Martial God Space

Chapter 20 – A brief appearance

Chapter 20 – A brief appearance

Ye Xiwen and Wang Lie both rushed to the competition venue, Wang Lie with some excitement said: “Man, this time you have to get a good rank!”

Wang Lie did not participate this time, to get into top hundred ranks, at least one should be at the fourth stage, but he just had a breakthrough recently, he knew very well that he didn’t have a chance this time, in fact he had never been that ambitious.

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“But you have to be careful, I heard the news that Ma Ying is planning to deal with you!” Wang Lie said seriously, “Ma Ying has put the word out encouraging others to cripple you as a revenge for his younger brother!”

“Cripple me? Hmmm, let’s see if he has the skill!” Ye Xiwen said with a sneer.

Venue was packed with crowd, Ye Xiwen arrived on the scene first and took out the Serial No. 127 for himself, there were two numbers of same serial number, the first opponent would be the one who drew out the same serial number, once the time arrived, key figures within the Yi Yuan school arrived successively, they were using the technique ‘flying high false step’, to fly above the high platform. (TL: can also be called ‘Volley virtual step’)

In the eyes of all the disciples flashed a look of envy, although ‘flying high false step’ was not an actual flight, but it was not something they could easily attain.

Everyone suppressed their breaths to this performance, they were Yi Yuan school seniors and the true backbone that supported the school, Yuan clan people and Zhang clan were already the most powerful parallel forces of the Qingfeng mountain and nearby region, and if their performance was good, they could receive a reward from some elder, that would lead to a meteoric rise, this had happened in the past!

Ye Xiwen in those elders, saw his father Ye Kongming’s figure, among the group of elders, it did not seem conspicuous.

The venue occupied a very wide land area, two hundred platforms (TL: arenas or rings) were placed for the contest.

Wang Lie and Ye Xiwen both went to the No. 127 arena.

“You are No.127 ring’s other contestant” Ye Xiwen just saw a big and tall disciple who walked over to him laughing and said, “You really have a bad luck, unexpectedly have bumped into Shi Feng brother, just admit defeat!”

“Shi Feng brother has acquired the peak of fifth stage, even if to get into the top 50 ranks, he is definitely capable!” that tall disciple continued. “You, if you do not hurry up and admit defeat now, when the time comes, it will be difficult to give up before losing some of your body parts!”

Wang Lie’s complexion also changed: “I did not expect it would actually be Shi Feng!”

“Ah man, it’s too bad, that your first opponent turned out to be that Shi Feng, his methods are very malicious and ruthless, three years ago in the competition, there were several disciples who admitted defeat, their bones were broken, causing 6 months worth of injuries!”

“Quite a bully!” Ye Xiwen said.

“Bully, ha ha ha, for a long time no one has called me a bully!” Suddenly a burst of laughter spread in the arena, “You don’t have a good luck I suppose, as someone has asked me to break your legs!”

Ye Xiwen looked up, there he saw a tall tower-like young man, with a fiendishly grinning face looking at Ye Xiwen.

It was Shi Feng.

“Boy, do you dare to come up now!” Shi Feng grinned, “So long as you kowtow a 100 times, I’ll let you off!”

“That depends on you!” Ye Xiwen sneered, and jumped on. “Now that you have received benefits from others to break my legs, I’ll make you bear the consequences for your sins!”

“Young boy, you really dare to come up, a move, with just one hit I will beat you!” Shi Feng laughed loudly.

“127th arena fight, begin!” the referee saw both of them standing and ready, then opened his mouth and spoke, as for the two previous dialogues, he turned a deaf ear, as if he did not hear anything.

As referee’s voice just fell, Shi Feng shot out like a shell from the catapult, although tall, but his speed was incredibly fast, he rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

Although this person was insolent, but his strength was the real deal, although his agility was not on a high level, but the explosive force was great, in a blink of an eye he had rushed to the front of Ye Xiwen.

Shi Feng grinned fiendishly and opened his big hand to directly twist Ye Xiwen’s head.

“Elders Ye, is that your son fighting on the 127th platform!” said the elder sitting close to Ye Kongming.

“It is my son!” Ye Kongming smiled and nodded.

“I recall, more than a decade ago elder Ye was embracing him when he returned, I just saw him once, but in a blink of an eye, more than a decade has passed, he is already this big now!” The elder said with emotion.

“His opponent can be a tough one!” The elder while staring at the ring, said, “Inborn natural power, he is more formidable than an average person!”

“It doesn’t matter, this will allow him to gain experience!” Ye Kongming smiled, as if he didn’t care, but the eyes were tightly locked in the ring, somewhat worried.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen stuck his palm out, it hit fiercely right on Shi Feng’s big hand, the two sides directly caused a collision making a sound of huge air explosion.

Ye Xiwen stood there calm and motionless, Shi Feng had an inborn natural power, although he had just acquired the peak of fifth stage, but the strength in his hand was absolutely over the sixth stage, comparable to the masters of sixth stage, but he still could not move Ye Xiwen even the slightest.

“Impossible!” Shi Feng’s one pair of cow-like eyes was full of surprise looking at Ye Xiwen, unbelievably, even if it was a sixth stage master, his strength was not one bit inferior, but unexpectedly Ye Xiwen didn’t budge.


Accompanied with a burst of thunderstorm sound, Ye Xiwen’s palm shot out a group of torpedo shaped Qi, with a lightning speed, enormous and mighty, a palm pressed against Shi Feng’s chest.

“Bang!” Shi Feng’s tower-like body was flown up when shot by Ye Xiwen’s palm, his blood sprayed all over, bones in his body were broken in half, and he fell directly off the stage.

“What, how is this possible!”

The audience was in uproar, all the people paying attention to this battle could not believe their eyes, they had been very optimistic about this Shi Feng, but he couldn’t even stop Ye Xiwen’s one move, was actually sent flying out of the arena, no one knew whether he was alive or dead.

“Cheating, he must be cheating!” Several disciples who were close to Shi Feng suddenly found it difficult to accept started yelling and said, “He has definitely plotted against Shi Feng brother!”

Made a brief appearance and sent Shi Feng flying, how was this possible.

“Shut up!” the referee said in a cold voice, who was right or wrong, he saw very clearly, did not need those juniors to teach him what to do.

“This competition, Ye Xiwen wins, now he will enter the second round!”

“Idiots!” Ye Xiwen glanced at those disciples.

Shi Feng however was just a small pawn, presumably, Ma Ying was the one behind, but there was no rush, Ma Ying was popular, to win the championship , sooner or later, they would meet for sure.

“Good, good, unexpectedly, I was totally wrong!” The elder sitting close to Ye kongming said with a smile.


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