Martial God Space

Chapter 16 – Returning to the school

Chapter 16 – Returning to the school

If he could have the core disciples’ resources, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation rate would only be even faster. Although it was impossible to make a large fortune for now, it naturally was a steady source of income. In the course of time, it was not a poor income.

Let alone wanting to stand out in the core disciples, Ye Xiwen urgently needed all kinds of resources. He must not let it slip by bit by bit, those core disciples each were extraordinary innate talents, each had fortuitous encounters. If he did not step it up, it’ll be a long time off to be able to overtake them.

Ye Xiwen would not be willing to leave until they are all one by one dominated!

In short, no matter how, this time’s School Inner Weighting was unusually important for him. He must go all out. To adjust to optimum condition, he must enter the core disciple rank in one go.

As for core disciples not participating in the School Inner Weighting, after three months there will be an additional Core Weighting. The top twenty places could proceed toward the Yi Yuan school head school. Entering the head school to receive maximum cultivation.

Regarding this time’s School Inner Weighting, Ye Xiwen was determined to win!

Time passed day by day, slowly approaching the time of the School Inner Weighting.

Inside the small jungle, together a man’s shadow and a Raging Flame Fox had a distant confrontation. It was surprising to find that Raging Flame fox’s all over fiery coloured fur this time had blade scars up and down the body. Bright blood flowed. The originally pretty fur had everything broken and in disorder. Appearance somewhat dispirited, nothing the tyrannical strength of a Qing Feng mountain’s Houtian peak seventh stage.

“New Moon Beheader!” That person’s shadow gave a loud shout, the long blade shining in hand. Blade Qi soared up, nine blade shadows thus completely sealed the whole body of the Raging Flame Fox’s room for maneuver.

The Raging Flame Fox simply had no place to maneuver, only able to helplessly stare as the long knife fall to its body, beheaded in a moment.

Ye Xiwen received the long blade, digging out the Raging Flame Fox’s crystal core. A Houtian peak seventh stage crystal core could absolutely reach two hundred low-grade spirit stones or higher.

“I didn’t except that at the last moment, I actually broke through to the domain level of nine blades!” Ye Xiwen didn’t expect that now he actually understood at the final moment, breaking through to the nine blades domain level. The “New Moon Beheader” practiced to the culmination’s might sharply rose. A blade danced out, the nine blade blade-shadows were as if a shadow following the body, completely sealing off the whole body’s space. Close to a blade no matter where one escaped to.

This was also why the Raging Flame Fox that was widely know as deft could only be ultimately choked off, the reason that it was beheaded by Ye Xiwen.

The Raging Flame Fox, although strength only at Houtian peak seventh stage, was known as the Qing Feng mountain’s hegemon. Naturally there was a reason, that Raging Flame Fox’s speed was extremely quick. Ordinary Houtian peak eighth stage warriors couldn’t keep up with the Raging Flame Fox’s speed. Only Houtian ninth stage’s utter experts had the ability to steadily overtake the Raging Flame Fox.

Ordinary Houtian seventh stage demon cores reached approximately one hundred low-grade spirit stones, but the Raging Flame Fox’s demon core could reach two hundred. It was because it was very difficult to catch, very rare. Almost comparable to the price of Houtian eighth stage demon cores.

If the Raging Flame Fox escaped, Ye Xiwen absolutely wouldn’t catch it. But in a face-to-face effort, Ye Xiwen displayed the “New Moon Beheader”, from start to finish, the widely-known deft Raging Flame Fox demon beast was unable to move a single step. Honestly suffering the blade.

The culminated “New Moon Beheader” was absolutely dreadful. A blade danced out, up and down, and left and right, completely enveloped by blade shadows therein, entirely unable to escape.

Relying on the culminated “New Moon Beheader”, Ye Xiwen had enough confidence to beat any Houtian seventh stage experts.

In this time of less than half month, Ye Xiwen mainly cultivated the “New Moon Beheader”, but due to having the special’s assistance, he still pushed to the Houtian peak sixth stage with ease, only the difference of a step to reach the Houtian seventh stage.

Ye Xiwen was very clear on one point, that was biting off more than one could chew. Consequently, regardless of whether it was the “Rushing Thunder Hand” or the “New Moon Beheader”, after practicing to the culmination one could begin cultivating others.

Solely the culminated “New Moon Beheader’s” might was already this formidable. Ye Xiwen very much looked forward to the following “Missing Moon Beheader’s” might. It went without saying that the “Missing Moon Beheader” was one level higher than the “New Moon Beheader”, a high-level power technique. If practiced to the culmination, then the might would be hard to imagine.

Although, in this less than half a month, Ye Xiwen unceasingly struck demon beasts dead, plundering demon cores. But, along with his cultivation promoting, his consumption grew more and more. Constituting the low-grade spirit stones, only approximately two thousand low-grade spirit stones remained. Ye Xiwen figured, to practice the “Missing Moon Beheader” to the culmination, these spirit stones’ number would seem to be somewhat stretched thin. Although, two thousand low-grade spirit stones, regarding an ordinary inner disciple, could not possibly be gained in a lifetime. But that special space inside his mind was a super-machine practically swallowing the spirit stones. Ye Xiwen suddenly had a kind of feeling, no matter the number of spirit stones he had, it was not enough to swallow.

Only, the benefit was clear and easy to see. If he could change from starting touching the “Rushing Thunder Nine Echoes”, in about one month, to be able to issue out the “Rushing Thunder Hand’s” first echo, then it was considered to be very good.

Must use spirit stones to switch domain levels!

If he did not have the fortune of Zhang family young master and inside Iron-back Silver Ape King’s cavern, Ye Xiwen would already be unable to continuing supporting it. This was simply burning spirit stones!

But it was almost time now, in two days, the triennial School Inner Weighting will begin. This time he must hurry to just appropriately return.

Due to Ye Xiwen already coming a quite deep place in the Qing Feng mountains, when setting off at early morning, Ye Xiwen will return to the Yi Yuan school, then it would already be afternoon.

Looking at the not distant disorderly buildings, Ye Xiwen was filled with emotion. He went out for a month, from Houtian fourth stage at that time, cultivating to the now Houtian peak sixth stage!

If he told this news to his father and mother, they would be frightened!

But at the moment, Ye Xiwen did not need to urgently return, first he must find a place for some of the spacial ring’s demon beast material or deal with the demon beast cores and so on.

Although inside the Yi Yuan school there was a place to specially purchase this was the Gongde Palace, within the Gongde Palace were very many things not worthwhile to exchange. An initial demon core and peak demon core in the Gongde Palace over there were the same in exchange, but if privately sold to other disciples, then the price was completely different.

Within the Yi Yuan school were no shortage of such places. Within the Yi Yuan school, there was a kind of huge plaza, specialised to have private transactions with those disciples. The school sect didn’t prohibit it.

In fact, the entire school had no less than six thousand people of the Yi Yuan school, it looked like a small town, bustling with unusual noise and excitement. This kind of commercial gathering point would sooner or later form, it might as well be centralised to a point. Firstly, it was convenient for disciple transactions. Secondly, it was convenient for school sects to supervise. Thirdly, the safety factor would also be much higher.

Ye Xiwen first rushed to the transaction plaza, this time of afternoon was when the people was at its most, the human tide surged.

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