Martial God Space

Chapter 28 – Down the hill

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Chapter 28 – Down the hill

Ye Xiwen returned back to the Yi Yuan School from the back side of the Qingfeng Mountain and went straight to the Gongde Palace. Here things like demon beast cores, herbs, etc, could be exchanged for school credits and vice versa, meanwhile it was also possible to accept missions at Gongde Palace.

Some of these missions were issued by outsiders, some by the school disciples, and some missions were issued even by the elders who would give strange and unusual rewards. But his main objective was getting low-grade spirit stones as reward. He wanted to earn spirit stones as fast as could so in addition to hunting demon beasts, he had planned to take up missions as well.

With varying degrees of difficulty, rewards would also be entirely different.

These missions were divided into A, B, C and D rank missions each corresponding to the elders, the core disciples, the inner disciples and the outer door disciples respectively. Higher ranked missions would involve greater difficulty and at the same time, the reward would also be huge.

Now being a core disciple, Ye Xiwen could take up rank B missions and above.

There was a large crowd of disciples for rank C and D missions, but there were few disciples on the rank B side, just a small number of core disciples and not to mention most of the core disciples were out on missions.

Ye Xiwen glanced at the published mission board and compared rank B missions with the rank C and D missions. He noticed that these missions were frequently getting replaced, but replacement for rank B missions was not at all quick.

“Look for Heavenly Cold Grass in the depths of Qingfeng Mountain… Rewards, three hundred low-grade spirit stones!”

“Look for a Blood Wolf King’s crystal nucleus … Rewards, five hundred low-grade spirit stones!”

Ye Xiwen glanced through the missions of varying difficulty and saw that the rewards were ranging from one hundred to one thousand low-grade spirit stones. For inner disciples, this was already an astronomical figure, and even for core disciples, it was not a small figure. After all, their monthly salary was only three hundred low-grade spirit stones.

However the difficulty of these missions was quite high, for example a blood wolf king was a terrifying demon beast which was considered at the peak of Houtian eighth stage. Even most of the core disciples could absolutely not complete this mission let alone inner disciples.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes skimming through the missions stopped on a relatively new mission which had been added that very day.

“Escort Qingfeng trading firm in transporting a batch of medicine ingredients to the Tianyuan city …Rewards, three thousand low-grade spirit stones! Requirements, Houtian seventh stage or above!”

Ye Xiwen eyes suddenly lit up after seeing the reward of three thousand low-grade spirit stones for this mission. If he could receive these three thousand low-grade spirit stones as reward then undoubtedly these could solve his urgent needs. Then 《Missing moon beheader》 could be practiced to the Dacheng level and even his cultivation could further increase.

But for an ordinary escort duty, the reward of three thousand low-grade spirit stones was quite exaggerated, as it would take almost a year even for a core disciple to save so many low-grade spirit stones.

Even this mission’s requirements were quite high as Houtian seventh stage disciples or above were considered top masters among the core disciples.

Yi Yuan School was located atop the Qingfeng Mountain, and Qingfeng trading firm was situated in Qingfeng town which was located at the base of Qingfeng Mountain. Qingfeng trading firm was the largest trading firm in town and usually did business of medicinal ingredients.

Tianyuan city was the nearest city from the Qingfeng Mountain, only about half a day away. If left early in the morning, one could reach there by evening.

There were many escort missions among rank C or D missions, however the reward of three thousand low-grade spirit stones was absolutely rare.

But anyway, right now he was in a dire need of spirit stones so how could he ignore this mission.

He took up the mission and a steward informed him that he would have to visit Qingfeng trading firm the very next morning.

After taking up the mission, he did not stay long in the Gongde Palace. He went back straight to his small courtyard to continue the closed-door training.

Inside the Special space, Ye Xiwen’s figure could be seen showing endless maneuvers. It was so quick that in just few steps it would appear very far away. Celestial step was a high level power technique and just now, its might had been completely demonstrated by Ye Xiwen proving that he had already practiced it to the Dacheng level.

But Ye Xiwen had a feeling that this was far from reaching the limit, as if he had reached a bottleneck and this was definitely not the end.

Ye Xiwen knew that this 《Celestial step》 was actually a Xiantian level power technique, but since it was incomplete, so he could only practice as a high level power technique. But under normal circumstances, he might have practiced it to a profound realm if he could somehow get the missing parts of 《Celestial step》.

However after practicing in the Special space, he discovered something else. After he achieved the Dacheng level and continued to practice, he unexpectedly found out that he could still continue to practice. Moreover some of the original missing information related to 《Celestial step》 was also coming into his mind, which also included some mysterious profound contents.

Ye Xiwen felt completely stunned to find out that this special space could not only just accelerate the speed of martial arts practice but it could also help him deduce the original missing parts of a technique?

If this was the case, then it was quite excellent. Now he could obtain a Xiantian level technique for free, and including 《Cold moon beheader》 and 《Bright Jade Power》 , he would be carrying three Xiantian level techniques. If he could practice all three of these techniques to Dacheng level then the end result would be terrible.

Many Xiantian experts weren’t able to practice three Xiantian level techniques.

At that time, he would attain an even higher level of strength!

However it was obvious that deducing the rest of the power technique would require a lot of spirit stones, and these were the things that he needed the most right now.

(TL: if only he had few more spirit stones, he might have completely mastered the celestial step to a profound real)

He had a lot of hope from this mission.

Soon the sky brightened up, Ye Xiwen went out of the school and descended from the mountain along the mountain road. He came down the first mountain so easily that he got confused and after a short period of confusion, he finally had a firm grasp of his enhanced strength and thanks to that, this time he had both the ability and opportunity to go down the mountain and have a look.

Qingfeng town was located down the Qingfeng Mountain, although claimed to be a town but the population was over 10,000. Many warriors would come down and go up the mountain, as Yi Yuan School was located at the top. Many warriors from foreign lands would also visit because there were a lot of demon beasts in the Qingfeng Mountain and these warriors would enter the forest to hunt them.

Gradually a very prosperous town had formed here.

Ye Xiwen had descended the mountain several times before and he knew where Qingfeng trading firm was located and since it was a big place, it was quite easy to find it too.

An attendant was standing at the trading firm’s entrance and as soon as he saw Ye Xiwen, he came forward and asked: “Are you the outstanding disciple from Yi Yuan School who will take up our trading firm’s escort mission?”

Yi Yuan School had quite a lofty reputation in this neighborhood.

“Yes!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“Then please come with me!” The attendant said.


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