Nan, recently many strange things have been happening within the Wild Beast Mountains, from the reports I received Sky Serpent Sect, Blacknether Sect, Mystical Talisman House and other forces have early on sent experts into the Wild Beast Mountains, what is your view on this?”

A middle-aged man said to the young girl. The middle-aged man is rather obese with a big bulging belly and a short stature but exudes an imposing, dignified aura.

“Sky Serpent Sect, Blacknether Sect and Mystical Talisman House.”

Surprise flitted passed the young girl's clear, bright eyes then she raised her head and said to the obese middle-aged man in front: “Fu Huang, allow me to go and have a look, a treasure has definitely appeared inside Wild Beast Mountains, with my master’s reputation even if I run into them they dare not do anything to me.”

“Sheng Nan, when you were born I named you Sheng Nan with the hope that you will be much stronger than a male, all these years no doubt you're far stronger than your younger brother, however, you’re back home after a long time away at your sect, Fu Huang really…”

“Fu Huang, it is fine. If my sect came to know about this, probably they’ll send me to investigate Wild Beast Mountains too, and in the event there’s something good we can’t allow Sky Serpent Sect, Blacknether Sect, and Mystical Talisman House to take everything.”

The young girl interrupted the hefty middle-aged man’s sentence, smiled faintly and said: “Possibly this trip to Wild Beast Mountains, I might come across some good fortune. I also heard there are a lot of demonic beasts within Wild Beast Mountains and I have long wanted to experience it.

“You really… If only your brother and sister are half as good as you are, I will be satisfied.” The hefty middle-aged man said smilingly to the young girl, then added sternly: “I will instruct a few of the palace’s experts to go with you, take care of yourself.”

“I understand.” The young girl nodded obediently.

Outside Stone City, about half a month passed since the beast tide incident. The much dreaded third beast tide, in the end, did not materialize and some people notices the situation within Wild Beast Mountains has started to simmer down.

“It must be the birth of a treasure that caused the beast tide.”

“Now that the treasure is born, let’s quickly go look for it, we can’t let this opportunity slipped away.”


The fear and dread brought by the beast tide at this moment receded instantly with the temptation of a treasure, in the end, most of the beast hunting teams gathered up the courage and entered the mountains again in search of treasure.

When there is a first person, there will be a second person following from behind and after that, more and more beast hunters teamed up to enter the Wild Beast Mountains - everyone wanting to look for the said treasure inside.


Du Clan. Inside a courtyard, Du Zhenwu’s fist suddenly banged upon the table breaking it into pieces, raging fury in his eyes, shouted: “Exactly who trespassed into our Du Clan and took Shaofu away, I will have no mercy if I ever find out!”

“Big Brother, so many days has passed yet we’re unable to find any clues, will Shaofu…” Du Zhixiong sighs, his face looking pale. He has been out looking for clues every day without rest, on top of that feeling impatient and anxious due to the lack of news increases his worry about his nephew’s safety, Du Zhixiong looks like he lost half of his weight.

“I believe Heaven will look after Shaofu, the lighting at that time did not to take his life, those who survives a calamity will have good fortune shine upon them.” Du Zhenwu’s expression turned grim, turning to Du Zhixiong: “Have you inform Third Brother?”

Du Zhixiong nodded and sighed: “There was not much reaction from Third Brother after I told him, still passing every day in a state of drunkenness.”

Du Zhenwu did not say anything but his expression changed erratically when he finally opened his mouth: “How’s the situation in Wild Beast Mountains?”

“The Ye Family, An Family, Qin Family have sent people into Wild Beast Mountains, rumors has it there’s a newborn treasure inside Wild Beast Mountains.” Du Zhixiong raised his head and said: “Big Brother, Du Clan can’t be left behind, should we join in the fun and sent in our team too.”

“You lead a team in personally, also bring a few juniors with you, let them gain some experience. Unfortunately, Shaofu is not here, if not he too can go and gain some experience, I’m sure he will improve much faster.” Du Zhenwu sighed.

Inside a cave, somewhere within Wild Beast Mountains. Rumbling sounds rang out from the cave as if thousands of horses galloping. The golden light surrounding Du Shaofu flicker continuously as the runes shimmered, xuanqi fluctuating within the space of the cave that it quakes nonstop.

Inside the golden sphere of light, every inch of Du Shaofu’ skin glows; like golden colored runes were about to burst forth from his skin, as the golden sphere of light grows ever more dazzling like a miniature sun.

“True heart at peace with Yang as principal; with culmination like the moon’s treasure, wipe away every cloud of confusion leaving no speck of stain, a light of ray fill Heavens’ void, upon the golden cauldron life sprouts daily, reaching perfect completion of Houtian, opening Shenque of Xiantian!”

At last, Du Shaofu issued a loud roar, the golden sphere trembled, all of his body’s xuanqi rushed towards the Shenque at his navel.


At this very moment, the runes floating behind Du Shaofu once again converged into the shadow of a Golden-winged Garuda, issuing a thunderous roar, mysterious runes bursts out emanating an air of overbearing tyranny.


A muffled sound of an explosion came from the Shenque near his navel, Du Shaofu’s body trembled violently as the doors of Shenque opened and xuanqi rushed through the doors to the Shenque akin to a raging tsunami, runes continues to flicker.

Shenque open and xuanqi came flooding in with flickering runes with a shadow image of a Golden-winged Garuda were formed within the Shenque.

The broken bone in the chest glowed brightly dispersing a tyrannical breath, overbearing and vicious, oppressing all being under the sun!

The difference between Houtian and Xiantian apart from strength is a Houtian warrior relies on practice to slowly accumulate xuanqi for breakthrough whereas a Xiantian warrior can absorb spiritual energy directly from the surrounding to increase their cultivation as long as Shenque is open.


Shouting out loud, Du Shaofu can feel a powerful force inside his body, stronger and powerful than before as xuanqi keeps rushing into Shenque, the runes flickering nonstop ever more brightly.


Fu Huang (父皇) is a form of address used only by imperial families to greet the father who is an Emperor. (Some) Emperor also refers to themselves as Fu Huang in front of their children.

Sheng Nan (胜男) name - means (to) win against male

He who survives a calamity, good fortune shines upon them (idiom)- Shaofu who survived the lightning strike thus will not die so easily.

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