Martial God Space

Chapter 26 – The winning

Chapter 26 – The winning

“Well, quite straightforward!” Dongfang Bai nodded then flew up and skimmed over the ring just like a bird skimming over its prey.

All the eyes were fixed on the two individuals, as this was going to be the toughest battle in this year’s School inner weighting. This event was going to be the main center of attraction for everyone because the one who would win this battle would also win the championship and become the champion among the inner sect disciples. Although after this battle, the next competition was going to be among the outer sect disciples, however their overall strength was quite low compared to inner sect disciples. Every year, very few people would come to watch their fights, even those elders who had been watching the competition from elders seating area earlier would also leave including the lords of various palaces, leaving only a few elders as in charge of the competition.

“Then l will accept your request!” Dongfang Bai’s sword danced like a flower then he pointed his sword at Ye Xiwen and said: “Take out your blade!”

Dongfang Bai was well known for his swordsmanship among the disciples and his cultivation itself was quite amazing. He had already reached the peak of the seventh stage and he could break through to the eighth stage anytime.

This time’s five great disciples could be considered as the strongest generation to emerge from inner sect disciples. Yi Yuan School allowed the masters of the fifth stage to qualify as the core disciples. Those who had acquired the seventh stage were not considered weak among the core disciples, those who were at the eighth stage were considered strong, and finally those who had already attained the ninth stage were considered extremely strong among the core disciples.

Ye Xiwen had finally pulled out a long blade surrounded by onlookers and disciples who were staring at him with their big wide eyes, as this was the second time Ye Xiwen had pulled out his blade in front of them. The first time, it was against the lord of the penalty palace, a Xiantian level master Wang Jian. Now perhaps they could finally take a glimpse at his true strength, because earlier all of his opponents had been defeated by his palm technique.

“Watch out!” Dongfang Bai shouted gently, in his hand holding a sharp sword which danced and produced a sharp light which instantly struck towards Ye Xiwen. The speed of this strike was so fast that the sky instantly filled with light produced from the sword, however the true killer attack was hidden somewhere inside that sword light which had spread all over the sky.

Ye Xiwen’s blade chopped out the new moon beheader. His blade had chopped down straight towards the incoming attack as he had already seen through Dongfang Bai’s killer move, so he had used his own killer move to counter it.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s blade struck at Dongfang Bai’s sword with great strength, producing a sound of air-explosion in the arena.

Both of their attacks were extremely fast. Dongfang Bai’s swordplay method itself emphasized on quick and skillful attacks, and Ye Xiwen’s 《Cold moon beheader》 was also a top-class speed technique, otherwise how could he strike nine blade shadows at once. In addition to that, he had also integrated a part of the Rushing thunder hand skill into the blade, bringing his blade attack to a near perfection.

Both of their weapons collided as the crowd beneath was carefully tracking all their actions.

Zhang Xiang, one of the ‘five great disciples’ was also watching this fight with an ugly expression on his face. Earlier he had also fought against Ye Xiwen and had lost tragically to his palm technique. He had originally thought that Ye Xiwen’s palm technique was his most powerful technique, but he would never have imagined that this palm technique was nothing compared to his astonishing blade technique. This was his true strength.

Dongfang Bai was already at the peak of seventh stage, and his strength was enormous, almost about to break through the strength of twenty Tigers. Although he had practiced in the school of speed, even the masters of the ninth stage would easily be cut down by his sword, which was quite shocking.

Although Ye Xiwen had only acquired the peak of sixth stage, his strength was not one bit inferior to him. Ye Xiwen long blade was striking without stagnation, his blade strikes were as fast as the lightning and ice-cold like the moon. Basically he was not giving Dongfang Bai any opportunity to take rest. This move 《New moon beheader》 he had already practiced to the state of perfection, where his moves resembled the nature itself, without the slightest flaws. (TL: hún rán tiān chéng means ‘to resemble nature itself’ or ‘of the highest quality’)

Dongfang Bai was finding it difficult to anticipate Ye Xiwen’s moves and it was quite evident that Ye Xiwen’s skill with the blade was quite high. Although Dongfang Bai’s cultivation was higher, but his understanding of the swordplay was far lesser compared to Ye Xiwen.

