Martial God Space

Chapter 15 – School Inner Weighting

Chapter 15 – School Inner Weighting

This time, the distant place’s fighting’s victory and defeat had already been decided, the Zhang family warriors were only a handful of five people within the woods, competing for life and madly fleeing.

Ye Xiwen, silhouette flashing, followed.

“Damn, how can it be like this, these bastards!” With great difficulty, Zhang family participants’ few people ran away from the Iron-back Silver Apes troop’s death chase. The scar-faced middle-aged man’s body was full of bloodstains. It was left behind when in the fight with the Iron-back Silver Ape King. If not for a decisive withdrawal, perhaps they would have been completely wiped out.

“Go back then let the family master mobilise experts to eliminate these beasts in one fell swoop. Otherwise, it’s difficult for my heart’s hate to vanish!” A Zhang family warrior said gnashing his teeth.

“Also that murderer, killing our two young masters, it is an outrage! This time’s affair was also odd, how could those Iron-back Silver Apes be killing to obstruct us in our way?” Another warrior said, not reconciled. When coming, they had a grandiose dozen of people, but when fleeing, only five or six people still remained alive.

“Kill, must kill, tear into shreds!” The scar-faced middle-aged man displayed extreme anger.

“I’m afraid you have no chance!” Only a clear and sonorous voice was passed on.

All the Zhang family looked up, surprised to see a boy around seventeen or eighteen years old juvenile watching them with cold eyes.

It was Ye Xiwen!

“It’s you, it was you who murdered our young masters!” The surviving five people in that previous group of people recognised Ye Xiwen. “Our Zhang family will not let you get away!”

“You won’t have a chance to return afterwards!” Ye Xiwen sneered.

“Brat, you court death!” That scar-faced middle-aged man shouted, taking out a long blade, hacking towards Ye Xiwen. The blade light flickered, Blade Qi threatening.

Although seriously injured, Houtian seventh stage warrior were Houtian seventh stage warriors in the end. Even if seriously injured, ordinary Houtian sixth stage warriors would absolutely find this blade difficult to escape.

But, unfortunately, Ye Xiwen was not some ordinary Houtian sixth stage expert. Now, even if that scar-faced middle-aged man was in peak condition, he could fight the fight, let alone the now seriously injured condition.


Ye Xiwen took out the long blade in a flash, pressing the cold tip to cover it from people’s eyes. Ye Xiwen’s blade hacked out, “New Moon Beheader”. Sharp Blade Qi split open the air, instantly chopping down.


That scar-faced middle-aged man’s Blade Qi defeated by Ye Xiwen’s Crescent Moon Blade Qi, dashing straight down, power as if lightning. The Rushing Thunder Hand’s essence was actually mixed in. That scar-faced middle-aged man simply had not enough time to escape.

That scar-faced middle-aged man only had enough time to look in horror at Ye Xiwen, yelling: “How is it possible, the New…”

Blade light flashed, that scar-faced middle-aged man was directly hacked into two halves from the middle.

Bright blood sprayed out!

Evidently, this scar-faced middle-aged man had already recognised this move, but was too late to speak out.

“What, how could the deacon actually be killed!”

“Didn’t the deacon have Houtian seventh stage strength? Hardly a difference compared to some core disciples, how could he be beheaded by a blade!”

“A very dreadful blade technique!”

That scar-faced middle-aged man was beheaded by a blade. Immediately, the Zhang family’s barely remaining morale broke down. Originally, they had just recently come under utter defeat, now even their most difficult to deal with scar-faced middle-aged man was beheaded by Ye Xiwen’s blade. They were but Houtian fourth to fifth stage, they no long had the frame of mind to resist.

The remaining four shouted, dispersing in all directions to flee. But Ye Xiwen would absolutely not let them escape. The Zhang family was one of the Qing Feng mountain’s two great powers. These people have seen him, in the event that they were let to flee, perhaps he would truly have unceasing inconveniences. So much so that he would face the Zhang family’s thunderous reprisal.

“Qiang!” Ye Xiwen raised the vertical body skill, a blade hacking out.

Blade Qi warped and weft, quick as lightning. In a split second, it hacked out six blades, one fleeing Zhang family warrior already had his head and body separated!

Ye Xiwen practically did not have any stagnation, long blade in hand, sweeping out. The speed was still strangely extremely quick. With a trace of a thunderstorm sound, hacking into yet another warrior’s body.

Along with two warriors beheaded by Ye Xiwen, the remaining two warriors were also unable to escape, ultimately beheaded by Ye Xiwen.

A mid-level martial arts’ might was boundless. Although, after the Rushing Thunder Hand was to completion, it was completely no less than some mid-level martial arts. But for murder efficiency, Ye Xiwen have no choice but to admit that the New Moon Beheader was a little better.

After beheading the final Zhang family remnants, Ye Xiwen at last relieved. Not needing to face another of the Zhang family’s death chase. Afterwards, even if the Zhang family wants to continue investigating, they must be able to go find talented people, they have to know who’s for the job!

The entanglement of the Zhang family was temporarily broken away from, Ye Xiwen also did not have the idea of returning. He still must continue to temper himself for half a month here. Because half a month later was the time of the year’s one School Inner Weighting.

The School Inner Weighting was the school inner triennial grand event. Both only both disciples in the outer sect and disciples in inner sect participate. It was also divided into two parts, outer sect disciples and inner sect disciples. Outer sect disciples in the top ten places could be promoted into inner sect disciples, but inner sect disciples in the Weighting’s top five places could promote to the core disciples.

Within the Yi Yuan school, outer sect disciples were just several thousand, inner sect disciples merely passed a little more than one thousand and core disciples were only just over one hundred people.

If inner disciples were said to be the Yi Yuan school’s elites, in that case, the core disciples were seeds. The Yi Yuan school developed and strengthened the seeds. Inside the Yi Yuan school, the majority of seniors came from core disciples. To an exaggerated point, even if the outer sect disciples and inner sect disciples all died, so long as there were still core disciples, like that, it was not important. It could still develop rapidly.

But if the core disciples lost half the people inside, in that way, the Yi Yuan school’s vigor would be greatly injured.

The position of the core disciples was clear in the Yi Yuan school. In the Ye family’s three siblings, Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue were both already core disciples. Only Ye Xiwen still struggled within the inner disciples.

Not everyone was able to promote to the core disciples. Although experts constantly promoted to the core disciples, an overwhelming majority of people still did not a chance. Because talents constantly sprung up, to seize that not at all often promotion to the core disciple position, sometimes not only paying attention to strength, but one must pay attention to luck. Until twenty-five years of age, if still unable to promote to the core disciples, in that case, one would either become a Yi Yuan school steward, or either fend for themselves down the mountain.

Once promoted to become a core disciple then compared to the treatment before, it simply was a ‘heaven and the earth turning upside down’ change. There were only over one hundred core disciples, just they accounted for at least half of the Yi Yuan school’s resources.

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