Martial God Space

Chapter 2 – Houtian fourth stage!

Chapter 2 – Houtian fourth stage!

Minutes and seconds passed, Ye Xiwen also abandoned the notion of going out, immediately somewhat discouraged. Should he not be able to cross over then he would be trapped here for a lifetime!

Though, Ye Xiwen had not thought he was one to dominate the world, exceptional and peerless and so on. That was a twisted fiction, nothing more. His first thought was to protect himself, then he would go back with shame. He did not want to be trapped here for a lifetime.

Again, a long time passed. Ye Xiwen was really very much bored. Without anything better to do, he began to practice his internal power. This world’s martial power was divided into two parts: martial arts and internal power. He was now only at the Houtian third stage, still not yet the fourth stage. And in accordance with the school’s rules within, those before the fourth stage weren’t permitted to cultivate martial arts. The reason was very simple, martial arts cultivation in internal power was fundamental. In this life, there were no achievements without internal power, and before the third stage was the stage of laying foundations.

He discovered that, apart from being trapped in here, the time and everything else was exactly the same as outside.

In any case, only by maintaining his status quo, cultivating his internal power would he enhance his strength, not wasting his time in vain.

He was now cultivating the set of power techniques called “Bright Jade Power”, divided into ten layers altogether. Within the school, few were capable of cultivating all the way to the Xiantian domain level with internal power, but thanks to the status of elder Ye Kongming, Ye Xiwen had the ability to cultivate these set of power techniques.

These set of power techniques was unusually gentle, the most gentle.

He suddenly discovered that the insights of the “Bright Jade Power” unexpectedly continuously surged into his mind. If the previous speed of insights flowed at the speed of a small stream, then the speed of Ye Xiwen’s insights now was absolutely the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, continuously surging.

Endless insights filled Ye Xiwen as if he were drunk and stupefied from handling the Zhen Qi over and over from cultivating the “Bright Jade Power”.

Not knowing how long passed until.


Ye Xiwen abruptly awakened, opening his eyes and finding himself surprisingly appearing inside his room and not in that chaotic space. The sky outside was already at the first glimmer of light.

Ye Xiwen started, letting out a cold sweat. What that space just now only dreamland?

But the insights inside the chaotic space were extremely distinct, it was not likely fake.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen discovered, on his skinny body soaked in sweat, some black impurities covered him all over. These were the hidden body’s impurities. The Houtian ninth stage, each breakthrough, would discharge some impurities until it’s been cleanly eliminated. After emptying it out of the body, it’s possible to access the Governing Vessel Meridian, going from Houtian to Xiantian.

This was the phenomenon of breaking through one stage. How can this be, Ye Xiwen was endlessly shocked. Assessing himself, the case of him breaking through to the Houtian fourth stage needed about less than half a year, at the very least.

But in the period of a night spent in the chaos he surprising already practiced to the fourth stage.

It was no wonder, according to the predecessor’s memories, even if the ordinary “Bright Jade Power” was practiced, it was difficult to have a bit of insight. But just in the time of practicing “Bright Jade Power” inside the space, great amounts of insights and information rushed forth into his mind. In reality, the rate was deduced to be far more than one hundred times faster.

If this was the case, with the assistance of this special space, learning any martial arts was no longer secret in Ye Xiwen’s eyes. By practicing inside this special space, Ye Xiwen was able to very quickly grasp the essence of learning martial arts!

Ye Xiwen blasted his fist outwards, immediately shaking the air, rupturing and vibrating it. Power wandered in his body, the power of the whole body was no longer dispersed in the body like the past, rather twisted into a Jin, compared with before, it simply couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath.

Amongst the Houtian nine domains, first stage warriors blast a punch of twenty-five kilograms, second stage was fifty kilograms, the third stage was one hundred kilograms, and breaking through to the fourth stage, they can raise two hundred and fifty kilograms in one breath.

Houtian fourth stage was the first divide in the water. After reaching the Houtian fourth stage, their strength reached two hundred and fifty kilograms. That was the power of a fierce tiger, extremely bold and powerful.

Sect disciples within the Yi Yuan school were not restricted in cultivating any kind of power technique at all because the power techniques inside the Yi Yuan school, in itself, were extraordinarily many. Each disciple can find a power technique that suits them.

Even obtaining outside power techniques were not prohibited. Instead, thinking that it’s only the disciple’s lucky chance.

More importantly, after his mortal body passed through that multicoloured brilliance and transformed, his meridians expanded a countless numbers of time. If Ye Xiwen’s meridians before were a small creek, then after transforming, the meridians were the Yangtze and Yellow rivers, the Zhen Qi endlessly rushing within.

Like this, Ye Xiwen’s single day of cultivation was above other people’s result of many days of cultivation. The might of ordinary power techniques and the amount of Zhen Qi send out in a split second also had a direct relationship. Ye Xiwen’s meridians were much wider than an average person, the same moves in Ye Xiwen’s hands were much more powerful than other people.

Ye Xiwen’s strength now directly broke through to two hundred and eighty-five kilograms.

Ye Xiwen suddenly rejoiced, with the assistance of this special space he could possibly rise above others, becoming outstanding.

Thinking here, Ye Xiwen tarried no longer, forthwith placing a piece of quartzite and sitting down cross-legged. Holding his breath, sure enough, that mysterious space appeared once more, but this time, no matter how Ye Xiwen completely concentrated his attention he could not go into that space.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat baffled, how could this be. He could enter a moment ago and now he can no longer enter.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen discovered his body’s Zhen Qi was unexpectedly completely cleanly consumed, nowhere to be seen. Suddenly with great alarm, just now his Zhen Qi was still full, how could it abruptly disappear.

“I understand!” Ye Xiwen suddenly said, he immediately thought that he should he practice power techniques inside this space, you had to consume Zhen Qi, or energy. This was the only way to explain why he could not enter that space now, but also how he suddenly came out of that space just now. It’s precisely because of its relationship with exhausting Zhen Qi.

Inside the courtyard, Ye Xiwen took out all his belongings. Ten low-grade spirit stones, which were all of Ye Xiwen’s belongings. These crystals in this world were known as spirit stones, every piece of spirit stone contained a considerably strong Spiritual Qi. Divided into low-grade spirit stones, mid-grade spirit stones, high-grade spirit stones and top-grade spirit stones.

Warriors could absorb spirit stones into Spiritual Qi to cultivate. It can also replenish your Zhen Qi for a short time.

If this space to deduce power techniques indeed expends energy, then using spirit stones was also possible.

Ye Xiwen absorbed the spirit stones into Spiritual Qi, successfully transforming into his Zhen Qi, holding his breath afterwards. That single special space appeared once again, Ye Xiwen continued to hold his breath, sure enough, like Ye Xiwen thought, he entered that space in one move.

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