Martial God Space

Chapter 3 – Library pavilion

Chapter 3 – Library pavilion

However, the difference was that last time, Ye Xiwen’s whole spirit entered into that space, he completely could not feel his body’s state. But now he could simultaneously sense his outside body’s state, the feeling was like two hearts and souls, the two simultaneously the same.

Ye Xiwen also did not waste time, forthwith exercising control inside the special space via telepathy to cultivate “Bright Jade Power”. Immediately, countless information suddenly swarmed his mind. In reality, his cultivation was breaking through again and again.

Ye Xiwen immediately exulted, apparently, his guess was not wrong.

Ye Xiwen stopped, coming out from inside that mysterious space, putting aside the cultivation of “Bright Jade Power”. There was now an important thing that needed to be done. This was choosing a martial art. A warrior, if not having learned a martial art, how would they be regarded as a warrior.

Especially when fighting with enemies, not learning martial arts simply won’t do. Those only having internal power and not martial art can only end up being oppressed by people.

The sky was already bright. Ye Xiwen freshened himself up, leaving from inside his parents’ courtyard to eat breakfast. This was the Ye family’s custom. Even if the Ye family’s three children already grown into adults and moved out. It’s no problem even if you are not at home, the family’s three meals are inevitably eaten together.

Ye Xiwen arrived, his parents and elder siblings were already present, waiting for him.

“Last night you did not come to eat dinner, where have you been?” Ye Kongming asked. Ye Kongming’s appearance was a solemn and respectful middle-aged man.

“This child went to cultivate!” Naturally, Ye Xiwen did not dare to expose the matter of the mysterious space, “I must tell father the good news!” (tl; 孩儿 = child)

A strange look flashed through Ye Kongming’s eyes, asking: “What good news?”

“Yes, yes, quickly speak little brother, what good news!” Ye Xiwen’s elder sister, Ye Ruxue asked hastily. She was born with a baby-face, although already over twenty years old, she was like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old, looking younger than Ye Xiwen.

The elder brother, Ye Feng, hearing that, also turned to look towards Ye Xiwen. Ye Feng’s features strikingly resembled Ye Kongming, as if a younger version of Ye Kongming. Accompanied by smart-looking white garments, he looked incomparably natural and unrestrained.

The three brothers and sisters differed not much in age. Growing up together since childhood, their affection for each other are superb.

Ye Xiwen’s mother, Xia Chunxue, although already over forty years old, bringing up children for many years, plus equipped with martial power; in the face of techniques, it would appear that she was only in her early twenties. Merely looking at her family with a smile. Even if Ye Xiwen was only an adopted son, in her heart, they didn’t differ in any from parent and child.

“I want to learn a martial art!” Ye Xiwen uttered with a smile.

“Learning a martial art, you broke through to the fourth stage?” Ye Kongming blankly stared, then reacted and said. Sweeping Ye Xiwen with a glance again, he suddenly understood. “Not bad!”

Ye Kongming did not think anything of it. After all, Ye Xiwen was originally at the late third stage in strength. Breaking through to the fourth stage now was nothing strange.

Only, it had absolutely not occurred to him that Ye Xiwen broke through from the late third stage to the fourth stage overnight.

Xia Chunxue also smiled and nodded. Although he merely broke through from the Houtian third stage to the Houtian fourth stage, every bit of Ye Xiwen’s progress made her very happy.

The whole family was very happy, also not thinking anything of it because both Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue’s speed of breaking through was much faster than Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough was very normal at this time.

“Wait a moment to eat, I think this child should go to the library pavilion to choose a martial art.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile, according to the Yi Yuan school’s rules, after breaking through to the Houtian fourth stage, then can you advance to the library pavilion to choose one martial art book. But only the primary martial arts. The selection of martial arts was free, and only this first time. Afterward, in the case you still wanted to learn any martial powers, then you must exchange credits. All school sects possess these credits, generally with a variety of contributions or Heavenly material treasures to exchange.

“En, go ahead, but you must choose this martial art well, now you are still at the stage of laying foundations. It is impossible to choose too many martial arts. So, for a very long period of time, you will use this sect’s martial arts.” Ye Kongming stated.

Learning to practice a sect’s martial arts from beginning to end to the culmination will take an average person a little over ten years. Even if only primary martial arts, even a genius would also need a year or two.

Ye Kongming’s meaning of biting off more than one can chew in practicing the sect’s martial arts to the culmination should not be underestimated. If you haven’t cultivated to the peak by learning unceasingly, ultimately you are only biting off more than you can chew. Everything would be all loose.

Ye Xiwen nodded and said: “This child knows!”

Ye Xiwen knew Ye Kongming’s experienced words of planning were for his own good. Regarding the reason of biting off more than he can chew, he also knew.

“This child has one more thing to say.” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Speak!” Ye Kongming floated a smile on his face, Ye Xiwen broke through, he was very glad in his heart.

“The next time, this child wants to enter the back of the Qing Feng mountain to cultivate to consolidate my domain levels as soon as possible, but also to temper martial art!” Ye Xiwen declared. Ye Xiwen wanted to cultivate internal power at a quiet place. However, with martial arts, he still had to fight to be able to understand its essence to improve at a flying speed.

Let alone, in the event that he wanted to use that mysterious space to cultivate, like that, no other people could see.

“Okay!” Ye Kongming nodded. Even if he was somewhat worried, Ye Feng and Xie Ruxue broke through the fourth stage at that time, also entering into the Qing Feng mountain to cultivate. At that time, their age was much lower than Ye Xiwen.

After eating breakfast, the sky was already completely bright. Ye Xiwen left to go inside the Yi Yuan school’s library pavilion alone.

The library pavilion was one of the Yi Yuan school’s most important places because these secret books represent what was inherited in the Yi Yuan school. The Yi Yuan school was able to tower over Qing Feng mountain for several hundred years all by relying on these secret books in order to ensure the Yi Yuan school’s unending inheritance.

It was still early when Ye Xiwen arrived at the library pavilion, and as usual, the doorway of the library pavilion only had one elderly jade-clothed man reclining in a rocking chair, reading an old, yellowing book very leisurely.

Ye Xiwen’s predecessor often came into the library pavilion before, not only did the library pavilion have secret books, inside the library pavilion’s first floor were some of each country’s geographical records, news of marvelous secrets and the like. There were every kind of books, which included countless relations to cultivation. The irrelevant content, Ye Xiwen’s predecessor frequently came here to borrow books in this aspect. These many years later, Ye Xiwen was well-read, many of the previous generation’s warriors estimated that what they knew was much more inferior to Ye Xiwen.

When Ye Xiwen crossed over, in order to fully understand this world’s state of affairs as quickly as possible, he came here a bit.

Therefore, right here was also not unfamiliar!

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