Martial God Space

Chapter 21 – In one move

Chapter 21 – In one move

“Seems like, he is practicing well!” Ye Kongming seemed serious in speech and manner, but smile spilled on his face from time to time because he was in a good mood, he had thought, with Ye Xiwen’s current cultivation, if he could just pass through the first round, it would be very good, but he had not expected that he could so easily break through the first round, so naturally the second round would unlikely pose any problem, he might even break into the third round, or into the top hundred, naturally he was in a good mood.

After the first round was over, Ye Xiwen did not have to wait too long for the second round. His second opponent was a boy of same age as him, he was wearing a Chinese robe, and his face was filled with pride.

“Wang Shaoqi!” Ye Xiwen said.

The boy looked lightly at Ye Xiwen and said: “You might as well surrender as early as possible, so as to avoid the time of suffering!”

At this time the disciples were talking amongst themselves, someone recognized this boy’s origins.

“It’s actually Wang Shaoqi, he practices tiger cannon fist, which is a high level martial arts, very powerful, last time he was just an inner sect disciple, but relying on the power of tiger cannon fist, he beat a lot of senior-level disciples and made them flee ignominiously (TL: 的抱头鼠窜 means to cover one’s head and sneak away like a rat (idiom); to flee ignominiously), he almost squeezed into the top 100, and then he was received by an elder as his own personal apprentice. He is said to have already acquired the peak of fifth stage, and those who have acquired sixth stage also may not be his opponent!”

“Really, no wonder he is so proud, but this Ye Xiwen is also far from simple, ah, just now that Shi Feng couldn’t block his one move, with one hit he fell unconscious, alive or dead we don’t know, it seems like it may end up in a fierce competition between two evenly matched opponents!”

Wang Shaoqi seemed to have heard the commentary going on in the crowd of disciples, he immediately sneered and said: “You think just because you defeated Shi Feng you can be my match? I’m not a barbarian like Shi Feng, he has brute force but doesn’t know how to use it and is also an idiot!”

“Cut the crap!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently.

“See if I don’t show you some power” Wang Shaoqi Shouted loudly, behind him appeared a huge amount of energy, the mighty and fierce spiritual Qi scattered in all directions instantly. It seemed as if a fierce tiger was descending from the mountain. (TL: 看我不给你点厉害瞧瞧! )

This was the ‘tiger cannon fist’ practiced to the most profound realm, and the surrounding air had condensed into a head of tiger.

“Bang!” Wang Shaoqi took a step, his figure suddenly disappeared, and the very next moment it appeared right in front of Ye Xiwen, then his fist exploded into a punch, “Roaring Tiger in the mountain forest!”

The moment seemed as if a fierce tiger was roaring in a mountain forest, Wang Shaoqi had turned into a tiger, enveloped in evil power.

An Elder watching from the elder seats looked at Wang Shaoqi with a smiling face, he was the master of Wang Shaoqi, Hu Changlao, just then a nearby elder laughed and said: “Last time, Wang Shaoqi almost broke into the top 100, setting a record, this ‘tiger cannon fist’ compared to three years ago, must have advanced by leaps and bounds, this time he can at least break into the top twenty!”

“Ah, Wang shaoqi’s age is too small, duration and degree of cultivation is also very different, this will let him experience and gain insights from the superior disciples of this province, he still does not know the immensity of the universe!” said elder Hu Changlao quite seriously, but his face couldn’t conceal the happy expression and contentment. “However, this person is not an opponent for Qi’er!”

Suddenly, one of the disciples exclaimed.

They actually saw that with just a step, Yi Xiwen’s whole figure suddenly disappeared in front of Wang Shaoqi, it was precisely the Celestial steps.

Wang Shaoqi’s whole body passed through the location where Ye Xiwen was earlier, only then he realized that something was wrong.

“Not good!” Wang Shaoqi finally recovered his self-confidence, and felt the problem.

“Too late!” Ye Xiwen appeared behind Wang Shaoqi, and slapped on Wang Shaoqi’s body.

“Bang!” Wang Shaoqi didn’t even get a chance to react, he was directly slapped out of the ring by Ye Xiwen, but he(Ye Xiwen) did not seriously injure him.

Wang Shaoqi was sent out flying with just one hit, he still could not believe that he did not block even one move from Ye Xiwen. A moment later, Wang Shaoqi smiled bitterly while cupping one hand over the other across the chest he said to Ye Xiwen: “Ye brother, many thanks for showing mercy, in the past I was really ignorant and narrow-minded, it unexpectedly is very ridiculous! ” (TL: 坐井观天 is actually an idiom ‘to view the sky from the bottom of a well (idiom); ignorant and narrow-minded)

Wang Shaoqi turned and left, his figure seemed a bit lonely.

“What, how is this possible, how could that Ye Xiwen be so powerful, even Wang Shaoqi was not his match, he unexpectedly flew out of the ring in one move, it’s really incredible!”

The outcome of this fight caused a lot of disturbance, a lot of people had not expected that Ye Xiwen could actually defeat Wang Shaoqi so easily, without even fighting as they had imagined.

Wang Shaoqi was considered a genius among the inner sect disciples, three years ago he had entered the inner sect for the first time, then he had almost broken into the top 100, this time his goal was to break into first 20 ranks, or even 10, then he would become a popular candidate to be counted in the top future core disciples.

He had encountered many adventures, and was also received as a disciple by an elder, but such a formidable genius, had actually lost to Ye Xiwen, moreover was defeated in one move, it was simply hard to imagine.

That Hu Changlao was suppressed with shame very much like a pig’s liver, although a moment ago what he said was very modest, but everyone could see that he was satisfied (with his disciple), but his voice just fell, Wang Shaoqi was defeated by Ye Xiwen in just one move, this was equivalent to being severely thrown a slap in the face.

“Congratulations, congratulations, Elder Ye, this son of yours really has stolen all the limelight, he broke through the second round in such a relaxed manner, ha ha, I am afraid the top ten ranks are not a problem anymore!”

“Yes, yes, all three children from Elder Ye’s house are outstanding!”

From the elder seats on one side spread a burst of congratulatory voice, leaving elder Hu with an ugly face.

Ye Kongming simply could not speak, that his son was different, he was actually very humble.

In his heart, he was very satisfied with Ye Xiwen’s performance, he unexpectedly had disappeared and a month later, but his progress was actually so great that even that famous genius Wang Shaoqi from three years ago was defeated in one move. But unexpectedly in his heart, he also had some expectations, as to which path his youngest son would take.

“Humphl!” Hu Changlao’s face looked ugly, he coldly uttered a sigh, “he was just opportunistic, he relied on a good agility technique, he will fail eventually, even getting into top 30 rankings is impossible for him!”

Elder seats were suddenly bustling up with noise.

“This Ye Xiwen is amazing, ah, in the past, unexpectedly no one actually knew about him, no one thought seeing his outer appearance that he possessed this much strength, and also we do not know at what time he will be forced out!”

“Yes, you saw, he was also carrying a long blade behind him, but there is no evidence that blade was used, gee, extraordinary!”

Also many elders and a friend of Hu Changlao, said.

“The third son from elder Ye’s house, who does not know, that his power was mediocre, but it suddenly progressed by leaps and bounds, he certainly has swallowed some kind of material treasure, which promotes the progressing speed of the cultivation, but this realm is very unstable, if encountered a real master, he will collapse at the first blow.”

“Spiritual cultivation slowly grows along the way, but this is an acquired realm, to rely on a material treasure to qualify, in the future his achievements will stop!”

The elders were talking about in succession, however high above the platform had its own enchantment, and the people underneath were not aware as to what the elders were talking about.


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