Martial God Space

Chapter 27 – Houtian Seventh Stage

Chapter 27 – Houtian Seventh Stage

School Inner Weighing which took place only once in every three years had finally come to an end and Ye Xiwen, the unexpected dark horse of this competition had unexpectedly won the championship and had also become the centre of attraction!

Nobody had imagined that an unknown guy like Ye Xiwen would actually win this competition, and from now onwards this name would firmly settle itself into their minds.

After the competition was over, the Ye family had gathered at home to have dinner together.

Ye Feng had been busy with his closed door training so he didn’t attend, but Ye Ruxue was present at the dinner.

The whole family was beaming with happiness because Ye Xiwen had unexpectedly won the championship, although years ago both Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue had also become champions and had been promoted to the rank of core disciples, but since these two were already considered geniuses so it was not surprising. However Ye Xiwen’s performance had always been very mediocre, but this time his power erupted suddenly and he also won the championship. This had thoroughly surprised his family.

“Wen’er, before you were just at the Houtian fourth stage weren’t you? But in just one month, you actually reached the peak of sixth stage, and your blade technique also seems like an intermediate level technique, and it has already been practiced to an extent that it has actually allowed you to clearly surpass a lot of core disciples!” Ye Kongming asked.

“About this, even I do not know for sure but it seems like I got sudden enlightenment which caused my cultivation to progress quickly!” Ye Xiwen had already prepared an answer in case Ye Kongming was to ask about it.

“Enlightenment!” Ye Kongming frowned, but he didn’t doubt Ye Xiwen as he had watched him grow up and he knew very well that Ye Xiwen was not the kind of person who would lie.

However, this matter about enlightenment was really unimaginable, and since it was without precedent so there was no way to explain it either.

“Atta boy!” Ye Ruxue patted on his shoulder, “Gee, that arrogant kid Dongfang Bai actually fell face down in front of you!”

Ye Xiwen felt somewhat helpless because just now she seemed even more immature than Dongfang Bai.

“Although you won the championship, you cannot be too full of yourself because there are still many talented core disciples, and not to mention this world is very big and there are many geniuses out there, so remember not to become too complacent!” Ye Kongming warned him as he didn’t want him to become arrogant.

“Yes!” Ye Xiwen said.

“Three months later, the ‘Core Disciples Competition’ will be held jointly with Zhang family and you three siblings must support each other in the Blood Yuan Territory!” Ye Kongming said.

“Rest assured, father!” Ye Ruxue somewhat carelessly said: “We will certainly help big brother in winning the first place!”

“It’s not your brother I am worried about, but your carelessness!” At this time he interrupted her and said.

“Just like your brother is undergoing closed door training, tomorrow you will also start the closed door training for the next three months!” Ye Kongming said.

“I know!” Ye Ruxue said while pouting.

After dinner, Ye Xiwen did not stay but directly went back to his small yard and started cultivating.

The Championship prize was quite rich with a reward of 2000 low-grade spirit stones, and later each month he would get three hundred as monthly salary. Then compared to other disciples, his development would progress by leaps and bounds.

Apart from these 2000 low-grade spirit stones, the most important rewards were actually those three golden pills. These pills were actually a kind of well-known medicines in Yi Yuan School which when consumed could significantly enhance the current cultivation level. However it was only rewarded to talented core disciples and this time, among the five disciples who got promoted to core disciples, only Ye Xiwen had received these golden pills.

Ye Xiwen’s plan was to first enhance his strength. Although his strength was quite dominating when compared to inner disciples, but he also understood that there were many talented and strong masters among the core disciples. And in time he would have no choice but to face them, so his first priority was to enhance his own strength. As long as he was strong enough, he would be able to deal with any challenge.

Ye Xiwen took out a very small porcelain bottle from which he poured out yellow colored medicine into his mouth then swallowed it down and simultaneously entered the mysterious space.

Three golden pills soon turned into heat and started flowing inside his body.

The heat rose from his dantian and immediately the Zhen Qi started to madly revolve within his body and his face suddenly turned red.

In this chaos of Zhen Qi inside his body the original stable state began to loosen up. (TL: basically he is going to level up)

Various insights about the 《Bright Jade Power》 had started to swarm his mind in succession, which lead to further deepen his understanding of the wudao. (TL: Wudao = martial way)

“Boom!” He did not know how long it took but his original firm state had finally been overthrown by a big torrent of energy.

Houtian Seventh Stage had been achieved.

With the help of three golden pills, he had finally broken through to the Houtian seventh stage directly from the peak of Houtian sixth stage. Once again he had broken through his old state, and his strength had also increased drastically.

He previously possessed the strength of 20 Tigers which had directly increased to the terrific strength of 30 Tigers after the breakthrough, which was much more than what he had expected.

This was all because of that monkey wine which had granted him this hurricane-like strength.

He looked outside and saw that it was still early morning then once again he started cultivating.


Time passed rapidly and in a blink of an eye, a month had already gone.

A figure could be seen in the forest located on the backside of the Qingfeng Mountain.

“Missing moon beheader!” With a soft shout, a figure shuttled inside the forest , the blade Qi struck horizontally and all the surrounding trees could be seen successively falling on the ground.

“This missing moon beheader technique has reached the final boundary of practice!” Ye Xiwen’s Zhen Qi was automatically drying up the sweat on his body.

All this time, he had totally submerged his mind and soul to practice 《Cold moon beheader》 and had finally reached the ‘Xiaocheng’ level. Although he had not reached the ‘Dacheng’ level, but even so his fighting strength had greatly increased.

(TL: Xiaocheng= third level; Dacheng= fourth level, final level, culmination)

And even the attack range of 《New moon beheader》 was also not the same. Although 《Missing moon beheader》 was an individual attack, but when the blade was chopped down it would produce many blade shadows, each one similar to the other but the total power would be terrifying. If practiced to the Dacheng level, it would produce nine overlapping blades causing the full power to increase tenfold.

And now Ye Xiwen had practiced to a level where he had only achieved a maximum of five overlapping blades at once, but the power could fully enlarge up to three times.

In more than a month’s time, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation had reached the peak of Houtian seventh stage with his strength increasing to the strength of 50 Tigers. Each of his blade strike had a heavy crushing force containing huge power, and in addition to that he had completely practiced the 《Celestial Step》 to the Dacheng level. He had also practiced ‘Missing moon beheader’ to the Xiaocheng level so now he was confident enough to easily defeat any master of the Houtian eighth stage. Even if it was a master of the Houtian ninth stage, he could easily compete against him.

It’s not that he did not want to continue his cultivation, but he had completely consumed a total of four thousand low-grade spirit stones while practicing 《Celestial Step》 and 《Missing moon beheader》

He was once again penniless with not a spirit stone left!

With the help of the mysterious space, his martial arts cultivation could progress very fast but the required spirit stone consumption was simply too enormous.

Now he had to find a way to earn spirit stones.


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