Martial God Space

Chapter 19 – Competition Starts

Chapter 19 – Competition Starts

In Blood Yuan Territory lived a variety of unusual beasts, birds, countless treasures, however the risk factors were high, even Xiantian level experts had fallen to this place.

Every time the dimension had opened, Yi Yuan School elder and master of Zhang family together ventured into this place but in the past disciples had never been dispatched because the time interval was too long. A full decade and also the strength of the disciples was relatively poor so their safety couldn’t be guaranteed.

“Blood Yuan Territory!” Ye Kongming frowned and said, “It will open up this year exactly at the same time when ‘Blood Yuan Fruit’ matures, and Zhang family has proposed to organize this year’s core disciples competition together and the top three will receive ‘Blood Yuan Fruit’ as reward!”

‘Blood Yuan Fruit’ was a spiritual fruit and was also the specialty of Blood Yuan Territory. The tree it grew on was located deep into the territory and this spirit fruit was the reason why the dimension was named Blood Yuan Territory.

When someone consumed this spiritual fruit, even Xiantian level experts would be able to reach the next stage of their cultivation, of course, this spiritual fruit was very scarce and it only matured once in a hundred years, i.e, they could get this fruit only once after having opened the Blood Yuan Territory for ten times, moreover, the quantity was also scarce, only nine.

“The winning side will receive four of the remaining six Blood Yuan Fruit, while the losing side will receive just two Blood Yuan Fruits!” Ye Ming said. This was nothing as in the past they had such a competition and the winning party got more rewards, while the losing party got less.

“I have heard that in recent years, Zhang family has produced three very powerful geniuses. They are very young but have already acquired the strength of ninth stage!” Xia Chunxue suddenly mentioned this.

“You are right, Zhang family clearly just wants to monopolize the top three ranks!” Ye Kongming sneered, “but things won’t go as they have expected, just now Feng’er is undergoing closed door training and when he comes out, he will be able to break through to the ninth stage, then he can compete for the Blood Yuan Fruit. In the end, who is going to win is hard to say!”

Ye Xiwen knew that this time Zhang family had evil intentions, but apparently Yi Yuan school elders also had their own plans, so he was not very worried.

“I am not worried about Blood Yuan Fruit but that Blood Yuan Territory, after all, is too dangerous. What if you come across a terrifying demon beast in the blood yuan territory!” Xia Chunxue with a few points of concern on her face said, “Don’t let Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue participate this time, anyway Feng’er has already acquired the peak of eighth stage, and he is only one step away from breaking through to the ninth stage. And, then he would be able to enter into the ‘Main Sect’ of Yi Yuan School. Is that not good enough?”

“Feng’er is an outstanding leader of the Yi Yuan School’s core disciples, so he will have to participate. And as long as they carefully fight together against the demon beasts, nothing will happen!” Ye Kongming said with confidence,”Ye child, you quickly go back and take rest, your physical state should be adjusted to the best condition to give your best in the inner disciples competition! “

“Yes father! “Ye Xiwen said.

Ye Xiwen returned back to his small courtyard, but he did not do anything else. He took out that book he picked up from Ma Yan’s body, the celestial step. This was the secret book that Ma Yan used to blackmail many people. Ye Xiwen looked at the 《Celestial step》 and then realized that this 《Celestial step》 was a Xiantian level power technique. However it was incomplete with only half of the content still intact, of course he couldn’t practice it to the peak level, but the power was also no less than a general higher power technique and as for Ye Xiwen, it was like prolonged draught to meet the sweet dew. He lacked an agility type maneuver technique, although both ‘Rushing thunder hand’ and ‘Cold moon beheader’ contained agility, but these were no doubt inferior to ‘celestial step’ as agility was its specialty.

Ye Xiwen had thought that after the competition was over, he would go over to the library to get an agility type technique, but now he didn’t need to bother about that.《Celestial step》was indeed an incomplete technique, but for the current Ye Xiwen, it was perfectly adequate and in the future if he ever got a chance, he would completely perfect this technique.

According to the above description, 《Celestial step》 was excellent for small ranged maneuvers, when organizing maneuvers in a small scope, it was extremely handy. Ye Xiwen put down the idea of first practicing 《Missing moon beheader》, because anyway his 《New moon beheader》 was more than sufficient to participate in the school inner weighting as it was rare for the disciples to perfectly master even a primary power technique, let alone an intermediate power technique was out of question.

Now firstly, practicing the 《Celestial step》 was important.(TL: I guess he was told to take rest :D)

Ye Xiwen closed his eyes, entering the mysterious space and started practicing as described in the secret book of 《Celestial step》. It began to burn up a lot of spirit stones and the newly formed spiritual Qi entered into his body, then his understanding of the 《Celestial step》 also started to rise up dramatically.

Ye Xiwen constantly practiced maneuvering skills in the mysterious space. His moving shadow initially looked slow and rusty, but it quickly became proficient and skilled. Time passed, two days gone in a flash.

In his small courtyard, with his hands behind his back, he took a step forward but instead he trotted several steps instantly and his figure appeared in the corner far way.

A smile appeared on his face because in just two days, he had already reached the third level(Xiao cheng) of 《Celestial step》. The technique was divided into ‘the first glimpse into the channel’, ‘entering the inner chamber’, ‘Xiao cheng’ and ‘culmination’ . Although there were only four levels, but there was a huge difference between each of the levels and a practice to reach the third level should have taken a long time, not to mention this was an advanced martial arts technique. But for Ye Xiwen, it was not the same as he had that mysterious space to help him practice, where practicing for one day was equivalent to a hundred days practice for others or even more and of course, the price that had to be paid was crazy consumption of spirit stones. In just two days, in order to master the third level of 《Celestial step》, fifteen hundred low-grade spirit stones had already been consumed out of two thousand low-grade spirit Stones he originally had. The remaining five hundred were simply not enough to reach the final level of 《Celestial step》 which required at least one thousand low-grade spirit stones. However at this time, there was no time to practice the final level of 《Celestial step》, because School Inner Weighting had finally begun.

(TL: regarding the names of various levels of Celestial step , even I am not sure)

The sunlight broke through the clouds to shine on earth. The Quinfeng mountain welcomed a new day, on the mountain, up and down, everywhere was like a beaming picture.

On Qingfeng mountain, Yi Yuan school had more than ten thousand people waiting for the competition to begin where only a thousand people would actually participate in the School inner weighting because not everyone would be able to participate, as some people lacked the strength so participating could be fatal. Only those interested in seizing a certain ranking or to test their levels would participate.

This competition was not mandatory, so only interested disciples were participating.

Among them, the outer sect disciples who had registered were as many as eight hundred, and the inner sect disciples were only four hundred in numbers. However these numbers were more than what used to be in the past, as competition this time was particularly fierce and the reason was quite simple. in the past, only the top 50 received a reward but this time it was increased to a hundred, which means top 100 would receive rich rewards. This was done just to attract more inner and outer sect disciples to participate.


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