He was just a teenager, how could his understanding of the swordplay be this good!

Dongfang Bai would never know the secret about Ye Xiwen’s mysterious space!

However right now he did not have unnecessary time to think about the reason, because Ye Xiwen’s long blade had already struck.

Dongfang Bai had no other choice but to use his sword and stab, which split open Ye Xiwen’s incoming blade attack, however the authority to take initiative in the battle had already been transferred from his hands to Ye Xiwen. (TL: because Ye Xiwen had made the first strong move)

Ye Xiwen had easily gained the upper hand, the long blade flashed like lightning in his hand and three blade shadows suddenly appeared in the sky, and chopped down towards Dongfang Bai.

Dongfang Bai could only resist passively and in his heart he was being choked to death. Even if it was master at the peak of sixth stage using three swords simultaneously to attack him, it would not pose any threat to him. Even if it was a master at the peak of seventh stage, Dongfang Bai could easily defeat him, but Ye Xiwen was simply an abnormality. His speed was no less than his own speed, and while using the ‘celestial step’ skill, his speed was even faster. Even his strength was somewhat larger than his own strength. Ye Xiwen was basically a monster, as he had consumed monkey wine which had increased his strength drastically, was definitely not lower than Dongfang Bai’s strength. Even his Zhen Qi had become thick and profound and transformed into a mysterious group of light and was definitely powerful compared to Dongfang Bai’s Zhen Qi.

None of the aspects of Ye Xiwen were inferior to Dongfang Bai, in fact some of his aspects were even better. Dongfang Bai was clearly losing to his dominating fighting style.

Everyone was shocked, they all knew that Ye Xiwen was very powerful, but they had absolutely not expected that his real strength would actually be so incredible.

Who was Dongfang Bai? He was the first of the ‘five great disciples’ and no one among the inner sect disciples was stronger than him. Long time ago, he had fought against a core disciple and still couldn’t be defeated, however now he was clearly losing to Ye Xiwen, which was simply a miracle to them.

The elders were somewhat surprised while looking at the two exchanging blows in the arena. Their strength levels were simply not enough to surprise the Xiantian level elders, but Ye Xiwen was simply too amazing.

Everyone was quite favorable towards the genius of the inner sect disciples, and with his talent, he could easily become a core disciple. Also it would be easy for him to rise inside the core sect by taking over the positions left by senior core disciples. One could imagine that there were great expectations of him.

However no one had expected that he might actually lose to Ye Xiwen’s dominating fighting style, although he had not yet lost to Ye Xiwen, but it was quite clear from the battle itself that Ye Xiwen’s monstrous Zhen Qi would definitely defeat him sooner or later.

This dark horse was actually too dark! (TL: hēi mǎ means ‘dark horse’ or ‘unexpected winner’)

Meanwhile, Ye Kongming was looking at his son’s outstanding performance. He looked happy and was grinning from ear to ear, and was also not being critical about Ye Xiwen’s performance.

Dongfang Bai certainly knew that in this fight, he would surely be defeated sooner or later. His only choice left was to wait for Ye Xiwen’s Zhen Qi to get used up? But it was evident from Ye Xiwen’s ruddy complexion that he still had a lot of fight left in him. (TL: basically Ye Xiwen looked like a battle maniac)

Dongfang Bai had no other choice but to risk it all in one final attack!

Dongfang Bai howled loudly, his sword danced producing a silver sword light which obscured the sky like a mighty galaxy. This move was powerful enough to decide the outcome of this battle.

Ye Xiwen also gave a loud shout, his blade chopped out and suddenly nine blade shadows appeared in the sky, although faint but unexpectedly a new moon was split open while fully demonstrating the profoundness of this attack.

“Boom!” A terrible blast wave of Qi swept off across the ring and the huge ring directly collapsed down.

The smoke and dust finally dispersed and everyone could see that Dongfang Bai’s clothes had been damaged, he looked somewhat distressed, and Ye Xiwen’s long blade was placed horizontally on his shoulder.

The outcome of this battle was clear!

Champion. . .

Ye Xiwen!


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